How to Recover Vatsap On Android

  • When may a recovery be needed?
  • If you forgot your password
  • How to recover messages, photos,s?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular means of communication on the planet. But if the user accidentally deletes the application, buys a new phone or changes the number, he loses the old account and all the data stored on it (messages, images,s). However, there are several ways to help restore Vatsap.

Also, account recovery may be necessary if the phone was lost or stolen, and its owner deactivated it for security purposes. Application support will help freeze the profile for a while. In this case, the user will continue to appear in the contact list and receive messages.

When may a recovery be needed?

Often, the account is deactivated by the Vatsap support service at its own discretion, leaving the right to not explain the reasons. Usually this is due to a violation of the rules for using the messenger.

How to Recover Vatsap On Android

Among the main reasons for blocking a profile are:

  • Distribution of advertising content;
  • Spamming;
  • Unacceptable tone of communication with other users;
  • Bulk mailing using prohibited utilities.

If the account was frozen through no fault of the user, the question still arises as to how to recover it now. Within a few days after the deletion, you can contact the messenger administration with a request to consider the issue of the possibility of restoring the activity of a previously blocked subscriber.

It will not work to pause the account, or restore it without your SIM card from someone else’s phone. Messages are stored for a month. After the account is restored, they will be delivered to the addressee.

If you forgot your password

If you forget your WhatsApp password and lose your entire chat history, this can cause a lot of trouble. The easiest way is to reset the password. You can also restore messages using backup without WhatsApp.

To recover the password, you will need to contact the support service on the application website, or use the standard “Forgot password” form on the phone.

If you use the official site, you must follow the instructions on the page to restore the access code, submit your own email address. The service will send an e-mail link that allows you to set a new password.
After that, the subscriber will have the opportunity to enter WhatsApp with a new password.

How to recover messages, photos,s?

Even if you cannot recover the password, you can still get all the messages back, thanks to a free program called Free Recovery WhatsApp.

This tool allows you to retrieve any remote chat (including photos,s and other message attachments). The tool is available to work on iPhone or another phone.

To restore chat, you need to download the application for free on your computer and follow the instructions in the manual:

  1. To reset the WhatApp password, firstly, run Recovery Free WhatsApp on the computer. It will automatically detect a list of all backup files.
  2. Select a backup file in the “Backup Options” section.
  3. After a few minutes, all WhatsApp data will be displayed. You can scroll down and up to see all the transformations in detail.
  4. To restore, you need to select the data that is needed and click the “Export” button. Then choose a save path.
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A simple procedure requires removing and reinstalling WhatsApp on your gadget. This will restore all deleted data using automatic backup.

The main steps to complete this task as soon as possible:

  • Step 1: Remove WhatsApp from the device.
  • Step 2: Reinstall the application on the device.
  • Step 3: Click the “Restore” button when the boot system asks for it.

These are the simplest methods to restore both the application itself and its data.

If the user was registered in Vatsap, and then the program was deleted, the data from it can be restored. Reasons for removal may vary. This is the acquisition of a new phone, flashing the gadget or resetting to factory settings. But not everyone knows how to restore Vatsap on their own.

How to restore whatsap on phone after deletion

If there is a need to restore the application, first reinstall the program. The procedure is free. Further actions depend on which platform the device is running on.


Android devices are distinguished by the fact that recovering files to them is simple. The user enters the Play Market, downloads the program. When the application opens, it indicates the country and phone number.

The WhatsApp blog will send an SMS, it will contain the code that is indicated in the field. The login recovery process completes the procedure. This is the name under which other people can find the user.

If a backup copy was saved on Google Drive or on a smartphone, the messenger will suggest using it. This will restore all correspondence, and other data. To do this, the account owner must click on “Restore”. After that, he will be able to continue to use Vatsap.


When you start the newly installed Vacap, it will be offered to restore the backup from the archive. The account owner must confirm the action. So he can download not only chat data, but also calls.

How to recover whatsapp if your phone is stolen or lost

A smartphone or tablet can steal. If this happens, then to restore WhatsApp you need to contact the support service of the mobile operator, deactivate the SIM card and “freeze” access to the profile. When a new smartphone is purchased, you need to restore the messenger. To do this, you can use the following methods.

The first is based on the fact that SIM is being restored. It is inserted into the device, and then the program is activated.

The second option is suitable if the user wants to change it. In this case, you need to write a letter to WhatsApp, indicate in the header that the gadget has been stolen. Technical support is asked to deactivate the account, in the text of the letter they necessarily write a new number in the international format.

When the letter is sent, activate the account, but with the new data. In those situations where backups are stored on Google Drive or in iCloud, correspondence is easily restored even with a new SIM card. From cloud services, you can restore contacts.

