How to Remove Family Link From Phone

Modern phones allow you to not only make calls, but also use the Internet. Thanks to this feature, you can install almost any application on your smartphone, open a site of interest, send a message in the messenger or post on a page on a social network. All these options can be blocked using special parental control applications. But is it necessary to do this? Let’s see how to remove Family Link from a child’s phone correctly. This will help restore access to all services, programs and accounts.

What is family link?

Family Link is an application designed to limit inappropriate content for children under 13 years of age. An excellent idea, because on the Internet you can find everything, but whether a child needs to know about it is a moot point. Therefore, parents, trying to protect their child, install Family Link on his mobile phone.

But despite the effectiveness of the application, some functions of the smartphone with it became unavailable, so that using it ceased to be comfortable. This makes users think about removing Family Link, but few know how to do it correctly.

What is this app for?

The Family Link application is primarily intended to monitor the activity of a child on the phone. Here are the main features of this program:

  • The most important thing is the ability to monitor the location of the child;
  • Control his mobile purchases. And for complete confidence that the baby will not pay for something unnecessary, you can completely forbid him to download paid applications in the Play Market, limiting access to them;
  • Set screen time. This will limit the number of hours spent on a mobile phone;
  • Keep track of the actions committed by the child. Family Link allows you to receive a detailed report on his manipulations in the smartphone.

An important detail is also that the child, even if he found the application, cannot delete it on his own. His attempt to do this is doomed to failure, since the device is blocked by the manager’s system, and only a smartphone with “parental control” can unlock it.

Preparing to uninstall the application

Before uninstalling the application, you should double-check the data and files stored on the child’s smartphone. You can do this through his gadget:

  1. Log in to your account on the official website of Google account.
  2. Log in using the username and password from the child profile, confirm.
  3. In the left part of the service, find the panel “Data and personalization“.
  4. Go down and click on the “Your actions and data“, And then click on the button“Go to Google Dashboard“.
  5. In the window that opens, view all the information located on Google services, download the necessary data (for this you need to click on the sweep button and, then, on the icon with three dots near the desired service).
  6. The “Download data“. At this stage, you should save important data from the child’s account (click on the services tab and select those whose information is important). How to remove Family Link from the phone
  7. Before exporting, you must select the format (TGZ and ZIP) and the place where the data will be saved.
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How to remove Family Link from a child’s phone?

First you need to get rid of the profile on the devices through which you logged in, otherwise the associated gadgets will be blocked. If the function “Parental control”Was activated before creating the profile, then to remove Family Link from the child’s phone, use the following algorithm:

  1. Open the application on the baby’s phone.
  2. Enter the main menu by clicking on the icon with three bars.
  3. In the window that opens, indicate and deactivate the account by clicking on the “Delete account“. Subsequent updates may change the section names, so keep that in mind.
  4. To confirm the deletion of the profile, you must log in using your username and password.

You can also disable parental control from the parent’s phone. To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. Launch the Family Link application installed on the parent’s smartphone. Go to the section “Account management”By first selecting a specific child’s account.
  2. Push “Disable parental controls»To deactivate the option.

Now it remains to wait for the arrival of a letter with a notification to the baby’s email. It will indicate that the “Family Link” option has been successfully disabled. After that, you can already uninstall the Family Link application both from the child’s phone and from your device.

Summing up, we note that it is up to each user to remove Family Link from a child’s smartphone. Before starting the procedure, it is advisable to save all the data in a convenient format, and only after that proceed to disabling the function. Still have questions? Then ask them in the comments!

How to Remove Family Link From Phone

You can delete a child’s Google account if he is not yet 13 years old (age limit may vary by country). To delete a child’s account from Android devices, use Family Link.

How to delete an account

If you delete the child’s account, he will lose all the information stored in him, including photos, emails and documents.

Note. You cannot delete a child’s account if he is already 13 years old.

  1. Delete your child’s account from all Android devices that are signed into it. Note! If you delete a child’s account before it is deleted from Android devices, these devices will be blocked.
    • If the child is not signed in to any of the Android devices, go to step 2.
    • Open the Family Link app on your device.
    • Select your child’s profile.
    • Click SettingsAccount InformationDelete account.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions.

    Note. You can also delete your account by clicking on your child’s name on Log in to your Google account if necessary.

