How To Remove A Keyboard From A Laptop Without Damaging Anything

How To Remove A Keyboard From A Laptop Without Damaging Anything

In the world there are several manufacturers of laptops, each of which makes its own unique design amendments to the architecture of the device. Someone uses bolts to fasten the main parts, someone uses the help of modern block-holders. All this information is not of particular value to the user until the very moment when he does not have to deal with the need to disconnect some of its components from the laptop. And so for the most part it happens that it is the keyboard that needs to be disconnected, because it more often than other components of the laptop needs cleaning and minor repairs. And if you asked yourself the question of how to remove the keyboard from a laptop, be prepared to master some technical points that you need to know before starting any manipulations with the laptop‘s internal system.

A laptop, like most electronic devices that use for their normal functioning an amount of electricity that is potentially dangerous to humans, must be de-energized before starting any work with its “insides”. After you turn off the device itself and disconnect the charging wire, disconnect the battery. The device is now ready for disassembly. But in order to understand how to remove the keyboard from the laptop, you need to determine the type of fasteners specifically for your model.

As mentioned earlier, each manufacturer uses different methods of fixing and fixing the keyboard. However, all options, how to remove the keyboard from a laptop, can be safely divided into two conventional types.

The first category includes laptops that use several (four or more) bolts in order to firmly hold the back of the computer. The second category includes laptops using a system of fasteners that hold individual parts together. This greatly facilitates their detachment separately. These two methods are most pronounced in the products of Acer and Samsung. Using their example, we will consider the process of disconnecting the keyboard.

So how to remove the keyboard from the Samsung laptop? First you need to turn the device over and find the bolts on its back panel, under which the inscription “KB” or “KeyBoard” is often located (from the English keyboard). Having unscrewed them, you will free the keyboard from the general monolith of the system. Next, you need to turn the keyboard over and find the fasteners in the slots between it, which should then be pry off with a thin screwdriver.

Having freed it from the fasteners and prying it with a screwdriver, you can start the removal process by gently pulling the plate with the keys to the side. In no case do not make sudden movements, because the keyboard is still connected to the motherboard with a special loop used to transmit information. Having lifted it a little, find the place where the cable is attached to the motherboard, and then disconnect it (if you can’t pull it out right away, check the hardware for small clips, like the ones you worked with when disconnecting the keyboard). When the cable is free, the keyboard is easily removed without any additional effort.

What is the difference between Acer and Samsung, and how to remove the keyboard from an Acer laptop? There are practically no significant changes that distinguish the keyboard removal scheme for a laptop from the first manufacturer from the laptop of the second. You do not need to unscrew the bolts on the rear panel, but you will have to tinker with the fasteners on the front, which can be quite a lot in most Acer laptops. After you deal with the fasteners, you can proceed to disconnect the cable, which will probably be fixed with two latches, which can be opened with the right dexterity with the nails.

As you can see, the question “how to remove the keyboard from a laptop?” Is not so scary. You just need to know the sequence of actions, have a minimal set of tools, and not make sudden movements when working with fasteners and keyboards so as not to damage them.