How to Recover Password From iCloud On iPhone

Authorization in the service Iklaud is made using an Apple ID account. Accordingly, if the user has forgotten the password from iCloud, then in order to return access he needs to recover the password from Apple ID. There are two main ways to reset a forgotten key: via e-mail or by answering security questions.

Mail Recovery

The most convenient way to reset a forgotten password from Aikloud and other Apple services is to use e-mail. What do we have to do:

  1. Connect your device to the internet. Open the settings and go to the “iCloud” section. Click “Forgot Password?”.
    How to Recover Password From iCloud On iPhone
  2. To restore access, you need to specify the mail address (aka Apple ID login).
  3. The next window will show the reset options. What to do next, choose yourself. But first, consider a reset via e-mail.

If a backup mail was set in the Aikloud settings, then a link will be sent to it, allowing you to reset the forgotten password. If there is no backup mail, a message with a link will be sent to the main e-mail. If the letter does not arrive, look at the Spam directory on the mail service. For reliability, add the user to your contact list so that the message will reach you.

After clicking on the link, the Safari browser will launch, in which the page for resetting the password from Aikloud opens. What to do next:

  1. Enter twice the new security key for Apple ID.
  2. Click the “Reset Password” button.
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You do not need to do anything else, after replacing the password, authorization in Iklaud will be performed using the new identification data.

Important: Carefully check who the message came from with a reset link. If the recipient is not, then do not click on any links or follow the instructions in the letter.

Messages from unknown recipients can be a phishing attack, the purpose of which is to make the iPhone or iPad blocked. Then you will be asked to pay for the unlock code, without which the device will be a “brick”.

Answers to security questions

It is easiest to recover the password from icleoud via e-mail, but what if the e-mail is blocked? It will not work to receive an email with a link to reset the security key, so you will have to use an alternative method. answers to security questions.

  1. Connect the device to the Internet. Open the settings, go to the icloud management section. Click Forgot Apple ID or Password.
  2. Enter your Apple ID username.
  3. To restore access, click “Answer Security Questions”.
  4. Enter the date of birth that you entered when registering your Apple ID.
  5. Answer the questions that you yourself asked when registering your Apple ID.

If you answer correctly, a password replacement window will appear. Write the new security key twice and click “Change.”

2-step verification

If two-step verification has been enabled in the Apple ID settings, then you can restore access to the account that is locked using the key and a trusted device. What you need to do to reset your password:

  1. Enter the key obtained when activating the two-step verification.
  2. Select a trusted device. The system will send a code to it.
  3. Enter the received code to reset the old password.
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To regain access to your icloud profile, write a new security key twice. But what if the recovery key is lost or you do not have access to a trusted device? Put the device on which the Apple ID is locked on a shelf or sell, because it will not be possible to unlock it even through the support service.

Apple ID Recovery

Both methods of password recovery from icloud involve entering an Apple ID, by which the system determines the identity of the owner in order to reset the key to a suitable account. But what if you forgot your Apple ID login? How to restore it? First of all, you need to remember that the Apple ID is just the mail address that is used for authorization in Iklaud and Aityuns. If you forgot it, then you can restore the identifier by name and surname:

  1. Open the settings, go to the icicle control menu. Click Forgot Apple ID or Password.
  2. Click Forgot Apple ID.
  3. Enter the required data.

If this method doesn’t help you find your Apple ID, try calling Support. Contacts can be found on the Apple page. It is better to call from a landline phone or via Skype, as a conversation with a specialist may be delayed. During the conversation, it is likely that you will be asked to prove that you are the legal owner of the device. Photo of the box, check, credit card number associated with Apple ID. be prepared to provide all available information.

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ID locked

If, instead of trying to recover the password from Icleaud, you try to pick it up by simple exhaustive search, then after several unsuccessful attempts, a message appears on the screen stating that the identifier is blocked. Do not worry, it is locked for security reasons, that is, the rightful owner of the device can quickly remove this lock. What you need to do for this:

  1. Go to
  2. Unlock the identifier with a password (if you can remember it) or reset the security key.

An identifier that has been blocked will work again, so you can log in to Iklaud and other services.

If password recovery failed

If you can’t remember the password, the backup mail was not specified in the settings, and the support service operator reports that he can’t help, because you have not proved that you are the owner of the device, then the only option will be to disable all the icloud functions on the iPhone.

  1. Open the settings and go to the “iCloud” section.
  2. Slide the switches for all services to the off position.
  3. Leave only the Find iPhone feature enabled. It cannot be deactivated without an Aiklaud password.

If you don’t disable Iklaud on your phone, then a person who has a password can look through contacts, photos, messages and other information synchronized with cloud storage through the web interface. If you registered your Apple ID yourself and simply cannot recover your forgotten password, then you can do nothing. no one will get access to your personal data.