How to reduce brightness on the iPhone less minimum

Reduce the brightness of the iPhone/iPad screen below the standard minimum?

If the iPhone screen (or iPad) is too bright and, as they say, hits the eyes, then we just go into “settings”, click the “screen and brightness” and reduce this very brightness to a comfortable level (well, or we do the same but through the “control point”).

These are two standard ways to make the screen of a smartphone or tablet less bright.

However, there are such moments (conditions, situation, state of vision, etc.), when even at the minimum level of brightness the iPhone screen is still not perceived too much, but excessively bright. How in this case to reduce brightness when there is nowhere to move to the slider in the settings?

It turns out that there are also ways. And we will now tell you about one of the simplest methods. So.

How to maximize the brightness of the screen on the iPhone 6s

Each iPhone yuzer of those who likes to read literature at night know that the screen of this smartphone, even at the minimum level of brightness, is still too bright and quickly tires his eyes if you use it in a dark room.

However, with the help of a rather old focus, even in the new iPhone with iOS 9, you can muffle the brightness of the screen more than the standard settings allow (that is, a slider in the control center). This is realized through the use of a decrease in brightness, which can be turned on, turn off if necessary.

So, in order to reduce the brightness of the iPhone 6s screen below the minimum level provided in the settings, we do the following:

We go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Universal access”. “Increase”;

In the upper part of the section, we turn on the “increase” (the switch to the VCL position);

We scroll down the window down, slip through the “area of ​​increase” and set “in full screen”, return back, find and tap “filter of increase” and select “Weak light”.

Now that the enlargement function is active, we just slip through the screen by three fingers, adjust the increase in the menu (it is better to immediately set the minimum value so that the scale does not change), but we leave the filter with the “weak light” and read from a less bright screen.

And so that later each time not to delve into the settings, when we need to include this filter, we go into “universal access”, scroll through the entire section at the very bottom, tap the “key combination” and in the next window we select “Increase”. After that, the function of the increase with the “Weak light” filter can turn on, you can turn off the triple tap according to the Home button.

How to make the brightness of the screen less than the minimum value on the iPhone

Many people like to read various news, articles or books at night looking, lying in their bed before bedtime. And some even without it cannot fall asleep. I’m just from such people.

When there is a complete darkness around, a loved one sleeps nearby, I want to make brightness to the very minimum, since there is quite enough light from the phone, and sometimes even the lowest level of brightness still causes my wife’s irritation.

reduce, brightness, iphone, less, minimum

It turns out that the brightness of the screen can be reduced even less than the minimum value. And for this you just need to get deeper into the iPhone settings once.

1) go to the section in the settings. The main. Universal access. Increase;

2) we are looking for the menu item area of ​​the increase. We set the entire screen;

4) in this area, at the same time, press three fingers quickly three times per screen;

5) a quick menu of the window settings appears. Click select the filter. Weak light;

6) in the same slider, we put in the smallest left value so that the scale does not change;

8) We return to the settings. Universal access. We are looking for a point at the very bottom of the key combinations. Go and select an increase.

Now we have a weakening of brightness from the current level on the triple pressing of the button.

It remains small, before going to bed, turn off the auto.Yield, set the minimum brightness value at the setting menu item. The screen and brightness, and then click on the home button three times. That’s ready, the minimum level of light that can be achieved on the iPhone is set.

The wife is satisfied, this level of brightness does not bother her, and I can calmly read a couple of news)).

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Brightness is lower than by default on the iPhone

Enter the control center on your iPhone and reduce the brightness to a minimum. If you are still not satisfied and you want to reduce the intensity, just press the power button three times and click on the hint “reduce white points”. That’s all, now you can enjoy a low level of brightness, and, in addition, if you want to configure it further, just open the control center again and use the brightness of the brightness up and down. If you want to return to a normal state at any time, just click the power button again, and everything is done!

Remember that you will not see the parameters “reduction of white points” if you are not turned on. To do this, open the “settings” and select “display and text size”. Then scroll down, turn on the “reduction of white points” and set the default intensity.

reduce, brightness, iphone, less, minimum

Disconnect the night shift

Sometimes a night shift activates an accidental darkening of the iPhone screen from nowhere. Check the night shift settings and, if you use it, try to turn it off at least once.

Try to manually adjust the brightness in the settings application, read the step.By.Step guide below and find out how to do it.

  • Go to the “Settings” application.
  • Scroll down and tap the screen and brightness.
  • Find the “brightness” slider in the “brightness” section, adjust the brightness by dragging the slider.

How To Lower Phone Brightness Below The Minimum Level

How to reduce the brightness of the iPhone screen below the installed Apple minimum:

The first action must be switched to the settings “Operating”. Choose the main ones. Then we cross the universal access point. And then we follow the point of increase.

The next step we go to the area of ​​increase. Once there, we install the box of the entire screen.

Then you need to return one step back and transfer to the position “Turned” to the tumbler enlargement.

Next, you need to make your fingers on the screen of a triple click. This action will lead to the fact that a window will appear on the screen. You can see a runner in it. It needs to be moved to a minimum value.

Next, you need to make a click “Select the filter”, after which we install a checkplace opposite the “Weak Light”.

Now you need to assign a triple press for the Home button. With it, in the future, when using the gadget, you can activate the desired regime. To carry out the plan, you must move the main. Next, we follow the universal access point. And after that we cross the combination of keys. Then click on the point of the increase. Near the point of the same name should be installed a checkmark.

Now you have the opportunity to use the “home” button to activate the mode, which will instantly reduce the backlight on your gadget. If the runner responsible for the brightness is shifted to a minimum, then the brightness of the screen on the iPhone or the tablet will be lower than the minimum value set by Apple.

If you need to return the previous brightness values, then to do this, just contact the “home” button and make a triple click on it.

The reasons for reducing the brightness of the screen by iPhone

Before the iOS 11 came out, it was easy to turn off the auto.Yielding function. This is necessary:

On iOS 11, this option must be disconnected in another place:

How To Lower iPhone Brightness Even

  • You should go to the “Main” menu in the “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Then go to the point “Universal Access”.
  • Select the section “Adaptation of the display”.
  • Opposite the “Auto.YARSIST” line, switch the toggle switch to the “off” state.

After disconnecting the iPhone auto.Yielding function, they will not independently reduce the brightness of the screen.

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