How To Remove A Stand From A Samsung TV

TV Keys

The most common designations of manual control buttons:

There are some others, but they are very rare. Basically, manufacturers strive for uniformity so that users do not have to get used to buttons of different brands and models.

The procedure for using the buttons is the same regardless of the problem to be solved.

Using a smartphone to control the TV

Smart TV models provide control using Android and iOS apps installed on your phone or tablet. Most manufacturers develop their software for free download via the Play Market. There are also universal apps, but they are usually overloaded with ads and not very convenient.

Ways to turn on and off the TV without a remote control

The SIMplest task is to ensure the launch. This is done with the push of a button. Setting up will take some effort, so be patient.

Unlocking the TV

Some users, in order to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings (by accident, unknowingly or if there are small children in the house), block the control with a password.

You can remove the restriction from the remote control, but it is out of order. There is still a way out.

Reset settings to factory settings. In this case, all entered passwords will be lost, Google accounts will not be saved (unless the TV is synchronized with other devices). You will also have to re-configure the Wi-Fi router. Resetting the settings may differ from model to model. So in most cases you can unlock it without a remote control.

If the instruction has not been saved, it is better to download it on the Internet. The most common is the combination of the POWER and “-” keys when the TV is turned off from the mains. Keep the buttons pressed down for 10 to 30 seconds. Then, without releasing them, insert the plug into the outlet. Hold the buttons for another 20 seconds, after which a complete reboot will begin. Thus, you can unlock the buttons on the TV.

If the TV is locked without user intervention, the lock cannot be removed. Such a malfunction is eliminated by a complete flashing at the service center. During the warranty period, it is better to change the model to a serviceable one.

Setting up your TV without a remote control

Of course, it is much easier to do this using the remote control, but it is quite possible from the manual panel. Let’s look at the example of setting up channels:

  • Switch on. POWER.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Use the arrows to scroll to the “Channel settings” section.
  • Click OK.
  • Select submenu “Manual setting”.
  • Confirm action. OK.
  • Select “Auto tuning” or “Programs”.
  • OK.
  • In the “Programs” subsection, assign each channel its own number.
  • Channel selection. OK.
  • Adjust to the required image quality with /-.
  • Confirm Action.
  • Exit the menu.

∗ If this section is selected, TV will search for channels by itself.

All ways to turn on the TV without a remote control

All modern TVs are equipped with remote controls. Therefore, manufacturers often do not consider it necessary to make convenient and intuitive manual control panels. Meanwhile, they are. You just need to know where to look and how to use them. Such a need sooner or later arises in almost every home. The remote control can get lost, fail, the buttons happen to sink. Even the batteries run out at the worst possible time. And you can control your TV using your phone. How to turn on the TV without a remote control. In the article below.

Button control

Most manufacturers hide the manual adjustment panels to make the TV more compact, to reduce the risk of interference with the settings by young children. Or just the design requires.

The panel buttons are very small and uncomfortable. This is understandable. They are needed only in exceptional cases.

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For domestic models, manual control, as a rule, is located on the front wall, under the screen and is closed by a hinged panel. The buttons have their own designations in Russian and do not raise questions from users.

Imported brands mostly hide the manual control panel on the back or side walls. Each model is different.

How to turn on the TV without a remote control is indicated by the manufacturer. If the operating instructions have been preserved, you need to refer to them. The manual contains all the designations of the buttons, their purpose and method of application.

When the instruction is lost, it doesn’t matter either, because the functionality of all buttons from different manufacturers is almost the same.


As in the previous cases, you first need to download the application to your smartphone. Philips MyRemote is the best solution for TVs of this brand. Synchronization is carried out either over your home Wi-Fi network, if there is an access point. Or via Wi-Fi direct, as described above.

The application works SIMilarly to its competitors from Samsung and LG. The latest versions added synchronization functions with audio devices and Phillips players.

For Samsung TV

This manufacturer has developed Smart TV Remote and Samsung Smart View applications for its models. Any of them must be downloaded through the Play Market or App Store on your smartphone.

After starting the application, you need to configure it. First of all, the software must detect the device. Synchronization will occur automatically after clicking the “Connect” button in the program. At the same time, the TV will ask for permission to connect to the new device. Press OK on the manual panel.

