How to remove a signature in Zen on Android. Subscription to channels and sources

How to disable Zen on the phone

Currently, people are surrounded by a huge amount of information. Sometimes not always on the Internet it turns out to find what is really interesting. Yandex service. Zen is designed to systematize the information flow so that the user of a mobile device or computer can at any time get acquainted with current news, blogs and videos.

Zen is a tape of personal sentences that is displayed on Android in a browser or in the application of the same name available in Google Play. Based on the user’s actions on the Internet, the system offers really interesting notes that allow you to spend free time with benefit.

In addition, Yandex. Zen is a Yandex multimedia platform also working through a browser and a special application. Here you can read the notes of famous bloggers and novice authors.

In addition to personal tape, Zen offers a platform for young authors who want to make money on writing texts.

Yandex. Zen is the innovation of the famous search engine, and the service received the greatest fame in 2018, thanks to active advertising. Users note not only the advantages of the service, but also its minuses. In particular, Zen can not always offer really important information. Sometimes there are records in the tape that you don’t even want to open, and to search for something worthwhile you have to spend a few minutes, scrolling around the tape.

Fortunately, there are several ways to turn off the service. Each of the methods proposed in the material depends on how the owner of the Android Smartphone interacts with Zen. For a corporate application, deactivation is performed in one way, and for the web browser-others.

How to disable Yandex. Zen on Android for a while

If you are tired of the annoying Zen notifications on your phone, you can temporarily get rid of pop.up windows. Thus, you do not have to completely delete the application.

For temporary disconnect Yandex. Zen will need:

Depending on the brand and model of the smartphone, the menu items necessary for temporary disconnecting of Zen may differ.

Also, a temporary shutdown of the service can be performed through the application itself:

  • Open Yandex. Zen.
  • Click on the gear to go to the settings.
  • Click on “Notifications”.
  • Move the slider to the left near the inscription “Widget of new publications”.

Now the notification of the appearance of new materials on Zen will cease to appear on the working screen. You will save time, and at this time the service will select more suitable entries. In the future, you can activate the notifications back in the same way.

Two ways to disconnect notifications from Yandex.Zen on a computer and mobile device

Hi all! I was probably very lucky, but the notifications from the Zen platform “do not chase” me all over the Internet and do not come up in those places where it is not necessary :). All messages are displayed very correctly under the icon with the bell. However, a certain part of the platform users are looking for information on how to disable or delete notifications from Yandex Zen.

Surely you saw how the notification bell in the Yandex browser looks like.

It is here that messages are collected by this search system. In particular, Zen announces new Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publications on the channel, the answers to Комментарии и мнения владельцев, their estimates and the editor of publications.

Until the message is read, a red number burns near the bell. If you are not read, for example, 3 messages, then the number 3 will be displayed.

After click on the icon, it becomes possible to view all notifications. I now understand that I explain simple things, but this information can also be necessary for someone :).

In addition to messages from Zen, warning from other sections of the Browser Yandex are also collected here, if you show some activity there. For example, if you take part in evaluating the places visited in your city or leave reviews.

By the way, if the site owners read me, you must have appreciated your site too. And you can see this in Yandex.Webmaster. Site quality. reviews. You may be surprised, and not always pleasant.

I am returning to the topic of the article. It may happen that a lot of unread messages will gather under the “bell”. To read them in one touch, it is enough to click in an open tape along the icon with three points and select the function to note everything read.

If you are worried about how to disable notifications from Yandex Zen, then you need to choose a second function called settings.

Everything is very simple here. In the Zen section, remove the checkmarks near those options that are responsible for the emergence of new messages. For example, if you are not interested in knowing that under your article someone left a new comment, just take off the checkmark.

Some users can consider Zen news tape too intrusive. In this case, you do not need to waste your time and look for a way to turn off the notifications from Yandex Zen, it is better to immediately remove Zen from the browser. How to do this, I already told in one of the previous articles.

How to disable Zen alerts on a mobile device

Not only messages on the computer can add excess stress to users :). With the phone, this is also possible.

Disable Yandex notifications.Zen on a mobile device can be two ways:

By the way, settings can be called differently-depending on the operating system.

On a mobile device, open general settings. notifications and a line of condition.

To turn off the screening of notifications from Yandex Zen, pull the lever next to this option to the left.

Open the Zen application on a mobile device. In the lower right corner of the screen, select the profile section. Further in the upper right corner, click on the gear icon.

In the settings, select the section you need.

And in the settings, turn off the option. the widget of the new publications of Zen in the notifications panel.

