How To Remove A Pedometer From A Huawei Lock Screen

The pedometer on Huawei and Honor has long become a popular and sought after application. People are increasingly moving into an active lifestyle, monitor their health and well-being. An important component is daily activity, on which calories burned and the state in the evening directly depend. Trainers and nutritionists recommend going up to 15 thousand steps a day, but for people with sedentary work, at least 8 thousand. To effectively comply with the tasks and monitor the intensity of activity, the developers introduced the use of a pedometer. a system that measures the amount passed. We will talk about its advantages and the principle of operation in the review of the functional component.

What is a pedometer and how it works on Honor and Huawei phones

A pedometer is a special tool that counts the number of steps taken. It can be either virtual or integrated into a smart watch or fitness tracker.

Another type is sensors in a smart device. The most used are smart watches, bracelets and sneakers. In this line, sneakers provide the most accurate data, because they individually count the number and monitor the load. The watch and tracker also provide relatively accurate information, but at the end of the day, the difference with the actual number of steps taken can be up to a hundred. This is due to the fact that the tracker considers waved hands, and does not always correctly perceive them.

How to find out if there is a pedometer on a smartphone

Such software is on almost all modern devices. But Huawei and Honor are an exception. These are practically the first models where this tool appeared in the settings section.

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The first in the ranking is “Free Step and Calorie Counter”. This is a classic example of a program for phyto-nads and those who want to increase their activity. It is activated automatically, and counts the distance traveled during the day. After another walk or morning run, it is possible to see what distance you have traveled.

Which models have a pedometer

Such a tool is not provided as a custom firmware element. It can only be downloaded additionally as third-party software.

On Honor and Huawei, it is in almost every 2020 model.

Where is he located

The downloaded application appears on the desktop or in the general menu in the form of an icon and an inscription at the bottom. It can also be found through the settings in the “All applications” section. By default, the software is located in the settings section.

How accurate are the readings?

You can evaluate the accuracy of indicators using our rating.

  1. In the first place are smart sneakers that connect to the phone through the application. There is a sensor that reads the load. The only downside is that if you wear other shoes, the system does not count information.
  2. In second place on the accuracy of the indicators provided are a fitness tracker and smart watch. They are located on the wrist, the chip is pressed tightly, it monitors not only the wave of your hands and the distance traveled, but also the pulse. The pulse and overall well-being is very important to monitor while running.
  3. In third place in terms of accuracy is the smartphone itself and its stand-alone applications. On the one hand, the information is more or less accurate, but in practice, a smartphone sometimes considers the distance traveled on some transport as steps. Or vice versa. if you go, and the phone is in your pocket, it does not always count it as the distance traveled.

If we evaluate specifically the built-in counting sensor on Chinese models, then it determines the activity by geolocation. In general, the indicators are the same, but there is definitely a slight difference between the online indicator and the real loads.

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How to enable pedometer on Honor and Huawei

There are several options for how to activate the step counting option. This is either through general settings, or through special software “Huawei Health”.

Via “Settings”

Here we work according to the algorithm:

  • go to the item “Security and Confidentiality”;
  • Next, look for the section that is responsible for locking the display;
  • click on it;
  • Look for the line “Pedometer on the lock screen.”

After it is activated, the corresponding icon with the current number will be displayed on the desktop and the locked display. Separately, you need to enable the pedometer on the phones Huawei and Honor.

Via the Huawei Health app

The next step is to sync with the smart device. The application works autonomously, but its productivity and practicality are much higher when you connect it via Bluetooth to a tracker or watch. From there, information is collected and broadcast in software.

How to Remove a Pedometer From a Huawei Lock Screen

On the main screen in the center displays the distance traveled.

How to install and configure a pedometer on a smartphone. Installation

This application is installed automatically after downloading.

Make a workout plan

Pedometer is an important indicator that allows you to track the load. That is why it is included in training as a parameter for monitoring running or walking.

Trainers advise sedentary people to walk a minimum of 8,000 steps per day. The best option for keeping yourself in good shape is 15,000 per day. If you exercise, then one of the cardio loads will be the treadmill. Spending from 10 to 30 minutes, you need to run at least 6,000 steps.

Choose a type of training

Using this indicator, it is possible to track the intensity of loads in the following categories:

  • running on the track;
  • running on the street;
  • walking;
  • a ride on the bicycle;
  • swimming;
  • fast walk;
  • Nordic walking and more.

Turn on GPS and start

If you are training in an open area, the system interface will request access to activate GPS. So the application will be able to clearly track the route and speed. To start the calculation, select the type of load and click on the large button “Start Workout”. To pause, click on the circle with two vertical stripes. To stop the workout completely, press the white square in the red circle for three seconds.

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How to turn off the pedometer on Honor and Huawei

Deactivation occurs in the settings. If this is a third-party application, just stop counting or delete it. If this is part of the firmware, go to settings and turn it off.

How to remove / return a pedometer from a Huawei lock screen

To control the appearance of the pedometer icon on the lock screen, you do not need special features or additional tools. You go into the settings and turn it on or off there.

In the settings there is also a point to display on the lock screen. That is, it can work in the background and not be displayed, and if you check the box there, a tool icon will appear near the clock.

Additional Information

Many users ask how to disable the pedometer on Huawei and Honor, how to reset the performance or why the pedometer disappeared from the Huawei lock screen. There is an explanation for everything, and almost all the bugs of this module can be fixed independently at home in a couple of minutes. The guidance and explanations provided in this article will help.

How to reset the pedometer?

To reset the number of steps taken, you need to reinstall the program. If we are talking about the built-in sensor, then the data is automatically updated at the beginning of the day.

Why is the pedometer not showing on the lock screen?

It’s worth checking the settings. If there is no checkmark in front of the corresponding item, then activity information is not displayed. If it is, but the indicator still does not appear, restart the device and reconfigure the pedometer on the Huawei and Honor phone.

Which is better: a pedometer on Android or in a fitness bracelet?

By accuracy, the fitness bracelet definitely collects information more correctly. It is convenient and multifunctional, therefore, it will help to control other body processes as well.

Pedometer on Huawei is on but not showing

Reboot the device. Perhaps there was a failure that prevented the system from accurately translating the steps. If this repeats systematically, install an antivirus and perform a comprehensive cleaning.