How to remove a widget from the Xiaomi lock screen. Inclusion and configuration

Personal experience: why you can’t put an application with a clock on a smartphone

After the first launch of the user, he goes to the acquaintance block, in which he will be offered to learn more about the conditions for the confidentiality policy of the software and the rules for its use. Later, the instrument will ask user to provide him with several permits for the correct work. After that, the user will be able to instantly move to the parameters of the tool and customize them at his discretion.In the section “Clock on the lock screen, clocks on the screen”, the user will be able to turn on or disable the service, find out under what conditions he will work, and also set certain gestures that will perform the specified actions on the device.

A person can customize the appearance of the dial and brightness of the backlight when the smartphone display. The user can configure the notifications, turn on the energy conservation mode, activate the automatic inclusion of the night mode and connect the motion sensor to the software. It will determine when the phone is in your and at the same time turn off the backlight completely. You can also get information about developers and completely disconance the application from the gadget in properties.The advantages of this program include the fact that it is really working and when blocking a smartphone, information about the current time and date remains on the display. Of the shortcomings, it can only be noted that this software will contribute to the accelerated discharge of the device. “Clock on the lock screen clock on the shutdown screen” is a free addition to any device optimized for Android.

Problems in work and solutions

If the clock did not appear, open the “Date and Time” section in “Settings” and turn on the “automatic definition” of the clock belt, or yourself indicate the region yourself in which you are now in. After open the “Clock” application and mark the second region in the parameters, the time in which you need to track.

If the wrong time is displayed on the screen, try to turn on the Internet, geolocation and automatic determination of the clock belt. Or vice versa, turn off the automatic definition and indicate the city manually.

Thus, the double watch function, which appeared in recent Miui updates, will be useful for many users. She will be able to make life easier for travelers or those who constantly move from one city to the city. Also, with the help of it, you can track the time in that region in which, for example, relatives or friends live.

What is this function

Double watches on Xiaomi are a widget in the Miui shell, which shows time in various regions of the country. This widget can be configured for display both on the main screen of the smartphone and on the lock screen.

Previously, this option was supported by only one widget, but now a separate dial will be installed for each region.

Thus, thanks to this functionality, the user gets the opportunity to configure the local time and time of another necessary region, which must be monitored. This solution is perfect for travelers in order to track time in their hometown and in the location region.

In what versions of Miui works and how it looks

Double hours work in the latest global updates, starting from Miui 10. In earlier versions of Miui, there is also a function, but the display displays one widget divided into two parts, as already mentioned above.

The working screen after turning on and settings will look like this:

Is it possible to disconnect all the advertisement at all

There is no “magic button” in Miui, by clicking on which the user can get rid of advertising in different system utilities. To block obsessive banners, you will have to understand the settings of the operating system.

Here are some tips on how to quickly get rid of most annoying ads and news:

  • Open “Applications”. Further “all”. In the “Settings” item, turn off the option “Receive”.
  • Go to the desktop settings and turn off the “receive offers” function.
  • Now open the sections “Privacy”. “Advertising services”. And in each of them, disconnect “personal ads”.
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It is impossible to delete applications with advertising. this will violate the operability of the shell. But you can limit them access to the network so that they cannot load advertisements. To do this, open “security”. Select “Data Transfer”. Further “network connections”. Click on “3 points” in the upper right corner and select “background connections”. In the list that opens, turn off components such as MSA, Analytics and all services from

So, we found out how to quickly turn off the pop.up banners on the lock screen. However, it should be remembered that with each system updating all the settings will return back by default, so each time you will have to spend 10-15 minutes to remove obsessive banners again.

Where to find additional widgets for Xiaomi

A separate installation of modules is not required, since for each application downloaded from the Google Play service. It is enough to download it and make the settings described above.

  • Watches, since the standard integration used is not convenient for most users due to small font and location in the upper right corner. When using the module, you can configure not only the display of time, but also the date. The possibility of a quick transition to a calendar, timer, alarm clock and stopwatch is also available;
  • Weather forecast, information about which is usually received from services such as Sinoptik and Gismeteo;
  • Quick access to media players;
  • Information from social networks. Using special modules, it is possible to find out all the current information, view messages, as well as listen to audio files without entering the page.

If you set widgets on Xiaomi, you will be able to significantly save the time required to view the notifications from applications. And this, in turn, will ensure the best energy consumption mode on the smartphone and thereby increase the work time without recharging.

Disconnecting advertising in Mi Browser

The path of disconnecting advertising in the Mi browser on the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Miui 11) smartphone.

  • Go to the Xiaomi branded browser.
  • Click “Profile”.
  • Select “Settings” in the upper right corner → “Additional Settings”.
  • Disconnect the slider “show advertising”.

Disconnecting advertising in the Topic Appendix

The path of disconnecting advertising in the Conductor application on the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Miui 11) smartphone (Miui 11).

To turn off advertising after launching a file manager, you need:

  • Go to the appendix app.
  • Click on 3 strips in the upper left corner and select “Settings” in the menu that appears.
  • Next, click on “Information”.
  • Disconnect the slider “Receive”.

Removing advertising from the desktop

In the list of desktop settings, sometimes pure water marketing rides (as on the desktop itself). It is quite annoying.

Disable the advertisement on the desktop of the Xiaomi smartphone is quite simple:

  • Click with a long tap for a free place on the desktop and then select “Settings”.
  • Then select “”.
  • Disconnect the slider at the point “show offers”.

You can get to the desktop settings in the classic way: “Settings” → “Desktop” and further according to the instructions. This method for some users will be easier.

After that, no advertising will appear on the desktop.

