How to refuel the Xerox Mini vaporesso cartridge. Electronic cigarette does not smoke…

Vaporesso Xtra review

In shape, it resembles a small cylinder. A fairly powerful 900 MAH battery fit there. The device works on interchangeable cartridges with a evaporator. Of the control elements, only a button for turning on/off the device and a small LED are present. The voltage of 11 or in 16 W is automatically issued by the board depending on the installed cartridge. The tightening works from a modern ultrasound sensor. The type of tightening changes based on which cartridge you will install. The cartridge with a resistance of 0.8 will be free. And the cartridge with a resistance of 1.2 has a tight cigarette. Cartridges here will be held on magnets, and quite tight.

Who is designed for?

This is the average price segment and everyone will have it

Build quality.

  • Grey (dark gray)
  • Grey Resin (dark gray with red pattern)
  • Silver (silver with a dark striped insert)
  • Silver Resin (silver with turquoise-violet patterns)
  • Rainbow (rainbow)
  • Rainbow Resin (rainbow with yellow-orange patterns)

The paint here is quite worthy, with all its colorfulness, which is very pleasing and is a rarity in this type of coatings. Plastic inserts are also reliable and wear.resistant.Because of its interesting ergonomics, the device is felt in the hand very nice. The metal part has an anti.slip engraving, which increases the comfort of capture. Maud, although it looks a little weighty, but it will not hurt you when using it.


Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from reloading / reloading.

It is included in the kit?


The battery unit XTRAL Power: 11/16 Trende of work: PowerTip Connector: Magnetic1 cartridge with a meshed unipod evaporator with a resistance of 1.2 Ohm1 cartridges with a UNIPOD evaporator with a resistance of 0.8 Ommer 2 mlred.built battery for 900 MAHBABLE for charging Micro USB, charging current 1 ASSISTRATION in foreign languages. Russian is absent here.Dimensions: 73.9 mm x 38.2 mm x 16.7 mm Voros: 71 g


XTRA cartridge in a plastic base, with a metallic base.The mouthpiece is part of the cartridge. It is plastic, flat in shape and rounded along the edges. Made of translucent and darkened material. Cartridges are a little play in battery fashion, but, repeat, sit tight and certainly will not fall out. Only native cartridges of the Unipod series are supported, save and buy those cheaper will not work.The volume of the cartridge for refueling fluid here is 2 ml.


Vaporesso Xtra evaporator is built into the cartridge. Cartridges with evaporators are different, for various puffs: at 0.8 and 1.2 Ohm.


Works on a battery with a capacity of 900 mah.

Conclusions about Vaporesso Xros: operation, advantages and disadvantages

The worthy device Vaporesso Xros, easy to maintain, which has a tightening adjustment, begins to work both from the Fire button and automatically, at the time the steam is pulled into the lungs.

Thanks for the presented device Vaporesso!

Information for information

Vaporesso Xros is made of stainless steel and plastic. Available in 6 colors: steel, black, blue, blue, pink and rainbow. The installed Axon chip produces constant power depending on the resistance. Production adjustment is provided. Works on branded underlying cartridges on the grid.

Output power: 11 \ 16 watts, evaporators resistance: 1.twenty.8 Ohms, tank volume: 2 ml, battery capacity: 800 mAh, maximum charge current: 1.5 a.

Height: 112 mm, width: 23 mm, thickness: 13 mm.

Taste and puff

Activated by Vaporesso Xros 2 both using a tightening sensor and a Fire button. choose the most familiar option for you. The sub-system works on cartridges with a built-in evaporator, in total there are four-three on the grid and one on a spiral. In the Xros series, all brown are interchangeable, that is, they are suitable for the first Xros and the Mini model, and to the one that we have today at the review.

The first tank works on a grid with a resistance of 0.8 Ohm, the second has a spiral for 1.2 Ohm. Accordingly, in one case, we are waiting for 16 watts of power and a puff, and in the other. 11 watts and MTL. over, they both provide users with good taste. The tank contains 2 ml, which is a certain classic for the segment.

The walls of the cartridge are transparent, which allows you to track the rest of the flooded slurry is convenient. If there are very few fluids and nothing is visible, then the device can be slightly tilted and check whether it is time to replenish the supply of slurry.

The tank is refueled under the mouthpiece, which is very easily removed, respectively, it is not necessary to remove the tank. you can pour immediately, opening the plug. I would like to note that the resistance of the evaporator is indicated at the bottom of the brows, that is, it will be quite difficult to confuse something.