How to set up a tape of Zen through likes, diesels and channel blocking

Not all new authors make quality content. On the other hand, it is impossible to please everyone. There will always be the one who puts diesel or completely block the channel by excluding such articles from the tape.

How to configure Yandex.Zen tape with likes/diesels/blocking:

  • If the publication “appealed to your liking”, click the “Like” icon on the left. Similar articles will be more likely to “pop up” in the tape.
  • If the publication seemed bad/meaningless/harmful. put the mark “Do not like”. The number of such materials will decrease.

The more marks you put, the better.

If the channel is annoying. block it. Publications will not meet with him. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • On the page with information, call the menu (3 horizontal points), then. “block”.
  • On the starting page of the channel, do the same manipulations. To find it, enter the name in the search line of the service. At any time, the site can be unlocked.

The above actions do not affect the channel rating. If you think that because of them it will be limited in shows or blocked-this is a misconception.

Setting up the Yandex tape.Zena through the cleaning of the cache

It is often necessary to reset preferences settings. This is easiest to do by cleaning the cache in the browser. The procedure takes 2 minutes. For a complete update, it is recommended to cancel all subscriptions.

How to configure Yandex.Zen in the browser, removing the cache on the example of Google Chrome:

  • Call the “Settings” command (3 vertical points in the upper right corner).
  • Go down to the “Privacy and Security” section.
  • Cleaned the history, cake files, these sites, cache, having previously selected a period of time: hour, day, week, 4 weeks, etc. D.

The operation will end after a few seconds. Keep in mind that such actions will lead to the exit from the system on most sites. In the process of authorization, problems will arise on them if you forgot passwords or have not forbidden their removal.

In order for important information to be preserved, go to the “Additional Settings” field and remove the checkmarks from the “passwords and other data”, “data for auto.filling”.

How to configure Yandex.Zen, cleaning the cache in I.Browser:

  • Call the “Settings” command (3 dashes in the upper right corner located vertically), click “Additionally”, then “Clean History”.
  • Pay attention to the item “Files saved in Keshe”. Put a checkmark, if not, run the removal.

Now you know how to configure Yandex.Zen for his preferences. Do not spare likes, block useless pages, add popular and interesting from the search. But even if you do not do this, the platform algorithm will select materials on your own, it will just take more time. It is impossible to bring the number of necessary publications to 100%. Those who do not deserve attention will come across periodically.

Charging the smartphone to 100% in 12 minutes!

The choice of their interests and subscription to them

H2 Rice. four. Click on interest (by tag) “Art” to subscribe to all channels in this topic.

Zen algorithms are able to calculate the interests of the user. This is due to those publications that a person reads and to whom he shows attention.

Interests have another name. tags.

Subscription to “interests” allows algorithms to better understand the preferences of the user and build the tape accordingly. To do this, click on any interest (tag) and click on the bright yellow button “Subscribe”

You can not subscribe to all interest, but only on the channels you like on a certain topic. For example, in Figure 4, the interest “Art” is opened. Next, you can select channels, and then subscribe to each channel you like on an interesting topic.

About blocking interest

H3 Rice. 5. Block interest to configure Zen for yourself.

Interests can be blocked if you open the menu from three horizontal points and click “block”

Entrance to Zen through its Yandex account on all devices

Zen algorithms work much better for those users who are authorized (pogarized) in Yandex. Simply put, log in in Yandex means to open your Yandex mail and enter your username and password for email.

Android In-App Billing V3 Tutorial [JAVA]

Zen is part of Yandex. This search engine knows what the authorized user is interested in and this also affects the choice of the ones that the user sees in his tape. For example, if a person often searches for antivirus reviews, he will observe more materials in his tape on the antivirus and computer topic.

You can see your subscriptions and interests in Zen on any device, provided that you are authorized on all devices. For example, user login in Yandex has the form of If Zen’s news feed is precisely on the Nadezda@yandex, then you need to log in on all devices (computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet) with the help of this account.

In Yandex.Browser

The second software solution, which acts as an ordinary browser without additional functionality.

To distinguish them, just look at the logo. Yandex has a large letter “I” on a plain background, and in the browser there are already English “y”. The algorithm of actions for the browser:

In this section, you can also flexibly configure the application integer. If nothing happens after the last point, then try to stop the application forcibly through the settings.

remove, android, subscription, channels

Yandex app.Zen

If the user downloaded a separate application for watching news in the tape, then the easiest way will be simply delete it. To do this, just clamp the program icon with your finger and pull it into the basket that appears above. However, sometimes there are reasons not to resort to such a radical method, for example, because of the need to turn on Yandex after.Zen back. In this case, there are several solutions.

