How to Reduce Icons on Windows 7

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No later than yesterday I was visiting a friend and was very surprised when I saw huge application and folder icons (Windows 7 OS) on the screen of her 21-inch monitor. He asked her: “Is it convenient to work with such a desktop?” And you know what the girl answered me? Uncomfortable, but she does not know how to resize the icons! If you also do not know how to do this, then this article is written specifically for you.

I will say right away: to solve this issue, you can use one of three well-known methods, and which one is more suitable for you can be determined by trial and error. I will start with the easiest method for me.

First method

The first and easiest way: go to the working one and minimize all the windows. Next, pick up the mouse, hold down the CTRL key, and slowly move the mouse wheel to one side until we achieve the desired result. Moving the wheel away from you, the size of the icons will increase, and towards yourself. decrease. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised. Just do not make sudden movements, otherwise the icons will become so huge that they will not fit on the screen.

How to Reduce Icons on Windows 7

Second method

The second method is not much more complicated than the first, but with it you can set only the fixed size of the icons. To do this, minimize all windows on the desktop, click on the right mouse button, hover over the “View” subsection and select the size of the icons (large, regular or small).

Third method

Finally, the third method. Again, open the desktop and minimize the window. Press the right button on the mouse and go to the “Personalization” subsection. You will see a window for configuring images on your computer. In the lower left part of the window is the “Screen” link, which you must click on.

Thus, we were in the section “Ease of reading from the screen.” Here you can increase the size of the elements on the screen in a percentage ratio, starting from 100% and ending with 150%. That is, using this function, you can change the size of not only the icons themselves, but also any other elements.

As you can see, this procedure is extremely simple and will not take you much time (no more than two or three minutes). As for ease of use, I would recommend using the first, easiest way.

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Wow, thanks, I didn’t even know about personalization!

Thank you I just checked all the ways, everything works! Super!

Wow, as everything just turned out)

with 7 everything is clear, but what about windows xp? I have just such an operating system.

just try the mouse.

Thank you for the tips!

wow, everything turned out so simple) thanks from me and from my sister)

How to increase the font in the browser? I figured out the desktop, thanks # 128578;

just press the CTRL button and spin the mouse wheel, there the scale will begin to change

works! very comfortably! thanks for the help!

Did through the menu, it works, but scattered icons all over the desktop # 128578;

But what if the tips do not help?

thank you, the baby boss. and there was a problem # 128521;