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If the number is blocked, support staff should write a message. The letter can be sent in Russian.

Can I restore my account after deleting it?

Sometimes the user discovers that WhatsApp disappeared from the phone, while more recently the application was in one of the folders or the shortcut was on the main screen.

This occurs when a software malfunction occurs in the gadget or in Vatsap itself. The user may inadvertently delete the program or hide the icon. To correct the situation, you need to follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Go to your smartphone’s settings and see if WhatsApp is installed.
  2. If there is a suspicion that the equipment does not work correctly, you need to turn it off. After that, you should remove the battery from the smartphone, replace it and then turn on the gadget.
  3. In situations where the icon disappeared, it is returned to the desktop. To do this, go to the list where all applications are listed. Click on the WhatsApp icon and hold your finger until the shortcut appears on the main screen.

Owners of smartphones should remember that correspondence is stored in the gadget itself from which the profile was activated. Therefore, if you use another device, old messages will be deleted. But in situations where the profile is tied to an account on Google, you can search for copies in the cache.

Account recovery may be required after freezing it. If the gadget was lost, then blocking the SIM card is not enough. It is better to contact technical support and “freeze” the profile. When needed, access to it can be restored.

To do this, write to support. The user will need a SIM card. Without a phone number, you won’t be able to resume communication in Vatsap.

Many users are interested in what to do if a person has forgotten the password to enter Vatsap. The procedure for its restoration will be the same as described above.

How to restore WhatsApp on a new smartphone with an old number

If you bought a new smartphone, but the SIM card remains the same, WhatsApp can be restored quickly. First you need to find a backup. They transfer it to a new smartphone via Bluetooth or connect a new gadget to a computer.

After that, the latest version of Vacap is installed on a new phone, but the program does not start. The copied files are saved on the new device in the Databases folder.

Then they launch the application, enter the data specified during registration. The system will prompt the user to perform a restore, and he should agree. This procedure will be completed.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp on Android. WhatsApp messenger is very popular among users of mobile devices, because it can be used to make calls around the world, send messages, pictures, audio or files. Of course, it is impossible to store all our correspondence, and we delete all unnecessary messages. But what if something important turned out to be accidentally deleted? There is a way out and today we will talk how to restore Vatsap to Android.

Save the conversation in WhatsApp

First, a few words about the mechanism of the procedure, which we will talk about. To save any important fragments of correspondence in Vatsap you can use your email. This is quite simple, but this method will only allow you to archive the necessary data, you can return to them and re-read them when you need it, but using the chat in the future will not work.

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So what should we do. We go into WhatsApp, find the chat we need, call up the menu (basically, these are three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the display). In the list of possible actions that opens, click “still“And select”Email chat“. Next, we determine whether we need media files or just text, and click the corresponding button:

After that, in the field that opens, enter your email address and fill in the “To“. Confirm the action with the button “Done” (may be “OK“). That’s all, a copy of the message you need will be in the form of a file in our mail, which can be printed if necessary. This method can be applied to absolutely any device, regardless of model or operating system.

Restore Watstap

Most smartphone models have standard tools that allow you to revive a lost conversation. It is important to consider that recovery is only possible on the device from which the chat was deleted. The fact is that the application saves all correspondence automatically on a daily basis and it will be stored on the SD card for seven days, this is when we need to meet the deadline if we need to recover deleted data, otherwise they will be lost permanently.

What do we need to do in this case. First, delete the application itself. For this, throughSettings“Go to the section”Applications“, Find and open”Whatsapp“. After that we press the button “Delete“And confirm the action:

Open “Conductor“(On some devices may be”Dispatcher“), Activate the field”External memory” (or “SD card“) And find the folder”Whatsapp“:

It will contain another folder. “Databases“, Open it. Here we will see seven files in which chats are stored for the specified dates, and the eighth. “msgstore.Db.“In which the current history is located, select it with a tick and press the menu button (these are usually three points located vertically to the right, at the top of the screen). From the proposed actions, select “Rename“:

Now we need to add any letter or number to the file name (in the screenshot. 1) and confirm our action with the “OK“. This is done to save the current database. Then we go back and check off the file with the date that we will restore, call up the menu again and also click “Rename“:

Here it is necessary to delete all data on the date, leaving only the main part of the name (msgstore.Db.Crypt8), as indicated in the first fragment of the screenshot. Then install again Whatsapp (either from Google Play or from a trusted source). We open the application and see that a message appears about the found backup, the program will offer to restore it, we agree:

That, in fact, is all. Now you know exactly how to restore WhatsApp on Android.