Advertising ads when installing APK

During the installation of self.downloaded APK files, the operating system checks the installed applications for malicious files. After this test, as a rule, an advertisement appears from which you can also get rid of.

How to remove advertising from the Xiaomi phone when installing APK:

  • Run the downloaded file and slip by the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the completion of the installation and check, and then press the gear in the upper corner on the icon.
  • Disconnect the item “Receive”.

Now, after checking the installed APK files, advertising will not appear. After performing all the listed actions in all Miui, there will be so few advertising content that it will be difficult to notice it.

Removing the application of the carousel of wallpaper from miui

To completely remove the application of the carousel of wallpaper from the firmware Miui in order to disconnect notifications, you need to perform the following:

  • Go to the Applications-Enlarm Settings. Press on the icon with three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the first item. “Show all applications”. Next, using the search line, find the “Wallpaper Carousel” application and open its settings.
  • Delete the Wallpaper Carousel application. Full name of the application com.MfashionGallery.Emag, sometimes instead of a localized name it is displayed.
  • Reload the smartphone.

MIUI Tip. Lockscreen Torch

An alternative way to delete the “Wallpaper carousel” application is to go to Google Play from a smartphone by link to the page of the application https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Miui.Android.fashiongalleryhl = ru and click delete. Even if the application has a notification “inaccessible in your country” can still be removed.

Disconnecting the carousel of wallpaper and notifications on the MIUI lock screen

This method is suitable for users Miui 12 and above, as well as to all those who, for whatever reason, do not want to delete applications.

  • Go to the Applications-Enlarm Settings. Press on the icon with three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the first item. “Show all applications”. Next, using the search line, find the “Wallpaper Carousel” application and open its settings.
  • Open the Application settings and turn off the auto.launch.
  • Open the menu of other permits and set prohibitions for all points: system settings, desktop labels, lock screen, display when the application is launched in the background and constant notifications.
  • Reload the smartphone.

If not one of the above methods helped, then the following actions must be performed:

  • Go to Settings-Transferred Settings-Region.
  • Choose an arbitrary region that is different from the region, for example, the alarpour.
  • Reload the smartphone.
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Everything, now annoying advertising on the screen of your Xiaomi smartphone or Redmi, will no longer bother you.

Disconnecting the widget tape

If you need to hide the Miui 12 widget tape, just use the smartphone settings.

How to turn off the widget tape on Xiaomi:

  • Run the smartphone settings using the corresponding icon.
  • Find the “Desktop” section in the list and slip it on it.
  • Move the slider opposite the “Lentgets” item to the “Otakl” position.
  • Confirm the action by slipping by the “Disable” button.

After that, this component will not be displayed to the left of the MIUI desktop. To enable the tape, you need to do the reverse procedure by moving the corresponding slider to the “VCL” position.

This instruction is relevant for Poco, Redmi and Xiaomi phones. In the smartphones Xiaomi Mi A-series, it is irrelevant, as they work on pure Android One.

MIUI 13 in Action: A Detailed Look!

Removing the widget tape

Observation users could notice that after turning off the App Vault application, it still hangs in the phone’s memory. It is possible to remove it from there only completely removing from the system.

If in the MIUI of your region the App Vault is a system application, its standard de.financing will not work. In this case, you will need to use the Xiaomi Adb Fastboot Tools program.

How to remove a tape of widgets on Xiaomi completely:

Turning on USB debugging

Turn on the USB debugging to work Xiaomi Adb Fastboot Tools with a smartphone.

  • Run the settings using the corresponding shortcut.
  • Go to the category “On the phone”.
  • Through the inscription with the version of Miui seven times.

Removing App Vault using PC

Before starting the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools, you need to install the Oracle Java package, without it, the application is impossible. They are according to the previous link. It is also worth installing ADB drivers for a smartphone, otherwise it simply will not determine the program.

Removing the Miui 12 widget tape through Xiaomi Adb Fastboot Tools:

  • Run the Xiaomi Adb Fastboot Tools program and connect the smartphone using a cable.
  • In the main window, go to the Adb tab.
  • A list of installed applications will appear. Select AppVault.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.

The removal process will begin, which will be displayed in the window on the left. At the end of the process, you can turn off the phone from the computer.

How to change the clock of the Lockskrin

The clock on Lokskrin is very convenient, as they make it possible to find out the exact time without the need to unlock the smartphone. Miui has several finished watches for Lockscreen and all of them can be used. To change the clock, just use Miui parameters.

How to change the watch on the Xiaomi lock screen:

  • Launch Miui settings.
  • Go to the “lock screen” section.
  • Slide on the point “Watch Style”.
  • Select the type of clock display and slip it on it.

Now the selected type of watch will be displayed. Miui actually rather scarce settings in this regard. Therefore, many prefer to remove the default watch and use applications where there are much more design options. The most popular program is WidgetLocker LockScreen, which allows you to comprehensively configure the Lokskrin.

Another simple option for changing watches is to install an alternative theme of design from the full.time application “Topic”. It is enough to find in it an alternative design with a changed lokskrin. In this case, there will be much more options for choosing than in the MIUI settings.

Disconnecting the pulse

The pulse on the lock screen is a special function that reports the presence of notifications (not even including the smartphone screen). The option is available only on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco with Amoled displays. You can configure it, select the type of animation or disable it if it is annoying.

How to turn off the pulse on the Xiaomi lock screen:

  • Run the smartphone settings and go to the “Active Screen and Blocking” section.
  • Tap on the point “Notification effect”.
  • Choose tiles with the name “No”.

Now Lokskrin will not pulsate when notifications appear. In the same parameters, you can configure the type of active screen, text and other features.

You can completely turn off the option of the active screen to save the battery charge, although on devices with Amoled displays this will not give any significant increase in autonomy.