The first of them is the stop of the program process. This will help before rebooting the device or manual launch of. The algorithm of actions:

However, as we have already said, the benefits of this method are insignificant, because the program can start back when rebooting. It can also launch any other software on the device that has enough right for this. The problem is solved through shutdown of auto loading. To turn off the bus load, perform actions to paragraph three of the previous algorithm, and after:

Ready. Now the reboot is also not terrible. Most likely, the desire to turn off Zen happened after constant notifications of the news. Let’s deal with them, forcibly disconnecting the permit for notifications in the settings.

To do this, without leaving the settings, open the “Notifications” subsection. It will have many switches. Some of them are responsible for whether notifications will be accompanied by sound, while others will be accompanied by light indication. We are interested in the highest switch. When you click on it, all notifications will turn off at once. Everything, after these frauds, the application will not bother the user in any way.

Tape tape of Zen news in Yandex on Android

After the application is included, the user gets access to various news and information channels. However, sometimes it happens that the news feed does not correspond to the interests of the owner of the device. In this case, it can be configured at your own. This will turn out in the following way:

  • Under each article there are two buttons. like and diesel. After reading, the user will decide whether he liked the note or not. If you press your finger down, then the texts of this subject will be less common in the news feed. When pressing a finger up, such articles will be shown more often. It is on the basis of likes that the user news feed will be formed;
  • In addition, after reading any article on the tile with its name, you can press a finger, three windows will appear. “more than that”, “less than that”, “block this source”. With the first two, everything is clear, and if you click it, then all articles of this channel will disappear from the tape and will no longer be shown in it. If nothing needs to be done, then it is enough to press the cross in the upper corner.

Recommendations in the tape appear based on the preferences of the user

Although the tape of Yandex Zen is an interesting addition to the browser of the same name, sometimes there is a desire to turn it off. It is not difficult to do this. it is enough to carry out a number of simple actions. And it is also easy to turn on the tape again.

Installing several browsers

If you have to share a computer with someone from your home, create several accounts. Or, if this does not help, and relatives, out of habit, sit on the Internet under your account, install several browsers. Let them look for information, let’s say through the usual Chrome, you will calmly “sow” with the help of Mozila. The main thing. do not forget to get out of all your profiles in the old browser. Otherwise, although not so actively, but the tape will continue to clog.

Today there are dozens of different applications that protect the device from tracking. Some work worse, some are better, not all of them are cartoon platforms (available for all browsers). What to use is to decide. At a minimum, it will not hurt to install an anonymizer and an advertisement lock. To find them:

  • In Firefox, we use the Ctrl key combination “Shift” “A” or in the upper menu sequentially click “Tools”. “Additions”.
  • In Google Chrome, open the settings menu by pressing the icon in the form of three points located in the upper right corner of the browser. Then, in the drop.down menu, select: “Additional tools”. “Expansion”.
  • In Microsoft Edge, we follow the link https: // www.Microsoft.COM/RU-RU/Store/Collections/Edgeextensions/and select the right.
  • In the “opera” we enter into the search line https: // addons.Opera.COM/ru/extensions/and similarly looking for us applications and extensions of interest to us.

If you correctly configure the browser, the number of mixing will strive for zero, which means that if something really interesting appears in the issuance of a “smart tape”, you will not miss it.

How to delete Yandex Zen

Although the idea with the tape of personal publications in itself is not bad, because of the controversial implementation, it was not everyone who liked it. over, Yandex makes no differences between harmless interests (news, recipes, currency courses), which are interested in the majority, and those that people prefer to hide (the help of a psychologist, secret hobbies, etc.P). And in order not to bother with regular cleaning, many would prefer to simply remove Zen. Fortunately, there is such an opportunity.

  • In the context menu, click on the “Settings” item.
  • Further, we are interested in the subsection of the “Settings of the appearance”, where it will be necessary to remove the box from the item “Show in the new Zen tab”.
  • Now it remains only to restart the browser, and you can enjoy the lack of a “smart” tape.

There is no similar setup in other browsers, so the easiest way to remove Zen is its ban on the advertisement by the blocker. Which application to use, you decide. We will consider Ublock Origin.

Install the application and go to the main page of “Yandex”. By the right button, we click on any of the offered publications and in the drop.down menu select “Blok the element”. The screen will be darkened, and the selected article will be highlighted in red.

Click the left mouse button on the empty space from the side of publications. Now the whole recommended selection has been highlighted in red. In the emerging window that appears, click on the “Create” button. If everything was done correctly, you will not see more than the “Zen” tape.

