How to Reload Nokia 5230

Attention all that you do with your phone you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! You are responsible for your phone in the event of a malfunction!

How to Reload Nokia 5230

If your phone or Nokia smartphone starts to drizzle, slow down then in order to fix it somehow you can try make factory reset hard reset Nokia. After you reset the phone settings in this way to the factory settings, everything that is in the phone’s memory will be deleted including contacts, messages, installed topics, photos,s, call logs in a word, the phone will become what it was when purchased, so it is recommended save all the necessary information and files in advance.

Now let’s see how to reset the Nokia phone to the factory settings, first remove the memory card from the phone and save all the necessary information, files, contacts, then you can proceed to a full reset.

Hard Reset Nokia is the first way to introduce phones and smartphones reset code on the phone with the command # 7370 #. For a complete reset, you may need a security code, the factory code of Nokia 12345 if you have not changed it. If the factory code does not fit, then it was changed earlier, how to see the forgotten security code with the mynokiatool_111 program can be viewed here.

Hard Reset Nokia is the second way only for Nokia smartphones, turn off the smart and hold it at the same time: the green call button, asterisk, key 3, and the on / off button of the smartphone and holding it for a few seconds until the Nokia screensaver appears. The result of such an operation will be the same as in the first method, look at the screenshot attached to the example below on the Nokia N82. I personally checked the work of both examples, there were no problems.

After the factory reset, your phone becomes brand new and in most cases should help in eliminating the problems that have arisen.

Here is another way to make a factory reset (Hard Reset) on Nokia touch smartphones by pressing 4 function buttons. Turn off the smartphone and proceed to Hard Reset, press the volume down button, camera button, menu button and power button, keep all four buttons pressed until the Nokia logo appears on the smartphone display.

If all the same, your Nokia phone is still buggy, then try flashing it, how to flash the phone from the official Nokia website, see the link to update the Nokia phone software

If, after a reset, the phone began to work normally, now you will need to re-install everything that was on it earlier.