How to Remove Balance from Iphone Screen

iPhone is not just a powerful personal device. It is an indispensable companion for blind and visually impaired people. The VoiceOver feature speaks everything that happens on the iPhone screen. Using the “Magnifier” function, you can view any object through a virtual magnifying glass. A wide selection of color filters allows you to customize the image taking into account the personal characteristics of your vision.

VoiceOver Listen to what is happening on the screen.

VoiceOver on iPhone

VoiceOver is a voice-assisted interface function that is controlled by gestures. It allows you to work with the iPhone, even those who do not see the screen. When the feature is on, press the Home button three times (or the side button on iPhone X or later) to start using it. You will hear a description of everything that is displayed on the screen: you will find out the charge level, the name of the caller, the name of the application that you are opening. The pace of speech and pitch can be adjusted.

VoiceOver Works with all built-in applications. And by many outsiders.

VoiceOver is integrated into iOS, so it works with all the built-in applications on the iPhone. You can create your own button descriptions in any application. even from third-party developers. Apple works closely with iOS developers to make even more apps compatible with VoiceOver.

VoiceOver on iPhone

VoiceOver Control with simple gestures.

Control VoiceOver with a simple set of gestures. Touch or swipe the display, and VoiceOver will say what is shown on it. Touch a button to hear its description, and then double-tap to press. Either swipe left or right to move from one item to another. The activated element is highlighted in a black rectangular frame so that sighted users can observe your actions. And if you need privacy, use the dimming function to turn off the display, but at the same time hear everything that VoiceOver says. In iOS 13, you can choose from a whole set of gestures and assign the most convenient for the teams that you use most often.

VoiceOver Print and edit quickly and accurately.

VoiceOver calls each keyboard character twice: when you tap and when you type. Flicking up and down on the display moves the cursor so you can edit words. For fast and accurate typing, iOS supports auto-correction and various character input options, including handwriting. If Auto Speech is turned on, you will hear a beep, and then VoiceOver will say the suggested word. Press the spacebar to fill in the suggested word, or keep typing if it doesn’t suit you.

VoiceOver Able to describe images.

VoiceOver can describe the image. For example, to inform that there is a tree, a dog or a company of laughing people in the photo. She can also read text in a picture, such as a receipt in a picture or an article in a magazine, even if annotations have not been used. And in the Photos application, you can touch the screen and find out whether people in the photo are sad or happy. Touch the picture with three fingers. and VoiceOver will describe what is shown on it.

How to Remove Balance from Iphone Screen

VoiceOver Virtual controller with customizable commands.

VoiceOver has a virtual control. the rotor. Navigate through a web page or document by turning the rotor on the screen with two fingers, as if you were spinning a disc. On a web page, rotate the rotor to list the main objects — headings, links, and images. Then swipe the screen to select how to navigate the page. For example, moving from one title to another.

VoiceOver Enter braille characters without a braille display.

VoiceOver supports input of 6- and 8-point Braille characters at the system level and does not require an external Braille keyboard. The rotor allows you to use the Braille keyboard to type, unlock your iPhone, launch applications, and search for content, for example, in the Music app.

VoiceOver Use braille displays to read and enter characters.

iPhone supports over 80 Braille tables in multiple languages ​​for over 70 updated Braille displays. You can connect a wireless Braille display via Bluetooth to read VoiceOver messages using the Braille system (including abbreviated Braille), as well as the Nemeth code for equations. During editing, the text will be displayed on the braille display. All changes will be converted from braille to printed text and vice versa. With VoiceOver turned on, the braille display with enter keys can also be used to control your iPhone.

VoiceOver Teach your iPhone to speak your voice in the pronunciation editor.

In the Pronunciation Editor, you can create a list of words and phrases that VoiceOver will pronounce in a certain way. When these words and phrases are found in a document, message, text on a web page, or elsewhere, they will sound exactly as you need.

Audio Description Listen to the movie in full detail.

Watch movies on iPhone with a detailed sound description of each scene. Audio descriptive movies can be found on the iTunes Store. they are marked with a special icon (AD).

For those who use VoiceOver, the iPhone allows you to listen to hidden and regular subtitles or display them on the braille display.