How to Remove a Disk From a Computer

How to Remove a Disk From a Computer

If you use Google Drive as a cloud storage and synchronization between devices, you may have wondered how to remove Google Drive from your computer and delete files from Google Drive on your PC so that this does not affect the files stored on the Internet. This is because synchronization is necessary when we use cloud storage services, and it is part of almost all cloud storage providers. You may also have synced your files. What happens to them when you delete files from a PC? We will talk about this further.

  1. Key benefits of Google Drive
  2. How to delete files from a PC, but to keep them in the cloud?
  3. How to remove Google Drive completely from a computer?

Key benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive is a free storage service offered by the US search giant Google. It offers up to 15 gigabytes of disk space, which you can use to store important files, documents, images, and so on. The service uses cloud computing technology, which means that all valuable data is stored on one of the Google servers, and the user can access them from anywhere in the world.

Here are 9 benefits of using Google Drive:

  1. Ability to backup precious files. Do you have photos of family vacations that mean the whole world for you, or some important business documents that you simply cannot afford to lose? Google Drive is a better alternative to data storage than an external hard drive or USB drive, as it may malfunction or become corrupted over time.
  2. Send large files to family, friends or colleagues. If you use Gmail, using Google Drive will also allow you to send large files to your contacts directly from your email account.
  3. Use the Google Drive app to access documents. If you need to access any files while traveling, you can download the Google Drive app on your smartphone. You can use this if you need to make a presentation or show proof of purchase.
  4. Efficient integrated search engine. Google Drive has its own built-in search engine, which allows you to search by file type, for example by image, Word document or, as well as by keyword.
  5. Optical character recognition. Optical character recognition technology in Google Drive allows you to scan documents saved by other users and find the search word (or name). It can also be useful if you are doing research on a historical topic.
  6. Share photos ands with your contacts. If your family members or friends also have their own Google Drive accounts, you can share files with each other. This is especially convenient if you need to travel to work or work on a project at the same time as colleagues, while in completely different places.
  7. Open and edit various types of documents. Using a computer that does not have the software necessary to open a particular type of file? Don’t worry. Upload it to your Google Drive account and open it from there. Google Drive lets you open anything from Adobe Suite files to spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents.
  8. Fantastic built-in image recognition technology. This is more of a useful feature than an advantage, but still worth mentioning. Google Drive’s image recognition technology recognizes the contents of your images. If you visited a famous landmark during your recent vacation and uploaded a photo in front of you, this photo will appear when other users search for this attraction using Google Drive search.
  9. Completely free to use. Google Drive offers us all these benefits, but it’s completely free. Thanks Google!
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But even with all these advantages, users sometimes want to try something new. And for this, they need to remove this cloud service.

How to delete files from a PC, but to keep them in the cloud?

There are certain things you must take care of to keep your data stored in the cloud.

If you use Google Drive on your PC, you may have already saved a lot of images or other files to it. Have you noticed one thing: when you delete one file / files / folder / folders in the Google Drive folder on your computer, it is automatically deleted from the Google Drive web application / service? Yes, this is happening! This happens with all cloud storage services in sync mode.

Therefore, if you do not want this to happen with your Google Drive, simply deactivate synchronization. This is the answer to your question on how to delete files from Google Drive on your PC without affecting files stored on the Internet.

Step-by-step instructions on how to delete files from a PC, but not from the cloud:

  1. Step 1. Click the Google Drive icon, now it’s called “Backup and synchronization”, on the taskbar on your computer. Select “Settings” in additional options.
  2. Step 2. Go to the synchronization menu.
  3. Step 3: Uncheck “Sync my disk with this computer”.
  4. Step 4: Click Ok, to apply the changes.

Now you can delete all files stored in the Google Drive folder on your computer without affecting files stored on the Internet.

Next time, if you want to synchronize Google Drive with your desktop again, we suggest completely removing Google Drive from your PC. Then download and install it again and sync. How to perform the removal, read on.

How to remove Google Drive completely from a computer?

For some users looking for “themselves,” over the past few years, traveling through cloud storage services has been wild and hectic. And these users, who have already tried everything possible, distinguish two services in terms of ease of use and value: Dropbox and Google Drive. If you already use Google Drive, but want to try Dropbox as well, you will have to delete your account in Google Drive.

In fact, you have two options.

  1. Disable Google Drive

Disabling is what you should do if you want to save Google Drive files on your system and in the cloud, but stop syncing between them, from this point on:

  • Click the Google Drive icon in the taskbar.
  • Press button Advanced, then select Settings.
  • Go to your account.
  • Select “Disable account”.
  • Click OK.

Remember that now that synchronization is complete, two sets of files (a set on your system and a set in the cloud) will start to diverge when you add and remove files from each.