Once the connection is established, you can start controlling the TV from your smartphone. The application completely duplicates all functions of the remote control. Therefore, managing it is SIMple and familiar.

An additional advantage will be the ability to watch your favorite movies on TV, flip through photos, listen to music stored in the smartphone’s memory.

If you install Samsung Smart View on your computer, you can transfer entire folders with music or video content from it to your TV, create playlists, and so on. You can control the TV from a PC in the same way as from a smartphone.

This company has also developed its applications for Android and iOS.

The functionality of the LG software is more convenient than that of Samsung: here not only the ability to control a TV from a smartphone instead of a remote control is realized, but also a text search. It is convenient, for example, for making requests on YouTube, Netflix and other services.

To control both the TV and the smartphone must be connected to the same network. If both devices work from the same Wi-Fi router, they sync automatically. When there is no home Wi-Fi network, you can connect your smartphone and TV using the Direct function:

  • In the phone settings, go to the section “Wireless connections and networks”;
  • Press the “” or “Advanced” button (depending on the mobile device model);
  • Connect “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • In the TV settings through the “Menu” button, find the “Network” tab and enable “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • Wait until TV finds the phone, confirm the connection by pressing the OK button both on the TV and on the smartphone.

After connecting, go to the previously downloaded LG TV Remote application on the phone and click “Scan”. When the program detects the TV, a 6-digit code will appear in the lower right corner, which must be entered into a special field of the application.

The program interface is intuitive and uses the cursor to control the TV, which is very convenient. All functions of the remote control and many additional benefits. Everything at your fingertips.

Identifying faulty capacitors

Usually, but not always, capacitors show visible signs of failure. There are two main types of visible glitches.

When it fails, the chemical reaction inside the capacitor can generate hydrogen, so there are holes in the caps of the aluminum cans of the capacitors to break down and release the gas that has accumulated inside the capacitor. Thus, a failed capacitor may have a buLGe at the top. Below is an example.

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Another sign of a capacitor malfunction. Leakage of liquid (electrolyte). It can be an orange or brownish discharge at the top or bottom of the capacitor. Typically, the capacitor will swell if it leaks. But the capacitor can swell, but not leak.

Once again, we want to emphasize that capacitors do not always show visible signs of malfunction, but if you see signs of this on your board, you can be sure that you are ready to fix your TV. If you do not see these symptoms but your TV has a clicking sound, you can still be confident that the steps below will fix your TV.

If you have a Samsung 550 series LCD (and possibly other models) and you are visiting this site because your TV won’t start and makes a clicking sound, then the picture above shows the capacitors that should be replaced in the red box.If you have a different make or model, you need to visually inspect and replace the damaged capacitors.

Below are close-up photos of my TV board. Notice how the blue capacitors in the foreground swell. These are the capacitors that I will replace. All other capacitors look normal. If you can find replacements for all 4 of these capacitors and any others that show visual signs of failure, I recommend replacing them all while you are here.

Step 4

Remove the screws with a magnetized screwdriver. If you do not have a magnetized screwdriver, cover the end of a regular screwdriver with masking tape with the adhesive side outward so that it grips the screw and pulls it out of the hole.

How to remove the stand from a Samsung TV

Remove the capacitors

The capacitors are polarized. This means that, like a battery, they have a positive and negative (-) side. Before removing the capacitor, pay attention to which side the white strip of the capacitor faces. You will need to insert the new capacitor in the same direction. You may have noticed in my photos that I made a mark on the aluminum heatsink with a pen.

Now that you’ve identified the capacitors that look bad, flip the board over and carefully determine which points on the board lead the wires from those capacitors. Circle them with a marker pen to keep track of.

Take a friend and ask him to help you with the next step. Balancing the PCB on the side when using a hot soldering iron and pliers can be a little tricky.

Plug in the soldering iron and let it warm up for 10 minutes.

Place the PCB on the edge, have a friend grab one of the capacitors with pliers and push it down very gently. Place the tip of a soldering iron on one lead on the back of the board and hold it there until you see the solder melt. Now switch to another wire until it melts. Continue moving forward and backward in the leads. The solder will melt faster each time. After passing a couple of times back and forth, the capacitor will easily come out.