To return the recommendations, we find the lock icon on the top panel and click on it with the left button. Open the settings.

In the window that appears, we go to the “My Filters” tab. We find a line associated with Zen ( ##.Media-city-Content), and delete it. Then we keep the changes and close the page.

On this we are finishing a review dedicated to cleaning the history of Yandex Zen. We hope that he will be useful to you. However, if you have any questions or difficulties, describe them in detail in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help. There you can share your impressions of work with Zenom. We will discuss!

How to enable the “smart tape

To enable Yandex.Zen, you need a Yandex browser for PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device. No other extensions and applications can not download. When the user opens the starting tab, the browser will automatically invite him to turn on the personal feed of the news, video and articles selected individually for him.

If the user agrees to turn on Zen, he will open a tab with sources, consisting of several sections: “News”, “Entertainment”, “Video”, etc.D. For the first personal setup, the client must choose at least three such offers. In the future, the list can be supplemented and edited.

Now Yandex.Zen is always on the computer-it will open on the start page at each launch of the Yandex Brauzer.

What to do if there is no service in the browser

If Yandex.Zen does not appear on the starting page of the browser, go to the program menu (three stripes at the top right. button “Settings”).

Next, in the window that opens, you need to find the section of the appearance settings and put a checkplace opposite the line “Show a tape of personal recommendations in the new tab of Zen” in the new tab.

If there is no such graph, then your Yandex.The browser has not been updated for a long time and outdated. Install the latest version of the program. and a smart tape will appear.

Canceling the subscription to Android

You can currently abolish subscriptions in three main methods, depending on a specific application or online service. We will pay attention to paid and free options that allows you to access different functions.

Google Play subscriptions

Due to the connection of most applications from the Play Market and Google Play services, many subscriptions are easiest to see and cancel through this store. In its settings specifically for these purposes, a separate section is provided, updated in real time and displaying only relevant subscriptions. At the same time, the method is extended exclusively to the proven software downloaded from the Google Play Market, but without any territorial restrictions, as when adding.

    To cancel, first of all, open the Google Play application, expand the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select the “Subscriptions” item. All the contracts you drawn up will be presented here using the details of the Google account.

This method is especially relevant in relation to Google services like Music and YouTube Premium, since they are synchronized with a single account. Other applications, especially installed through the APK file, may not be completely in the list, requiring some other actions.

Subscriptions in applications

Some applications, for example, installed using an APK file or completely absent in the Google Play Market, as we have already said, are not synchronized with the subscription section in the previously considered program. Because of this, the only cancellation option is reduced to the use of the application for which the service was originally designed. over, this method can be considered universal, as it applies to all software, including Google services. Consider the abolition of subscriptions on the most popular examples of applications.

remove, android, subscription, channels
  • The Boom application, acting as a music player for and classmates, allows you to listen to music without restrictions in the presence of subscription. To cancel it, you need to open the program and choose a social network you are interested in on the main page with subsequent authorization.
  • Having completed authorization, on the lower panel, press the button with the image of the note. Here it is necessary to slip along the icon with a gear in the upper right corner.

Note: If there is no application on the device, you can use the web browser.

  • Google’s subscriptions, as we mentioned, is the easiest way to manage through Google Play. However, in the same way you can use the parameters of individual applications. For example, at Google Play Music, first open the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select the “Settings” section.
  • Next in the Bloc “Account” click “Cover the subscription”, select one of the above reasons and confirm the operation using the “Continue” button.
  • After the successful completion of the procedure, you will be redirected to the already familiar method of control from Google Play. Expand the option of you are interested in and use the link “Cancel the subscription” followed by confirmation.

We demonstrated only a few examples of applications that are most popular in the Internet segment, but there are other options. In general, in all cases, special parameters are provided for managing paid and free subscriptions, and therefore, most likely, you will not have any questions.

Online services

In addition to subscriptions in applications, web services and related customers are often used on Android. In such situations, you can cancel almost the same way as we described earlier, or through the “settings” on the official website. With one example in the form of a popular Yandex service.Music can be found in a separate article on our website.

As in the case of applications, there are many analogues of this method that differ among themselves. To avoid problems with turning off the subscription, carefully study the settings for the availability of the desired sections.

Within the framework of the article, we examined the cancellation of services that imply access to certain features of applications and online services. However, in addition, on separate resources, subscriptions can be of a different type, for example, to newsletters or recording friends on social networks. It should pay special attention to this, which was made by us in other articles on the site.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

remove, android, subscription, channels

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