How to Recover Numbers on Android

Along with questions about restoring contacts on Android, letters often come: how to restore phone numbers on a SIM card. A separate part of the questions is this: what to do if the SIM card is lost or damaged.

Let’s change the statement of the question: is it possible to restore the SIM card in principle? We will not repeat the various pseudo-instructions that advertise useless contact recovery programs crammed with ads. We will list “lying on the surface” life hacks, which, nevertheless, will help save your contacts deleted on the SIM card.

Will a SIM replacement help restore deleted phone numbers?

No one forbids you to replace a lost SIM card with a new one. The service is free, replacement “SIM cards” made through the call center, where you connected and entered into a contract. You may have to write a statement about the loss of a SIM card according to the presented sample. Well, since your contract has an old telephone number, going to the operator in any case will not be superfluous.

However, when you receive a new SIM card, it makes no sense to look for missing contacts on it. SIM card. This is a physical device, and all phone numbers disappear along with the old card.

Lost contacts can be stored in Google Contacts

Contacts from the address book are usually stored not only on the SIM card. On the phone (Android, iOS, etc.), you can export entries to a local VCF file or make a backup. Look for this file in the memory card or device memory.

If you synchronized your phone with a Google account, the contacts from the address book are on this service. Check for contacts via Contacts by logging in with your google account. To restore contacts, use the Undo Changes section (translated “cancel changes”)

If you manage to delete phone numbers in Google Contacts, you still have a chance to restore contacts and other entries. But only if no more than a month has passed from the date of removal. How to do it, read here.

Request call details from your mobile operator

If you want to restore the deleted number (it is not in the address book or call history), do not waste time restoring the deleted number from the SIM card. Request a printout of incoming / outgoing calls for a specific period.

Call detailing is usually done from the time of the last billing to the preparation of a request to the mobile operator. In addition to the date of making calls and other information, the document will contain contact numbers.

This method has a drawback: you will know the names of the subscribers, so you have to call them to indicate the name in the phone book. Although, if you remember part of the number and you have a good memory for numbers, there will be less difficulties with the restoration of numbers.

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Lost your sim card? Find her

Most “optimistic” A way to recover the contents of a lost SIM card, in particular, phone numbers, is to find it. Tighten your brain and remember where you put it or where you could have accidentally dropped it by removing the phone cover.

Here you need to understand what is easier and faster. Restore all contacts through a mobile operator or do exhausting searches, in fact, needles in a haystack.

How to restore numbers on the phone. Question. Answer

The alcatel pixi 4 4034D does not read the internal phone book. I read only the contacts on the sim card. After transferring all the contacts to the phone, it still doesn’t read the numbers. How to restore contacts on the phone?

How did you transfer contacts to your phone? There is such a way to restore phone numbers: Contacts. Import Export. Import from internal memory. You can also return contacts to Android from a local file from an sd card. Next, go to the contact settings and check the display and account settings.

After the SIM card was inserted into another phone, all contacts and photos on Android disappeared. Then I restored them, but when rearranging the photo again into this phone, some of the contacts disappeared.

Contacts and phone numbers can be stored both on the SIM card and on your Google account. You just need to bind your account to Android, after which all contacts will be synchronized with your phone via the Internet. Settings Cloud and accounts. Accounts. Add account.

Photos can be stored in the Google Drive or Dropbox cloud (read about backups here).

The service asks for the password sent to the phone number to confirm that this is my account. The phone number has not been working for a long time, I can not get SMS with a password. What to do?

You can return the phone number to your name through the mobile operator. Only it does not always work (for example, this number could be reassigned to another subscriber).

I lost my phone number, to which I had an Instagram page attached, and now I can’t help but recover, as he sends a confirmation code to this number, but I don’t have it, is another number! What should I do? How to return the page?

Try to reset your password for backup mail or confirm your identity through Instagram support. How to contact her?

There are many offers on the Internet “restore sim card”. Should they be trusted?

You can meet on the web “specialists” to restore SIM cards. They suggest restoring any information on “sim card” (deleted numbers, contacts, SMS messages) or for money are ready to share a unique way to restore contacts from a SIM card. Be careful, this is a divorce!

All ways to restore contacts on Android in one article! It happens inadvertently that phone numbers are deleted through the fault of the owners or disappear as a result of the repair. What to do? How to restore contacts in the phone?

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How to Recover Numbers on Android

Can I recover deleted contacts?