Fludge adjustment works great, the difference between the types of traction is felt well. You can also set intermediate values ​​here, this is also a plus in the wood piggy bank.

We tested the taste on two cartridges: on a grid with a resistance of 0.8 Ohms from the first Xros and on spirals 1.2 Ohm from the second. Of course, in the first case there is more taste, the steam here is very warm, which is not enough for the second option. However, it practically does not allow to soar with a closed blow, as it comes out too tight and hot, but the Karik in the coil copes with this. In our modest opinion, the perfect tightening will be on a mesh evaporates with a slightly covered slider, but we still have a feeling that extra air is sucked from somewhere, only where-a riddle.

From observations I also want to add that the tank is quite tightly held in the body of the servings, the magnets here are strong. And the device has never flowed during the tests: some kind of fantastic!


Now about food and everything related to charging. A five.time press on the Xros 2 activation button can be turned on and off, this will affect the LEDs, and they also show how much the charge remains.

The manufacturer declares currents in 1a, and, oh, in our case, the actual value almost coincides with the words of the company. our device showed 0.96 a. Vaporesso Xros 2 charged a little more than an hour, a good result! Unfortunately, there is no full Passthrough here, but the device can be soared on the wire, at least something. By the way, with almost complete discharge, it is still possible to steam on the cartridge for 1.2 Ohm, it is understandable: after all, it needs less power. However, this pleasure does not last long, so we advise you to charge the sub-system on time.

As a result, 942 mAh flooded, again an almost accurate hit from the Vaporoso side. Typically, the difference in the declared container and the actual value is 10-20%, everything is different here, it’s great.

Vaporesso Xros Mini Management. First inclusion.

For the first launch on the cartridge, you need to remove the black mouthpiece on top, inserting a bottle of a bottle with a liquid into the hole. When refueling, do not press a lot on the bottle to avoid overflowing where should not. We leave the whole thing to soak for about 5-10 minutes. Well, then remove the protective sticker from the bottom of the cartridge and install it in a charged battery block. Now you can drag on.For some reason, the oddities with refueling in this model were left again. Therefore, once again we recommend not to wear a cartridge down a mouthpiece for too long.

  • Very low or high winding resistance
  • Short circuit
  • No atomizer
  • Strong discharge of the battery (village battery)
  • Charging end
  • Cutting cutting (continuous work longer than 8 seconds)
refuel, mini, vaporesso, cartridge

How to charge?

The charging connector is reliably installed in the end of the serve, the glory of the ancient Greek gods, that at least everything sits tight and without gaps here. Charging is carried out by a current of 1 ampere. The full charge time was about 45 minutes, as well as on that device.We draw your attention to that you can only be charged through the Type c cable.

Features of various types of tightening

When performing a cigarette puff, pairs are usually delayed for a short time in the mouth, and only then passes into the lungs. While in the oral cavity, it affects taste receptors and the steamer feels how the taste is fully revealed. Cigarette tightening is not designed to develop a large number of steam.

But the hookah tightening is just intended mainly for obtaining a large amount of steam, which is immediately sent to the lungs, so it is important not to overdo it so as not to get a burn of the throat mucosa, since the steam is hot. However, you will not be able to fully feel the taste and may initially even seem that the soaring fluid does not meet the declared parameters.

So, why all this is, and to the fact that the ability to adjust the flow of air in the electronic cigarette Vaporesso Xros 2 Pod Kit makes it possible for a steamer and feel the taste of steam, and let it down with rings, if you like.

Cartridges are strong enough on the battery block due to magnetic connectors. The manufacturer assures that with a sealed magnetic SSS module, you can soar carelessly for a long time. By the way, two cartridges included. Evaporators in them are distinguished by their design and internal resistance. In one cartridge, the evaporator is presented in the form of a grid, in the second. in the form of a spiral. The resistance of the evaporator in the form of a grid 0.8 Ohms, the resistance of the evaporator in the form of a spiral. 1.2 Ohm.

The cartridge on the grid is slightly weaker produces heating, which is a little reflected in the taste. Consumer reviews indicate that in this case the taste is revealed more fully and it is more saturated.

The cartridge has a transparent plastic window through which it is convenient to observe the level of the remaining liquid. Just keep in mind that a small part of it is still hidden under the. You can refuel, not much, and 2 ml of soaring fluid. Many consumers noted that this one should not be used with strong nicotine liquids, the optimal fortress is 20-30 mg/ml or 2-3%.