Repeat these steps for each capacitor you replace.

Let the iron do its job. If the capacitor does not pull out easily, do not use force.

Step 1

Spread the blanket out on a flat surface such as the floor.

Step 2

Place your Samsung flat-screen TV face down on a blanket.

Step 3

Using a magnetized screwdriver, carefully remove the four to six screws that secure the stand to the TV.

Step 5

Pull the stand behind the TV.


Hello! Do you have the original image of the TV before repair?

In the original version, there was no backlight at all, there was just a dark screen.

Hello Victor. Can you tell me how many volts and watts are in the LEDs of the backlight of the Samsung ue40f6130ak TV. Thanks in advance.

Hi Aleksey! Even the same models have different LEDs. Typically 3.3V 1W.

Good afternoon! Victor, we have the same thing and the TV is the same. I was told that it is better to completely change the backlight, otherwise the opposite may happen again. But the price does not suit. How long do you think it will last if you change only those diodes that have burned out ?!

As much as with the new one. The new backlight can also burn out after a week. If you put SIMilar diodes, it will work like new.

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Thank you very much for the answer !

Please tell me the LED model.

I don’t know the model, but the parameters are 3.3V 1W.

Could you tell us about the dimensions of the LEDs?

Tell me the cost of this procedure if you completely change the backlight?

And how is it considered a breakdown due to my fault or is it a factory defect or defect?

The cost of replacing ALL the backlight is quite expensive. If the TV warranty has not yet come out, then this is considered the manufacturer’s fault.

How To Remove A Stand From A Samsung TV

Little information. Maybe the LEDs in the backlight burned out.

If the LEDs burn out, then you said that if one LED burns out, then all the backlight bars will not work. And also, if possible, tell me the marking of the LED bars for TV Samsung UE40H550AK and how many are there

Hello! If at least one diode is broken, then either the entire screen or part of it will not light up, depending on the model. And if the diodes are short, then the serviceable ones will glow. Your TV model has D4GE-400DCA-R2 (R1) lines and there are 45 of them.

Hi, it turns out they are in short. Many of them.

45 pieces of which. Rulers?

45 LEDs, and 5 strips of 9 LEDs.

Can send you a video if you don’t believe

No need to send anything.

Hello, I only have one light, and the other line shows resistance and nothing glows, I have 24 pieces, two lines, and if you put a separate power supply for other LEDs and replace these with others and there will be a separate power supply will not affect the operation of the TV

Victor, greetings. My model is UE32F5020AK, no backlight. 3 diodes burned out, while there is nothing to replace, but there are doubts about the power supply unit. What to measure and what parameters should be? I have 210 volts on the C9102. Does this definitely mean that the power supply unit is working properly? If not, what else to check? I tried to solder 3 round diodes instead of broken diodes, which also ignited from 3 volts. For some reason, this option caught fire on its own (although the Samsungs sometimes turn on when the plug is inserted), but after a couple of seconds it went out when the donor diode started smoking. What do you advise?

Probably, the donor diodes are low-power, so they flew out immediately. Just replace the burnt out LEDs and reduce the backlight current.

Good afternoon. Please tell me how many LED tracks are in the backlight TV Samsung UE40H5020AK? Recently I took my TV to the service (several LEDs in the backlight burned out) and they said that it had almost 14 lines of LEDs (horizontal and vertical)! I doubt it, so I decided to ask you. Thank you in advance for your response!

It happens in different ways. Let them show you if in doubt.

Hello! Please tell me what could be the reason for the malfunction of Samsung Smart TV. From the right edge the image began to float, the closer to the center the better. And on the right it is almost black and white and blurry.

Refer here and attach a photo

After doing everything that is described above, with both strips, on which there were faulty LEDs, I installed them in the TV case and made a test switch on the device without a matrix.

So, the Samsung led TV, model UE42F5500AK, with LED backlighting has come for repair.

As you can see in the photo, the LEDs are on and the backlight is fully restored.

Samsung LCD TV repair: backlight replacement

I use this method all the time, because the probability of the LED melting when soldering is very high and the loss of a couple of LEDs in case of an unsuccessful “operation” is not very acceptable for me.