How to Register an Apple iPad Tablet

Almost every purchased device from Apple requires activation. This option was invented to collect information about users and in order to prevent the theft of the gadget. The method of activating a tablet or phone is practically no different. In this article, we will step by step describe how to activate iPad mini.

Tablet activation

There are several ways to activate a device. The first uses a computer, the second does not. Consider the second method:

    First you need to turn on the device. The apple logo will appear. Next, a window pops up asking you to select a country of location.

The second window will ask for permission to activate a special geolocation service. This is necessary so that all photos,s and other data are equipped with geo-tags by default. You can opt out of this option. At the same stage, the device will ask you to activate the Wi-Fi function. She is needed to continue registration. Activation of iPad mini is also possible using 3G networks of mobile operators. In this case, you will need to take care of the availability of a nano-sim card with paid Internet.

  • The next stage of registration is connecting to the World Wide Web and clicking the “next” button. The activation process will begin, which usually lasts no more than 30 seconds.
  • After the procedure is completed, a notification appears that asks the user to log in with their Apple ID, create a new record, or restore it from company services, for example, Icloud.
  • When creating a new record, you will need to fill in all the necessary information. At the very bottom there will be a question. whether to use Icloud. This is a special complex from Apple, which allows you to backup all data. If a checkmark has been checked, the device will ask you to select which data you want to upload to the “cloud”.

    How to Register an Apple iPad Tablet

    The penultimate screen will ask about using the “dictation” option, it is better not to activate it and permission to send reports on the operation of the device. This function is also better not to activate.

    The last menu that appears in the process will be labeled “Start using the tablet.” After that, all the functions of the gadget will be fully available.

    Tablet activation via computer

    Now consider another option. You can activate iPad mini through a computer with a special cable and the iTunes program. It is available for both the Microsoft operating shell and the MAC. After connecting the device and installing the program, a notification pops up that prompts you to configure the connected gadget (by the way, this method is also suitable for Iphone). If you click “yes”, everything will happen automatically. Itunes is necessary not only at the stage of initial use of the device, updates, music, films and other information will be downloaded through it.

    Before registering ipad mini, it is important to check the reliability of the cable connection (if the procedure goes through the computer) and the integrity of all details.

    Using Siri

    The article would be incomplete without mentioning the convenient assistant, which is installed on all gadgets from Apple. Siri is a special utility that allows you to activate various functions using voice commands.

    To activate it, you need to hold down the “home” button and wait until the microphone icon pops up. Next (if the application is activated for the first time after registering the tablet), you need to move the slider to the “ON” position. After that, you can set an alarm clock or call someone using a simple voice command.

    A list of such commands can be found in the utility settings, in addition there is the ability to add your own.