How to remove a graphic key from the Lenovo tablet

How to unlock the phone on Android if you forgot the graphic key or password

What to do if you forgot a password or a graphic key to a smartphone. How to unlock the device by dropping the settings or deleting a graphic key using ADB and TWRP.

Recently changed the graphic key and forgot it, or let the child use a smartphone, and he accidentally blocked the device? Both situations are unpleasant, but not critical: after reading this instruction, you can unlock the phone, and in many cases it will be possible to save files, photos, uploaded music and video.

How to reset the graphic key or PIN code

You can remove the password from the tablet with several methods. Let’s start with the simple ones that do not affect the system, but if they do not help you remove the LOC, you will have to use more difficult ones, up to the full reception, then the settings are reset to the factory.

The easiest way

The easiest way to steam the device without loss of data is to use your Google account. In the event that you remember the data from the Google account, use this to restore access to the device.

To do this, simply introduce an incorrect PIN code for five attempts in a row. After the fifth, the field with the signature of the type “forgot the password will appear?””. It will be necessary to enter your Google account data and go through the access recovery procedure. The method is very simple and does not imply the loss of the device files, so it is very desirable that you know your account registration data. If you do not remember them, you will have to use other methods.

For old versions Android

If you have an outdated version of the operating system, you can use the defective mechanisms flaws. In this case, you can unlock the tablet if you forget the graphic key by calling it as a phone if there is a SIM card. Take the phone, after which it becomes possible to go into the settings and change the protective code.

The method is suitable exclusively on the old versions of the software. Of course, this method does not work on new devices, but if your device is already for many years, or you just like old stable firmware versions, this simple way will save a lot of time. Otherwise you have to use more complex instructions.

Using Android Debug Bridge

The program for debugging and repairing the device in different cases is very suitable for our situation. In general, to use it, it is necessary that the device is on the device, you have a USB and the ability to connect to a computer or laptop on Windows. Naturally, you need to download and install ADB. The debugging mode is turned on through the settings menu, which, of course, is not available when blocking, but on many devices when connecting via USB you can activate the mode directly.

After USB, go into the Windows command line-“start”-“execute”-enter “CMD” and click Enter. In the line that appears, register the path to the folder with the ADB, and then consistently enter the commands. Start with anyone and, if it does not work, proceed to the next. After each command, put Enter, one of them should help. List of options:

  • To delete the graphic key: Adb Shellrm/Data/System/Gesture.Key
  • For ordinary password: Adb Shellrm/Data/System/Password.Key
  • Another method: Adb Shell Rm/Data/System/Gesture.Key
  • The same for Password: Adb Shell Rm/Data/System/Password.Key

Reset of settings via Recovery

If the previous methods were not effective, then to turn off the graphic key on the tablet (it also works for the usual text), you will need to use more stringent methods: Hard Reset through the recovery or through the change of firmware. They are effective, but, unfortunately, will completely delete all your files.

With the change of firmware, I think everything is simple: go to the manufacturer’s website and download a stable version. Here I can little help you.

How to unlock the tablet through the recovery? Recovery is a mode in which they enter differently from different devices. Ideally, you should have a box from under the device with instructions. There you can find how exactly enters the regime of your gadget. If there are no instructions, try different combinations of standard keys:

In the mode, switch between points using the volume changes, turn on the item using the power button. You need to find and activate the Wipe Data item, then Yes (if confirmation is required). Some devices require further confirmation-choose the Factory Reset or something similar.

All data will be erased, but if the rest of the methods did not help, you will have to use this as the last hope to return the work capacity of the gadget.

Simple ways

Most often, there are no problems with the restoration of the forgotten code. Before proceeding to the use of cardinal methods, you should try simple.

Google account

Each user creates his own Google account. With its help, you can access not only the services of the company, but also other web resources. Using an account is the easiest way to remove the blocking of the graphic key from android. If the code has been entered several times with errors, then the operating system will invite the user to indicate data for entering the account.

As soon as this is done, the lock is removed. If the password from the account was forgotten, then to restore it you can use a computer. If, except for a smartphone, there are no other devices at hand, you can restore the key directly from it. To do this, the phone must be connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi network. To remove the graphic key from the tablet, you need to perform several actions:

  • An emergency call button is activated.
  • The sequence of characters ### is introduced.
  • Click on the line Service Test. Wlan.
  • Wi-Fi network is produced.
  • Entry into account is executed.

Call to the device and discharge of the battery

The method with a call to the device is suitable only for the version of the operating system from 2.2 and below. To cancel the graphic key from android, you must first make a call to the device. When an incoming call enters the blocked phone, it should be accepted and drowning the menu during the conversation by clicking on the central button. After that it remains to go to the “settings” and change or delete the key.

You can also turn off the graphic key in the phone using the full discharge of the battery. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Wait for the moment when the battery charge is completely exhausted.
  • As soon as there is a message about the discharge of the battery, go to the power control settings, and then return one step back, selecting the “Safety” item.
  • Disable the key in the window that appears.

How to unlock your Lenovo tablet X505L

Reloading the settings

This method should be used in a situation where the code is disconnected by other methods is impossible. When using it, you can erase not only the key itself, but all the information on the device. Sometimes it is not possible to remove the password using the reloading of the settings even when performing all instructions. The fact is that the activation of the Reset function on smartphones of different manufacturers is different.

