How to redirect phone number

Call forwarding and other pranks with other people’s numbers

Just another example of how vulnerable your phone number can be, and how your personal information can fall into the wrong hands. This time we’re talking about a popular call forwarding service, the “creative” use of which can severely ruin the life of an innocent person.

A reader sent an e-mail with a link to a curious text in “”, you can read the original here. The piquancy of the situation is that only the author of the “dirty trick” can stop it, and involuntarily the cellular operators involved in all this can do nothing or do not want to. Below are the main quotes with Комментарии и мнения владельцев from this informative material.

How to redirect calls from an old number using Android tools?

The question of how to make call forwarding is solved as follows:

  • Open the “Phone” app that you usually call from. In the top corner, click “Settings”;
  • Then open the tab “SIM-card and network”, and then “Call forwarding”;
  • You will see a menu with four options for call forwarding:

Constant. All calls will be forwarded;

  • Choose the best option, then specify the number, to which the forwarding will be carried out;
  • Now just press key “Enable”.

After setting up it is recommended to check if call forwarding works correctly. Often wrong format of number is entered, to which the call forwarding should be redirected.

Call Forwarding types

TypesWhen call forwarding works
Always divert Your incoming call will always be forwarded to this number.
If the line is busy An incoming call will be redirected if the line is busy.
If there is no answer Incoming call is redirected to another number, in that case, if during 20 seconds there will be no answer on the main number.
If not available Incoming call is redirected in case main number is disconnected or out of network area.
  • Open “Phone” application (dialing numbers).
  • Next, press “Menu” in the upper corner and select “Settings
  • Then select “Call settings” tab.
  • In this section, depending on the Android version, you need to enter the “Call Forwarding” section.
  • In call forwarding settings you need to choose one of four conditions (listed above in the table) to implement call forwarding.
  • Enter number on which you would like to receive incoming calls from this number, and press “Enable” button.

Advantages of call forwarding settings on Android

Having enabled call forwarding you will have peace of mind, and your friends and contacts will now be able to reach you on your new number without knowing it. At the same time the old SIM-card can be taken out of the phone at all, as the redirection operation takes place at the level of the service provider.

This has an advantage if you do not want to tell someone your new number. give the old number with the forwarding settings.

Disadvantages of call forwarding on Android

  • Setting redirection of incoming calls to another number, SMS messages will not be delivered to the specified number.
  • The account of the SIM card from which the call forwarding is performed must not have a zero account! This way, being abroad, you can redirect calls to a foreign number in order not to miss them.

To redirect incoming calls and SMS messages, you can use third-party applications from Google Play, such as Forward SMS texting w/2phones.

To numbers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon

Most likely, you are wondering whether you can send calls from Tele2 to the numbers of other mobile operators. No need to worry, forwarding of Tele2 calls is made to absolutely any phone. This includes not only the number of local mobile operators, but also foreign ones.

Thus, being abroad, you can redirect calls to a foreign number not to miss them. But in this case, you need to connect a tariff with favorable conditions for roaming on your home phone. In order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Your own configuration of call forwarding

The simplest way to make redirection of calls on a certain mobile number is to use the settings in your telephone. Let’s consider the step-by-step actions on the example of the sixth version of Android:

  • Go to your smartphone settings;
  • Click on the Phone icon;
  • In the upper right corner, click on the drop-down menu;
  • Go to contact settings;
  • Choose settings of SIM and your operator;
  • Tap “Call Forwarding”.

In this menu you will have 4 options to choose from. First of all, turn on the call forwarding function. Next, you need to specify the number to which calls will be redirected in three cases:

Make sure that the number you will be forwarding calls to is up to date and available at all times.

Call forwarding methods

Unconditional Call Forwarding

At a choice of this way absolutely all calls which will come on your number (from which you establish forwarding) will be redirected on other, specified by you number.

Example: you are the owner of the phone “A”, you set the unconditional forwarding to the phone “B”. After that phone “A” will not notice any call. All calls will go to phone “B”.

Phone “A” can be switched off at all, all calls will be redirected to phone “B” anyway. This method of call forwarding is mostly applied in that case if you decided to change telephone number and don’t want to lose contacts. You set the unconditional call forwarding from the old number to the new number and receive all calls to it.

If there is no answer

In other words, if you do not answer the incoming call for some time, it will be redirected.

Time after which the call will be redirected is set by you in the telephone settings.

Example: set forwarding “if there is no answer” from number 050111111111 to number 0672222222. The time after which the call will be forwarded. 20 seconds. There is an incoming call to the number 0501111111 and further 20 seconds this call does not differ from the ordinary incoming.

If you do not pick up the phone within 20 seconds, the call will be automatically redirected to the number 0672222222. When choosing a time interval, note that the duration of the call rarely exceeds 30 seconds (before the answer).

If your phone is switched off

Call forwarding if your number is switched off or out of network coverage area. I think everything is clear from the name.

If at incoming call your number will be switched off (or out of a network), but the given type of redirection is set, the call will automatically go to the specified number.

Example: there is an incoming call on your number and you have set call forwarding “if switched off or out of network area. If at this moment your phone is switched off (or out of network) the call forwarding will happen. If your number is on, you will receive a standard incoming call.

The line for trimmer is busy

If the trimmer line is busy (you are talking to someone on the phone). Here, too, everything is very clear. If you are already in a call and you have “busy” forwarding set up, then the incoming call will be forwarded to the number you have specified.

When the call forwarding works

  • If no answerIncoming call will be automatically redirected to another number if you do not answer your phone.
  • If phone is unreachable Incoming calls will be automatically redirected to another number, if your phone is connected or out of coverage area. When you return to the measure, calls will come to your phone again.
  • If the line is busy Incoming calls will be automatically redirected to another number, if you’re talking and you have not activated call holding service.
  • Crazy call forwardingCalls will be automatically redirected to another number. Service will work even if your phone is switched off. To re-accept incoming calls, cancel the call forwarding.

Please note

Connecting the crazy redirection mode, all other redirection modes will be turned off. In all other cases. call forwarding modes can work in parallel.

Some phones have additional types of forwarding: forwarding of fax calls and forwarding of data transmission.

Call forwarding

, messages sent from www. kyivstar. ua and from e-mail (within use ), as well as messages sent within the provision of. “Call me back”, “Notify me”, “Notify about me”, and promotional messages of the operator and its partners.

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For subscribers of contract service it is possible to manage the service in the Menu 100. To activate SMS forwarding, send USSD command 100#Show code, choose “. After that, you need to indicate the telephone number to which forwarded SMS will be received. After service activation all incoming SMS will be redirected to the telephone number, which you indicated at call forwarding settings.

) to receive voice messages. Let’s tell you how to enable call forwarding to a number of your choice.