How to Register a Company on the Apple Store

Today we will not talk about how to properly pay taxes and send declarations via the Internet. we will talk about this sometime in the following publications.

Instead, we will share our experience of penetrating the AppStore. Thousands of applications fall into it every day, green rivers of crunchy papers flow into the pockets of developers (and Apple), and hundreds of new programmers and companies are registered in the iOS developer program. The growing popularity of the iOS platform has prompted us to think. why not write your own application for the iPhone? By the way, our application is completely free 🙂

We will not dwell on all the ups and downs of application development within the team, but our experience in registering a company in the Apple developer program may be useful. We will describe the whole process in detail, in steps and with pictures.

Becoming an Apple Developer

How to Register a Company on the Apple Store

First of all, we will be asked. do we want to join the program as an already registered Apple developer or as a beginner? We are newcomers, so we select the item “New Apple Developer” with the ability to create a new Apple ID.

On the next screen, the key question is whether we are a company or a developer. Feel free to choose the “Company” and prepare for the worst.

They ask us quite a lot of personal and even intimate information. from name to surname to the address of the place of work and phone.

Next, we will be asked to choose the categories of applications that we want to develop, which market we focus on and which platform we are going to develop (iOS, Mac OS X or Safari), how many years we have been developing and (looking intently into the eyes) they will ask if we are developing “side” applications. in the sense for other mobile platforms.

The last steps are to put the bird under the license agreement (I agree, confirm, do not mind, completely and completely)

and enter the confirmation code, which will come to the e-mail specified at the beginning.

Congratulations! Now you are now the honored Apple Developer! One of thousands. but what!

Company registration in iOS Developer Program

In order to register a company in the iOS Developer Program, Apple needs to know the name, address and phone number of the company,

as well as the contact details of the person responsible for registration in the iOS Developer Program and having all the necessary authority for this.

Choosing the iOS Developer Program,

confirm on a separate screen all the entered information

and wait for confirmation from Apple. It usually takes about a day to review the application. After confirming the application, you will need to agree with the Apple licensing agreement and pay (finally already!) For participation in the program.

Since the Apple Store has not yet been observed, the only payment method is to fill out a special form (with completely intimate data about one of your bank cards, with which Apple will grab as many as 99 with greedy little hands). We have issued a virtual bank card with a limit of 100 for this form. The completed form must be sent to Apple. About a day later, you will receive a confirmation of debit.

We prove our existence and train spoken English

It would seem. all? Not! Now you must prove that you are not a camel.
Apple must make sure that your company really officially exists, for which you need to take an extract from the register with the details of your company, translate it into English and send it to Apple. correctly, by fax. With a phone, company name and your application number, written out on a separate piece of paper. At the same time, an important detail! the name of your company in the translated statement must EXACTLY coincide with the one declared when registering the company in the iOS Developer Program. Be patient. Apple bureaucrats start reviewing the submitted documents in about a week, and any dark spot on any of the pages will entail a polite letter asking you to resend it again. And wait again.

Then Apple will call you to make sure that you exist at all. And in English it will report that. GUI-GUI-Hurray! everything is in order with the documents and you have been granted access to the developer portal. On this portal, you can send your application for review, see daily download statistics, fill in the details of the account to which Apple will have to credit the money earned, set your own version of EULA.

By the way, about checking the application. The guys are trying fairly conscientiously and even Russian applications are checked with all care. The first time our application was rejected because they could not log in to Elba (in the mobile application you can only work. for now you need to register through the web application). The second time we already gave a test username and password. the application was approved.