On the one hand, it might seem that the numbers can no longer be returned, but this is not so. In the world of modern technology, it is possible to restore deleted contacts, even if they are not saved on the SIM card.

Basic ways to restore phone numbers

1. Restore the backup.

Those of us who once lost a phone and faced a data loss situation regularly back up our contacts. Numbers can be stored on a computer, or on a virtual cloud. If you have never done this, think about it, maybe the numbers you need for your phone were saved and you can simply rewrite them?

2. Google search engine help

Many phone owners save numbers not on the SIM card or in the phone’s memory card, but in their Google account. If you add regular contacts there, then recovery problems will not arise.

3. Special recovery programs

Such programs are mainly designed for PCs, but there are also programs for phones: mobile applications. The most popular program of all available is Data Doctor Recovery. SIM Card, which works to recover data from SIM cards.

4. Turn to specialists

Of course, specialists in the field of repair of mobile phones will be able to restore lost contacts, but it will cost a lot of money. We recommend resorting to this method as a last resort.

5. Call Detailing with a Mobile Network Operator

To do this, you can call the operator and request an SMS with call details for the last month or last week. You, of course, will see just phone numbers, but this is already something.

Restore contacts on android

How to restore contacts on android? This will help you synchronize your phone with your Google account. If this does not help, try using the special Dr.Fone program, which is available for free on the worldwide network. It allows you to restore not only contacts, but also music,s, messages and much more. After installing the program, connect the android to the computer. In order to do this, enable the USB debugging feature on your phone. As soon as the phone is synchronized with the program, it will begin to scan for lost data. Then, on the display you will see all the files that were once on your phone. Just select the necessary contacts and copy them back to your phone by pressing the Recover button.

We restore contacts on the iPhone

How to restore contacts on an iPhone? The owners of the apples will help:
1) copying data from Aityuns backup;
2) copy contacts from a special information cloud.

How to recover contacts from icloud

Go to the official website of the virtual cloud and enter your username and password. You need to enter the data that is configured on iCloud in the iPhone. After logging in, go to the contacts section, after selecting the necessary numbers, select Export vCard. The selected data will be exported to a file that will be moved to the boot folder of your PC. Sync your iPhone and PC and all numbers will be restored.

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Recover contacts on windows phone

At first glance, it seems impossible to recover lost contacts on windows phone, but it is not. You just need to save your Microsoft account. In the same way, you can return all lost data if the settings are lost, or move contacts from the old phone to the new one. Of course, this method will only work when the account has been created in advance. It is created in the settings of your phone.

How to restore contacts on a sim card

Data Doctor Recovery SIM Card is a program that helps you recover deleted contacts from a SIM card or from the phone’s memory. To work with SIM cards, you need a special Card Reader. When you connect a SIM card through this device, all the information that was not on it will be displayed on the PC screen.

Contact recovery software

Data recover tenorshare
This is a program that helps answer the question: how to restore contacts. The utility retrieves erased contacts and data. The application runs on Android. You can find deleted photos, saveds, contacts on the SIM card or in the phone’s memory, messages, multimedia files and any desired data that was accidentally deleted. The program works by scanning the phone and recovering lost data.

Data recovery MyJad

MyJad will help to restore any photos, mp3 files, multimedia files, materials, archives and more data stored in the phone’s memory onto the phone. Only three actions and all the data will be again on your smartphone.

Main characteristics:
Accessibility. Use the program, maybe even a beginner.
Security. The program scans your phone, but does not change the parameters set in it.

Data recover Gutensoft
This program allows you to recover lost data through a USB port. Gutensoft must be installed on the computer, then by scanning the connected phone the program will show all deleted files on the monitor. It will be not only contacts, it will be possible to restore everything: correspondence, songs, melodies, files,s and much more.

Undelete beta
The program recovers all types of deleted data, such as emails, music,s, photos and all other data that was stored on your phone. You just have to open the program and select the memory range in which it will search for the desired data. Whether it is the phone’s memory or SIM card.

3 more useful articles:

Very often we are faced with situations where the necessary data was accidentally deleted. Sometimes they’re already.

Kingroot cool software for getting root rights on Android phones. Received Root Rights.

Data Doctor Recovery SIMCard. Utility for reading and reanimating all recorded (and erased) data.

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Before, I always synchronized and restored contacts through gmail when necessary, but then they took my account away, I don’t risk it anymore. Now, at your advice, I use the DR. Background, a cool program, it restores contacts, I recommend it.