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    How to undo child account deletion

    Note. This can only be done if you created a Google account for the child and the child is not yet 13 years old.

    If you deleted your child’s account by mistake, you can restore it, but you need to do this as soon as possible.

    1. Log in to your Google Account and open your family group page.
      • Note. If you have deleted a child’s account and family group, you cannot restore your child’s account.
      • Click on the menu icon. MenuRecover Deleted Child AccountReestablish.

      How to delete a child’s account from an Android device

      When you delete a child’s account from an Android device, all data associated with it, including emails, contacts, device settings and parental controls, are also deleted from the device.

      Note. If you have set up parental controls for an existing child Google account, you will need his help to do this.

      1. Open the Family Link app on your child’s device.
      2. In the upper left corner, click on the menu icon Delete accountDelete account.
      3. Select your account and enter your password.

      If the child’s device is not connected to the Internet, delete the account using the parent access code.

      Using the Family Link app on your device

      1. Open the Family Link app on your device.
      2. Select your child’s profile.
      3. Find the card on your child’s Android device.
      4. Click SettingsReset device and delete data.

      Note. You can also delete your account from your Android device by clicking on your child’s name at Log in to your Google account if necessary.

      Note. If you have set up parental controls for an existing child Google account, you will need his help to do this.

      1. Open the Settings app on your child’s device.
      2. Click Users and accounts select your google account Delete account.
        • If the buttons Delete account no, in the upper right corner click on the “” icon Delete account.
        • Follow the onscreen instructions.

        We live in a modern world where children sit on social networks starting from the first grade. It is very important to monitor the information that comes to them, what they look at and what they are interested in. This is what the application that we are considering today is doing. We’ll talk about how to remove family link and what kind of application it is.

        Google family link

        What kind of app?

        Watching some YouTube channels, you notice that far from childish content without an 18 icon is freely available. It outrages you and frantically typing SMS in the comments: “How can this be shown! The children are watching you ”- wonder at the answer. And it will be as follows: “Parents, not bloggers, should watch what children watch.” And this is pure truth, because now, despite the adult content, teens can change their age and calmly watch.

        For such situations, the family link application was created. It allows parents to monitor the activities of the child from their phone. You can see that your child watched with whom he is texting. The latter is especially useful, as there are many inadequate people who are trying to lure children into a meeting. That is, you can prevent this.

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        It is not difficult to use it, just find the time when you can take the child’s phone unnoticed. Install this app for yourself and your child. Create one google account for two and return to the place. You can also delete the child’s accounts if he is not yet thirteen.

        I can not delete

        Perhaps you needed to remove it or it is read by children who are controlled. In any case, we inform you of the problems you are looking for. This problem is inherent not only specifically for this topic, but also if you suddenly downloaded a virus game, etc. There is a special type of application that is not built into the phone initially, but this function is blocked when you try to delete it. What is the matter and what to do about it? The fact is that the application took over the administration function and if you uncheck it, you can safely demolish it.

        Feedback on Google play

        First, check whether you have this problem or not:

        1. Click on the settings. Look for “Applications”;
        2. Find “Family Link” and look at the delete button. If it is inactive, then when pressed, nothing can be deleted. This means that further solutions will help you, read on.

        There are two ways to delete in this case:

        The first.

        1. Download the application in the Play Market under the name “Uninstall (uninstaller)”;
        2. We go into it, find our famely and click delete;
        3. We see a window that warns that this is not possible, since it is for the administration;
        4. Go to “Administration Settings” and uncheck the application we need and click on “Disconnect”;
        5. After this, the delete button will work again, and you can easily merge it.


        1. In the settings we find the item “About the smartphone”;
        2. There will be an item “Assembly number” on it you need to poke your finger 7 times. Thus, you will notify the phone that you are the administrator. And in the setting below the “About Phone” item, “For Developers” will appear;
        3. Click and click on “USB postponement”;
        4. We turn to the “security”. “phone administrators” and click on the shutdown, uncheck the box.

        You can choose from these two methods the one that seemed to you the easiest.


        Today we talked about the application. An assistant for parents. We told all the nuances and we hope that the information was useful to you. If you put the acquired knowledge into practice, be sure to tell us about it in the comments. Also, if something remains incomprehensible, we are waiting for your questions below, we try to answer everyone. Thank you for watching.