How To Hard Reset The Lenovo Smart Tab M8!!!

In the devices of Samsung, for this you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Squeeze the inclusion key and the central button (operating in Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Fit) or sound volume control (in Samsung Galaxy S Plus, Samsung Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3). These buttons must be kept before the device vibration.
  • In the menu that opens, you must click on the string Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • By activating this team, the device will return to the factory settings.

In the gadgets of Lenovo algorithm of actions of another. First you need to turn off the device, and then simultaneously press the “inclusion”, “increase” and “decrease in the volume” on the keys and hold them until the menu appears on the display. Select the Wipe/Factory Reset command and activate it. After rebooting the tablet or phone, the key is turned off. In the phones of other manufacturers, the algorithm of action will be different.

How to unlock Android without a graphic key using a discharge to factory settings

You can delete a graphic blocking key by resetting all the phone settings to factory. It should be borne in mind that the smartphone files will also be deleted. However, if you created backup copies of the contents, later they can be completely restored. In the new Android phones to reset all the settings, you will need to enter the user name and the password from the Google account. For devices released before 2016, these measures will not be needed.

Enter the recovery mode on your smartphone. For different Android devices, methods of transfer to this mode are slightly different.

After entering the recovery mode, select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. When a request for erasing the data of the device appears, select “Yes”.

Then select the Reboot System Now option (“Reload the System now”).

Now you can restore all the necessary data from the backup and set the new password / PIN code / screen lock pattern.

Full reset to factory settings

The sequence of actions in the first method:

  • The device turns off;
  • The “volume” and “shutdown” keys are clamped simultaneously;
  • Retained until the system menu is released;
  • Installation of the Wipe Data/Factory Setting mode with the volume control key;
  • Clicking on Yes-Delete All Data initiates a return to the original settings.
  • The device turns off;
  • Simultaneous clip of keys: volume increase, volume decrease, shutdown;
  • Release the shutdown key, holding the rest;
  • When the green robot appears on the display of the volume reinforcement key;
  • When the strip appears in the lower part of the screen, squeeze the remaining button.

Important! Launch Hard Reset. The operation is irreversible and gives a complete reset of all settings. The gadget will start after rebooting without a password request for erased personal data.

Why is an Android phone or tablet blocking

The main reason for blocking a tablet or phone on Android is too many attempts to enter a graphic key. Perhaps you gave a gadget to a friend and he, not knowing this feature, blocked your device, maybe a child reached him, or maybe you yourself forgot the graphic key, but the essence is one. You need to unlock the device. So what to do in this situation.

If you remember your login and password from the Google account, then consider that there is no problem. Introduce them, and ready. But usually users do not care about this in advance, and the need to enter the password makes them by surprise. If you forgot the password, then in this case you need to do a complete reset of the system or, as it is often called, Hard Reset. In short, clutching a certain combination of keys on your device, you find yourself in the emergency menu, where there is the possibility of choosing a restart of the system. It all depends on the model, try to use the search on the site and find the recommendations specifically on your device. Let’s try to give a more general instruction.

Unlock the graphic key on the Lenovo phone without data loss

Describe in more detail the way to turn off the graphic key on the smartphone or tablet Lenovo here, since the detailed instruction has already been written. Here it is.

What is it. At the first launch of the Lenovo phone to access all functions, Android requires to create or enter the existing Gmail accounting account.

I don’t want to do this, but now it is even very welcome. The fact is that then the phone is registered in a special service and you can control it through a computer from any place.

The only thing you need is to work the Internet in the Lenovo or tablet smartphone, but if it is not, you can connect, even if you forgot or forgot the graphic key.

How to make such a trick in Lenovo described here. By clicking on the link you will find three ways to get the Internet on Lenovo blocked phone, without unlocking.

Next, follow the recommendations described in the previous section at the first link. If from the venture, nothing will work out, then we move on to the second option. With a loss of data.

Reset to factory settings

Firstly, you must understand that after the discharge, all information, programs, photos, music, video, contacts will be destroyed from the internal drive of the mobile apparatus. Because of this, we persistently advise you from time to time to make a copy of all information to the computer so that it can be restored after a common cleaning of memory.

Hard Reset from a smartphone menu

To get to the editing of safety, you need to call a blocked apparatus, pick up the phone and go to the menu. Next, go into the “Restoration and Reset”, select the “Settings Reset” section. Next, there will be a notification that all the information will be destroyed from the memory of the device. To complete the process, use the “Reset of settings” key. The last action will be the reloading of the device and the beginning of recovery to factory attitudes. The procedure lasts about 5 minutes.

The same procedure can be done, waiting for the mobile to sit down. The window will jump out with the corresponding message. By choosing the “Read more” option, you will move to the system settings where you can reset the installations.

Hard Reset using buttons

If you can’t drop through the menu, then you can do it through a combination of keys on the body of the cellular apparatus.

  • Turn off the cell phone.
  • Enter the system mode.
  • When the “Recovery Mode” menu opens, select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” section, you can switch between the lines with the volume button, you can select the required item with the same key, but
  • Click the volume reinforcement key to confirm the choice.
  • After the procedure for resetting all the settings is over, the gadget must reload automatically. If this does not happen, press the volume increase key.