Refuel VAPORESSO XROS 2 POD KIT cartridges Correctly

The cartridge refueling is quite convenient. the upper. To do this, you will need to remove the plastic black mouthpiece, and through the emerging side hole pour 2 ml of focus fluid. The liquid in the cartridge does not follow due to the presence of a check valve. When you refuel a liquid from a thin spoon of a spray can, it should be pressed a little so that the valve open.

For refueling, choose spray cans that have thin nose, since the hole is quite miniature and thick noses may not fit in size. Other models of the earlier year of production included a special container with a thin nose for refueling, it was necessary to pour the purchased slurry in it, there is no such spray in the Vaporesso Xros 2 Pod Kit electron.

In order not to soar a burning taste, let the cartridge stand a little, only 15-20 minutes after refueling, so that everything is well soaked.

Another point that you should pay attention to when you remove the mouthpiece, from the habit, you can remove the entire cartridge, you need to adapt a little to remove only one walk.

Universal cartridge for any gadgets from the Xros line, which is very practical. They do not understand, and the resistance is indicated in each below.

Running rectangular ergonomic shape.

Pleased users and slider adjustment of blowing. The electrical in this way expands the range of its users. These are fans of a tight cigarette and lovers of light hooking puff. over, the drop.shaped shape of the air intake, according to the manufacturer, will not only have to more clearly adjust the tightness, but also enhance the taste.

In general, the appearance of the device is made in a calm style. Nothing superfluous, only the main functions for daily use.

refuel, mini, vaporesso, cartridge

But at the same time, the model came out quite attractive. Therefore, this gadget will be appreciated by beginners who do not have to deal with the device with the help of instructions and those who constantly soar and who constantly need to have a sip of nicotine at hand.

The gadget has high.quality assembly using high.quality materials.


The multi.level protection system provides safe soaring, as well as the operation of the device itself. The chipset itself provides protection, as it constantly controls the parameters of the electric current and the temperature of the heater.

Overheating protection turns off the heater with prolonged operation. In complex systems there is a special thermal attemptor. For simple sub-systems, it is impractical to complicate the scheme, so protection against overheating is provided by cutting off after several seconds of continuous operation of the evaporator.

Low resistance protection turns off the heater if the resistance of a spiral or mesh is below the permissible. Otherwise, the current strength will exceed the nominal value, which will fail through the entire electronics, and the smack of Gary will prevail in the pair. Protection against high resistance will not allow the heater to activate, since with excessively low power, not all the liquid can quickly evaporate, and the smallest drops of liquid will be present in the pair.

A short circuit is a phenomenon that has a potential danger to any electronic device. Usually it is observed with various kinds of leaks. Disconnection of the vape with a short circuit to maintain an electric circuit, and will also allow the vaper to avoid electric shock.

The heater turns off the protection from the restart, when the battery levels are approaching the critical. This level of protection does not allow the battery to go into a deep category, which would be fatal for lithium-ion power sources. Returning protection works when the battery is charged. The power chain will automatically turn off when the charge level reaches 100%.

Device and principle of operation

The work of the sub-system is no more complicated than a one-time electronic cigarette. The fundamental difference is only in the layout of the main elements of the steam generator. Capsule with liquid and heater are in a separate cartridge. This achieves the service of the device.

The main elements of the steam generator include:

Inside the heater housing is a cylinder grid. It is she who is a heating element. The grid covers the winding. cotton tissue impregnated with liquid. The fabric is impregnated due to the fact that part of it is immersed in the tank. The power circuit is turned on when the “Fire” button is pressed.

The power chain envelops not only the heater, but also the LED indicator. When an atomizer is activated, the net instantly heats up to a high temperature, after which the liquid begins to evaporate intensively. Weiper, taking inhalation or traction, creates the pressure difference in the corps of the serve and outside. Air through the air intake penetrates the cartridge, mixes with pairs of smoking fluid and enters the oral cavity of the steamer.

Electronic cigarette Vaporesso Xros mini. review

Hi all! Today I will share an honest and detailed review of the 3-month use of the CROS Mini sub-system and, of course, tell you how to achieve a thick steam and a bright taste, which unfortunately not entirely provided for by the manufacturer.

Before buying this unit, she used Zero brand for a long time, there was no delight from using. pulls badly, quickly began to sit down, the taste is bad, etc.D.

And charter from Zero, I decided to buy a good electronic at an affordable price. In a specialized store, 2 sellers were recommended to take precisely Xros with one voice, they talked about the advantages for 20 minutes and praised as their “child”, which actually led me to buy.

I bought in the other way a “cat in a bag”, since they refused to open the box for me, and I hoped for their laudatory words.

Opening a beautiful box right in the store after the purchase (it cost me by the way in the region of 2000, I won’t tell me exactly), I stunned from the design!

