How To Recover Password On A Windows 7 Computer

Read How to recover a forgotten Windows 10 user password and recover the administrator password. What are password recovery programs? Losing your Windows 10 user account password can be a very nasty surprise. Indeed, as a result of this, access to the data of a particular computer is completely lost. It’s good if you know the password of the Administrator account with which you can manage the passwords of users of a particular computer. But sometimes he is forgotten or lost.

Sometimes you need to urgently access your computer a password from which you do not know. The necessary information is right at your fingertips, but you cannot use it. How to restore access to a computer and your files or documents?

What to do if you forgot your Windows 10 password. Step 1: Recover data from a computer whose password is lost

If, as a result of losing the password of your Windows 10 account, access to your data is lost, one of the effective ways to restore it will be to use the program Hetman partition recovery.

  • Download the program, install and run it from another account of this computer. Check out the features of the program and step-by-step instructions.
  • By default, the user will be prompted to use File recovery wizard. By pressing the button “Further” and the program will prompt you to select the drive from which you want to recover files.
  • Double-click on the disk the files from which you want to recover and select the type of analysis. Indicate “Full analysis” and wait for the scan to complete.
  • After the scanning process is completed, you will be provided with files for recovery. Highlight the ones you need and press the button “Restore”.
  • Choose one of the suggested methods for saving files. Do not save the files to the disk from which these files were deleted. they can be erased.
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Step 2: Recover the password for the built-in Windows 10 Administrator account

Are you looking for a way to recover your Windows 10 Administrator account password? Do the following:

  1. Boot using the Windows boot disk.
  2. Select “System Restore” in the first window with a button “Install”.

Select Diagnostics / Extra options / Command line in the next window.

Click on the menu item. Command line.

Type in the window that opens Windows:

copy from: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe with: \ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe

Where “c:” is the drive on which the Windows folder is located.

Note. These commands will open the window Command line on the login screen using the button Accessibility or using the keyboard shortcut Win u.

Enter command net user to display all computer users.

How to Recover Password on a Windows 7 Computer
  • Enter command net user name password.
    Where name is the username and password is the new password.
    Those. to reset the Valery administrator password and set a new password (for example. qwerty), in our case, you need to enter the command: net user Valery qwerty.
  • Restart your computer and log in to the administrator account using the new password.
    Note. After you have logged into the Windows administrator account, you can change the password to enter it at any time using the menu Control Panel / User Accounts (see the item “Restore the forgotten user password using Windows”).
  • Step 3: Windows 10 account password recovery programs

    Password recovery of Windows 10 accounts can be done using special programs to reset or restore passwords. Especially such programs are relevant in case of losing the password for the Administrator account (since the passwords of other accounts can be reset using this account).

    • Download and install a program to reset or restore account passwords.
    • Using this program, create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB drive (if necessary).
    • Restart your computer and boot from the created bootable media.
    • Reset or recover passwords from the required account.

    Step 4: Recover your forgotten user password using Windows 10

    Before starting to reset the password for a user account, check the password hint located on the welcome screen next to the password entry field.

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    If the prompt didn’t help to remember the password:

      Log in to your computer with an account Administrator.

    Go to Control Panel / User accounts.

    Select Manage another account.

    Specify the account whose password you want to change.

    Select Change Password.

    Enter a new password and click Change password.

  • Log out of the Administrator account and log in to your account with the new password.
  • Step 5: Windows 10 boot disk or flash drive for password recovery

    You can create a boot disk for password recovery yourself or use a ready-made version (which you can purchase or download).

    Reset Password Using LiveCD

    The account password can be restored by starting the computer using LiveCD. an alternative portable version of the operating system. This method is relevant if you cannot boot the computer or connect the hard drive to another system.

    • Find and download the LiveCD you like on your CD / DVD or USB stick.
    • Connect the LiveCD to your computer and turn it on.
    • The computer will automatically boot from LiveCD.
    • Reset following the data recovery software item.

    Use the installation disk image

    If, for some reason, you did not create a system recovery disk, and Windows has lost functionality, you can restore it using the operating system recovery disk image.

    Such an image can be created immediately after installing the OS and software, or at any other time.

    You can download a free utility from Microsoft and create an image. To do this, do the following:

    Download, install and run the utility.

  • The program is designed as a step-by-step wizard. Follow his recommendations for creating and burning an image to a DVD disc or USB flash drive.
  • Note. Do not start the system recovery disk from a working Windows. To use it correctly, insert the system image media into the BIOS as the first boot device and restart the computer.

    Important: Creating an image is necessary only on a working system that is not infected with viruses and does not contain errors. After recovery, you will receive an exact copy of the system at the time of its creation.

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    Step 6: Recover Access to Microsoft Account

    In recent versions of Windows, a user account is integrated with a Microsoft account. To manage some functions of a Windows account, working with the operating system and performing its settings requires access to it.

    If you need to restore access to your Microsoft account:

  • Choose and “I do not remember my password” and press “Further”.
  • Select a method for obtaining a security code.
  • Create a new password after entering the verification code.
  • Step 7: Perform a clean install of Windows

    If none of the above methods has led to the desired result, reinstall Windows.

    In order to perform a clean installation of Windows, you must create an installation disk or other media from which you plan to install the operating system.

    Boot the computer from the installation disk. To do this, you may need to change the boot order in the BIOS (or UEFI for more modern computers).

    Following the installer menu items, specify the drive on which you want to install Windows. To do this, you will need to format it. If you are not comfortable with the number or size of local drives, you can completely remove them and redistribute them again.

    Remember that formatting, deleting, or redistributing disks will delete all files from the hard drive.

    After specifying the drive to install Windows, the process of copying system files and installing the operating system starts. During installation, you do not need additional steps. During the installation, the computer screen will go blank several times for a short time, and the computer will reboot itself to complete some of the installation steps.

    Depending on the version of Windows, at one of the stages you may need to select or enter basic personalization parameters, the mode of computer operation on the network, as well as account settings or create a new one.

    After loading the desktop, a clean installation of Windows can be considered complete.

    Note. Before you start a clean installation of Windows, first worry about the availability of drivers for all installed devices and the safety of your files. Download and save the drivers to a separate storage medium, and back up important data.