How to Remove a Battery from an Acer Aspire Laptop

General Battery Information

Modern laptops are currently equipped with Li-Ion batteries. They replaced NiCd and NiMH batteries.
This type of battery is pretty picky about the environment. This article describes how to maximize battery life.

The main factors that determine battery life are:

2) number of cycles “charge discharge”;

3) conditions and term of operation;

Let’s consider each of them separately.

1. Operating temperature

For Li-Ion batteries, temperatures from 5 to 45 degrees are working. Temperatures from 15 to 25 are optimal. At these temperatures, battery wear is minimal.

If the temperature is outside the operating range, the battery degrades much faster. It is worth noting that Li-Ion batteries can explode if they are very hot.

How to lower the temperature of a laptop battery? The easiest way is to lift the back of the laptop. To do this, you can put a book or other object under the rear end. This will not only improve the temperature of the internal components of the laptop due to better air circulation, but also improve the cooling of the battery.

It looks something like this:

A cooling pad is even better for these purposes. Here is a stand from Zalman, for example:

Using these recommendations will lower the temperature not only of the battery, but also of other components of the laptop.

It is advisable to resort to such measures during games or when working with resource-intensive applications. The fact is that the laptop battery is located relatively close to the internal components of the laptop, which become very hot during loading. Naturally, part of the heat will be spent on heating the battery.

During office work, you can not put anything under the back of the laptop. Heating is already so small.

2. Battery charge and discharge

This is the second factor that affects battery wear.

Naturally, with frequent battery operation, it will wear out faster. Typically a laptop battery can survive up to 1000 cycles “discharge charge” subject to temperature conditions.

Li-ion batteries, unlike NiCd and NiMh, have a very weak memory effect. That is, they do not need to be completely discharged and charged from time to time.

Using a Li-Ion battery, try to avoid being completely discharged. If 3-5% of the battery charge is left, it is better to turn off the laptop. Deep discharge can lead to battery failure.

Battery play is not recommended. In this case, two negative factors are superimposed: elevated temperature and accelerated discharge. Together they accelerate battery degradation. Naturally, in several cases there is no effect, but if you play constantly, there is a risk of getting an inoperative battery ahead of schedule.

3. Operating conditions

There is an opinion that for a longer battery life, it needs to be charged up to 40% and removed from the laptop. There is some truth in this, because at 40% charge and certain temperatures the smallest drop in capacity is achieved (in more detail).

I hold a different point of view. When developing a laptop and a battery, it was taken into account that the battery will be constantly in the laptop. The charge controller and battery controller were configured accordingly. Yes, and the advantage of the laptop is lost in cases where electricity is lost in the network. A laptop without a battery is simply disconnected and all unsaved data will be lost.

From my own experience I will say that if you adhere to the correct temperature regime, the battery will last a very long time.

To about use the utility to evaluate the degree of battery deterioration Everest (download / download). Go to the tab A computer. Power supply:

How to Remove a Battery from an Acer Aspire Laptop

The degree of deterioration in the screenshot is 1% (the battery is 2 years old, all the recommendations presented above were applied). This information cannot be unconditionally, but it can show a general tendency.

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