Appearance and removable details:

A laconic, miniature, silver case, is conveniently placed in my hand, at first glance I was happy and pleased immediately flooded the junk so as not to delay the moment of truth (after filling the liquid, you need to wait at least 15 minutes before use so that the cotton swab has time to soak)

There was also a silver cord for recharging, there was no adapter.

The gradage is quite voluminous, has a removable cap, where the slurry is poured. This cover is removed very simple, just press your finger to the side. So, we see a red hole for filling the consumable. there is protection against spill, which is cool, I have a zero forever text.

I was glad that the slurry in the tank could not get to the electronic system, since the tank-charterge is completely isolated from the case, you do not have to forever wipe the liquid (who used Zero will understand me)

The sub-system is charged from the wide Taepsi charger, which also made me as a user of the Huawey mobile phone)

refuel, mini, vaporesso, cartridge

General impressions of use and promised life hack:


️ Colorful miniature case, conveniently placed in the hand

️ Back does not flow, the slurry is poured from above, this is a plus.

️ The slurry does not evaporate quickly, I have enough full tank for the whole day

️ It is recommended to make this device exclusively at low capacities. I charge for 30 minutes, enough for 8 hours. Infect from a laptop, computer, a handle, but not from the network, but it is charged quickly, while it overheats strongly and can just refuse a “heart” from the “quick recharging” at one point.

❌ expensive cartridge (450), quite quickly becomes unusable. starts to rust a spiral after a month of use, staining the liquid in an unpleasant rusty color. At the same time, it is not enough where it can be purchased at the moment, but in the near future sellers assure that the deliveries of cartridges will package.

❌️ PART is average, the taste is also average, but not deplorable.

When tightening with your finger, raise the cartridge, so the liquid is saturated with oxygen and, accordingly, steam begins 2 times larger and the taste is much brighter)

Thank you for your attention, I hope my review was useful to you! I am not so and an angel that I smoke rubbish, but I promise I will be corrected!))

Electronic cigarette Vaporesso Xros mini. review

I tried a lot of mini-Weep. This one really impressed. It is not expensive. It is easily seasoned, it does not eat a lot of liquids. Cartridges for it are expensive, but quality corresponds to the price.

The taste and smell are transmitted very accurately. Easily delayed, ducts rarely clog. Charging holds with active use almost the whole day. Even in the winter, a decent time lasts in the cold.Another plus is that it is charged quickly. Half an hour is enough until a full charge.

Convenient, nice design. You do not need to press anywhere, easily lies in the hand. The vape does not overheat, does not bitter. One cartridge is enough for a jar of 20 ml of fluid for refueling. Sometimes it leaks if it is often soar.

  • Neat and compact
  • Fast charging
  • Accessibility, ease of use, taste
  • Nice design
  • Good traction

I want to talk about the wonderful VAPORESSO XROS MINI. Before that I had a Zero evaporator. He very disappointed me in vapes. Since mercilessly tyok. And I swallowed more liquids than inhaled. Although she changed three catrics.

Hello everyone) Vaporesso Xros mini I have not the first. There is something to compare with. The taste is excellent, a lot of steam, holds a charge for a long time, charges through Tupe-C. Ergonomic, lies well in the hand. This is to the pluses.

Vaporesso Xros Mini. Small And Basic Yet Flavourful.

Great electronic cigarette, compact, good quality, excellent battery, good design, charging is enough for a long time, quality and price corresponds to. Adequate price, holds for a long time, does not flow. Great packaging fast delivery.

I have been using this device for three months. Here’s what I can say about him. Small size, metal case, original appearance, large selection of housing colors. In general, beautifully. There is a tightening button and a tightening sensor, t.e. You can soar from the button and without it.

Review of a passive smoker. Electronic cigarette Vaporesso Osmall: You can’t quit smoking, but there are other important advantages

Greetings! Yes, smoking. This is evil and it harms not only the smoking, but also others. I have been fighting with this bad habit of my husband for several years. Yes, he himself wants to quit this matter, but there is not enough willpower.

Title: Vaporesso Xtra Ekklut more than 6 months. General impression: it is sold in a small rectangular box, there is already 2 cartridges in the kit, which is a very pleasant bonus, with different resistance. Very pleasant design with an interesting print.

refuel, mini, vaporesso, cartridge

After my electronics died, I decided to look for a new option. In the store I was advised the model. Vaporesso Xros 2 Price 2350 R. I consider the price adequate for this model. And after about a month of use, I have something to tell about. This is a really top and modified model.