  1. Delete Google Drive
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If you want to stop syncing and delete all files from Google Drive from your system, whether to free up space or simply because you no longer want to use this service, you can simply delete Google Drive. Please note that your files will remain part of your Google Drive account in the cloud.

Uninstall on Windows:

  • Open menu “Start”, find “Programs and components” and run.
  • Find Google Drive. You can use the search box or search manually.
  • Right click and select Delete.

Many people who have installed a cloud service on their computer to save files from Yandex do not know how to remove Yandex Disk on their own. They have to terrorize various forums and search resources with questions about this.

How laborious it is

There is nothing complicated in the removal process itself; it does not require special knowledge and any skill. This procedure has been described many times on the pages of the global network. “How to completely delete files from my computer?” you ask. The instructions below will tell and show you how to remove Yandex Disk from your computer.

The following components will be removed:

  • An application that provides PC synchronization with a cloud service;
  • Files that you have added to a folder called Yandex.Disk that was created on your hard drive in drive C;
  • Files left in the repository on the web service itself.

Disconnect from storage

We interrupt the Internet connection of our program for saving files with the Yandex server. This requires:

  1. Click on the image of an alien plate (service icon) to the left of the watch in the lower main menu of the computer.
  2. If this image is not present, then it is hidden. To show hidden icons, click on the arrow (small triangle) to the left of the clock.
  3. After clicking on the plate icon, a context menu will pop up in which you will need to left-click on the “Settings” item.

Please note that in the new version, another image may first appear, similar to the one shown below, and to enter the menu, you need to click on the image of the sun (gears) in the lower right corner.

Then, the menu of cloud storage settings from Yandex will come out, in which you need to click on the “Account” item. In it you must:

  1. Select and run the option “Disconnect computer from Drive.”
  2. Click “OK” and wait for the complete disconnect operation from the storage.

Destroying the YandexDisk application

For the further process it is necessary:

  1. Click on the alien plate again for about an hour.
  2. Then in the application menu you need to click on the “Exit” inscription. This completes the application on the computer.
  3. Next, click on “Start”, select “Control Panel”, and in it the sub-item “Uninstall programs.”
  4. In the full list of installed (installed) applications and programs, you need to find the name “Yandex.Disk” and mark it with the left mouse button.
  5. After that, run the “Delete” option. It is located in the top menu of the window, directly above the list of programs.
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Very often, applications cannot be removed using the usual, standard, standard methods available to Windows. In any attempt to destroy or move something unnecessary to the basket, he “swears.” Messages of this kind pop up: “There is no such element”, “Access is impossible”, “The program has already been deleted”.

If this happens, first try to destroy what you do not need with the Unlocker or Lockhunter programs. They will turn off all obstacles that prevent the destruction process from starting, and remove the service from the hard drive.

It is possible that this will not help, then go to the Internet. Download and install one of the special programs to destroy unnecessary software (MyUninstaller, Uninstall Tool, Revo Uninstaller).

Useful articles in the topic:

  • Instructions on how to remove Baidu from a Windows computer.
  • How to delete temporary files in Windows 7: manual and program cleaning.
  • How to remove a virus from a computer correctly and permanently:
  • Recovering data from a hard drive: an overview of recovery programs and instructions for their use.

How to remove the folder in which the files remained

So, you have already completely removed the service from the computer, but you still have the files that are in the repository. Although it is cloudy, it takes more than 50 GB on a hard drive for some individuals.

Considering that for many people the folder is located on drive C, which is gradually overflowing, this can reduce the performance of your PC. Therefore, to free up space, it is also necessary to put it in the basket.

By unwritten rule, cloud storage is always located in the directory (C 🙂 ” “Users” (Users) Username YandexDisk. Please note that the inscription can be in Russian.

Right-click on the folder and run the “Delete” function in the menu that appears.

Removing cloud application residue

Many are sure (and those who write about this on the Internet) that after destroying the file folder on your computer, nothing remains of Yandex Disk. But this is not entirely true.

Cleaning can be done using Auslogics BoostSpeed, CCleaner, RegCleanr, or the like. These utilities scan registers and destroy pieces left over from programs that have already been disabled or deleted from the computer.

We show an example of one of them:

    After entering the program, you only need to start the scanning procedure.
    It will not only remove unnecessary from the registers, but also delete useless (in her opinion) files, invalid shortcuts and fragment the hard drive.

After completing the scanning procedure, you can be sure that you have deleted all unnecessary from your PC.

Destroying files in your storage on a web resource (web server)

To carry out the operation of destruction, you can safely enter your interface on the personal page of the server. It is necessary to act especially carefully. Many users (especially beginners) begin to “poke” on all labels to destroy the Yandex account.

Caution has not let anyone down yet. Proceed as follows: