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Android SMS Recovery

Selena Comez Updated on April 22, 2020

Sometimes, you may delete important text messages on Android mobile by accident, or you may lose all messages after factory reset, rooting, flashing ROM, system crash, Android update, etc.

To recover deleted text messages on iPhone, go to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone.

To retrieve text messages from broken Samsung phone, check Recover Text Messages from Broken Samsung Phone Screen.

If your Samsung phone has sudden death with black screen, find out Fix your Samsung phone and recover data.

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Android SMS Recovery Software: Recover Deleted Text Messages

This Android Meditation Data Recovery Software will not only help you recover deleted SMS from Android phones, but also allow you to recover deleted contacts, photos, videos, audio and WhatsApp messages from almost all Android devices such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola. Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo. HTC, Sony, Google Pixel, Nexus, OnePlus and others. In addition, Broken Android Data Extraction Function can help you fix brick, freeze, crash, black screen, virus attack, lock Android phone screen normally, and also extract text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, audio, WhatsApp etc from frozen or broken Samsung phones / tablets.

How To RECOVER Deleted Text Messages From ANY Android! (2020)

  • Directly recover deleted text messages and MMS from Android phone, retrieve sent and received text messages including texts, contact name, phone number, date;
  • Allows you to preview deleted text messages before recovery, so that you can selectively recover deleted messages;
  • Export recovered messages in HTML, CSV format for viewing or printing on computer, it can also recover messages, attached images;
  • Also can recover lost or deleted photos, videos, audio files, contacts, call history, WhatsApp messages, documents from Android phone and SD card on your Android device.
  • Extract SMS from Samsung phone when your Samsung phone has locked screen, broken screen, black screen, etc.
  • Recover Data from Dead / Broken Samsung Phone Internal Memory.
  • Fix Android OS to normal, such as freeze, crash, black screen, bank screen, virus attack, screen lock, Samsung logo screen, system lock, etc.
  • Best Data Recovery for Samsung Galaxy (like Galaxy S10 / S9 / Note9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8), Huawei (like Mate 30 / Mate 20 / P30 / P20, LG, LG, LG) Nexus, OnePlus, HTC, Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, Meizu and others, covering most of the Android brands;
  • Works well with all Android OS including Android 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and macOS Catalina / macOS Mojave / macOS High Sierra.

It is completely safe and reliable, please download Android Data Recovery software to your Windows or Mac PC for free and start rescuing your important data.

Tips: Our software can only be downloaded and used on a computer, if you access via a mobile phone, please share the page with. or Linkedin, when you use a computer, you can get this page and download the software to your computer to have a free trial.

Best solution: Android SMS Recovery

If you want to recover deleted messages from Android phone memory, you need to root your Android phone first as root permission to full scan to find deleted or lost text messages in phone memory with some professional Android SMS Recovery software. Therefore, while there is Android data recovery software claiming that they can recover deleted data from Android phone without rooting, it is virtually impossible to get back deleted / lost data without rooting.

SMS (Short Message Service) messages are better known as text messages. Even if you think the deleted text messages are gone forever, this is not necessarily the case. Deleted SMS messages are stored both on Android itself and on the network. But this is not forever. Time is of the essence when receiving deleted SMS messages on Android phone.

When a text message is deleted on Android, it doesn’t disappear forever. First, a copy of it is sent to the network provider. The copy on your phone is then not permanently deleted, but rather marked as “deleted” by the internal Android database. Even if you see the message as “deleted”, it was actually just moved to a less accessible area of ​​the phone’s memory. However, even this is not permanent, and the message will be automatically deleted later. The exact time that Android will keep a deleted SMS message in its memory is impossible to pinpoint. However, it will vary based on one major factor.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Android?

In fact, deleted text messages are moved to a hidden space in your phone’s memory, so a regular file manager cannot access this deleted data. Hence, you still have a chance to recover deleted text messages from your Android phone if this deleted data is not overwritten with new data.

What to look out for before recovering deleted SMS?

Actually, deleted text messages still exist on your phone and can be recovered before being overwritten with new data.

Important: Once you find that some important text messages are deleted or erased, please turn OFF the wireless / mobile data on your phone immediately and Do not add new data to your phone, you better not use your phone to take new photos and create new data and etc. The safest measures. put your android phone into airplane mode and then get Android SMS recovery app to find and recover deleted messages as soon as possible.

Guide: How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on Android

Launch the Android Toolkit on the computer Download the Android Toolkit on the computer, install it, and then launch it. You can see that there are three main functions: “Android Data Recovery”, “Broken Android Data Extraction” and “Android Data Backup & Restore”.

To recover deleted messages on Android phone, click “Android Data Recovery” to continue.

enable USB debugging on Android Connect your Android phone to your computer and connect your Android phone to the program via USB. Click “Allow” when prompted on your phone.

Follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging mode on your phone for a full connection. For example, if your phone (such as Galaxy S10 / S9 / Note9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8 / HUAWEI Mate 20 / P30 / P20) is running Android 4.2 or 7.0 (new Android 8.0 or new 9.0 (or new) XNUMX):

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android Phone without Computer

Can you recover deleted messages on Android phone without a PC? Oh sure. There are separate applications for this.

Other possible software

In addition to the listed applications, there are others with which you can find, view and recover lost SMS. It makes no sense to give a detailed description of them, since they all have a similar principle of operation.

  • GT Recovery for Windows.
  • Coolmuster Android SMSContacts Recovery. There is an additional option to recover lost contacts here.
  • MiniTool Mobile Recovery.
  • EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. Simple, straightforward application. There are all the necessary functions.

There is another application that stands out from the rest. Undeleter. It works with any type of data. Before restoring a message, you can first open it in a special window and read it. Thus, the likelihood of unwanted SMS returns is reduced. The software works with memory cards and device memory. With its help, data is restored to both the phone and the “Cloud”.

How to recover deleted messages on a non-working smartphone

You may need to recover deleted messages on your non-working smartphone. This is also possible. And here the Yaffs Extractor software helps the user. It makes no sense to use any other. It will be just useless.

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All correspondence is stored at the following link: “/data/data/.com.Android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db.” The file format is sql. For access to be open, you must obtain the corresponding ROOT rights. Only in this way is it possible to get a text message, the time of sending or receiving, the name of the sender.

The base with storing the texts should be converted in xml format after executing the command to extract files extract.exe.s mmssms.db. After that, it becomes possible to view it in any editor or transfer to the SMS Backup Restore application, in order to then move it to the gadget’s memory.

How to avoid permanent loss of SMS on Android

Of course, the process itself, how to recover deleted SMS on Android, is quite simple and does not take much time. However, it is worth taking precautionary measures. In this case, you do not need to look for new software, install it, figure out how it works.

There are several ways to protect against unexpected SMS deletion. First of all, you just need to remain vigilant and check the message context before deleting.

The second option is to make mandatory backups from time to time, so that in case of loss, there was a possibility of recovery. After that, the loss of information is not so terrible and fatal. Even if important correspondence is deleted, just enter the program and click on “Restore”.

SMS BackUp

You don’t need a PC to work with this application either. One smartphone is enough, in which the restoration will take place.

Attention! This software is relevant only if there are saved copies.

  • search for required files;
  • making copies;
  • recovery of messages that were deleted on purpose or through negligence;
  • deletion of information archives.

Now, when you delete important correspondence, just click on the programs and on “Restore”. Fast and functional.

Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery

Another worthy app is Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery. After the utility is launched, you need to connect the phone to the PC via a cable. It is definitely worth testing the software in order to understand exactly whether it sees the connected device.

If the program recognizes the phone, enable “USB debugging” in the system settings. This is followed by the algorithm:

  • In the open program window, click on “Next”.
  • Select the type of information to be recovered.
  • Select the mode. There are regular (standard) and advanced.
  • The scanning process begins. You should immediately prepare for its duration.

Upon completion, a list of active and deleted information will be provided. Erased messages are easy to spot: they are highlighted in red.

All that remains is to select the options you need and then click on “Recover”. The recovery process will begin in TXT format.

For your information! The recovery format is convenient because you can safely open the file without installing additional software.

There are enough standard programs. After data recovery, it is worth making a copy, in case of particular importance of the information. Better to save in the cloud storage.

Save to the cloud

The main functions of Google do not include saving messages to the user’s account. However, don’t worry, because you can always install SMS Backup software. This is a simple program in which the number of settings is reduced to a minimum, and extremely important and necessary functions are provided.

You can test the program by making one reservation, a trial one. If everything went well, then further copies will be perfectly stored. For ease of use, it is recommended to check the box next to “Autosave”. Now all important information will be stored under reliable protection from deletion.

Cloud service is very convenient for storage

How to recover SMS on Android after deleting. current methods

Deleting SMS messages on a smartphone can happen completely by accident. What if messages are needed? Is it possible to return? The article discusses in detail how to recover SMS on Android after deleting, how to view deleted messages on Android phone, etc.

How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on Android Phone?

At first we wanted to tell you about SMS recovery using both a mobile application and a desktop one, but then we changed our mind and decided to tell you about recovering a message from a smartphone, without a computer. Why? The fact is that restoring SMS messages, even if you have not made a backup, requires ROOT rights, which you must set anyway. This applies to both mobile and desktop applications. The difference is that desktop applications can independently set ROOT rights (and even then not always), but they require a connection to a computer or laptop. Therefore, we will tell you about SMS recovery using one popular application for smartphones and tablets. In this case, you will not need the help of a computer. We remind you once again that you will definitely need ROOT rights for the procedure. If they are missing, take care of their installation. you can always find information about this on the forum. Just remember that ROOT rights remove devices from the warranty and if something goes wrong, you will not be able to exchange or repair it for free. So let’s go.

Go to the Play Market and search for GT SMS Recovery.

We select the first application, which is called that, install it.

Basically, you can use any other SMS recovery app, it doesn’t change the essence.

After installation, launch the application. Click on the “Start Scanning” button.

The system, of course, will require the granting of ROOT rights. We provide access.

We are waiting for the application to find all messages. Or stop it when the desired message is found.

Now select the SMS messages to recover by ticking them and click “Recover SMS”.

Messages recovered as reported by the app.

We go into messages and see that they are in place.

There is, however, one unusual moment. in our case, the messages were recovered out of order, but after closing the SMS application and opening it again, they “got up” in the correct order.

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Recover deleted messages from backup

Another way to find the same files. use explorer for android app. I recommend using ES Explorer which is the best. Download the app on google play and you should be able to find the fb_temp file in the same directory as above.

What to do if you want to recover Android photos ?

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android

How can I recover a deleted Messenger conversation? I accidentally deleted it on my android phone. Please help! I appreciate any advice.

Messenger. it is one of the most widely used messaging apps that Android users use to stay in touch with friends, family and even business partners. Then the problem arises: you can delete important messages by mistake, which can lead to large losses.

Want to recover messages from your Android phone?

Don’t worry, in fact, it’s easy to get deleted messages back. since the application has a unique feature called internet turned off.

When you delete messages in Messenger, the same messages are copied to your phone’s memory. This means the deleted messages still exist on your Android phone and you just need to put in some effort to get them back.

Recover Deleted Photos from FoneLab

If you want to recover deleted or lost photos. you can use messenger recovery tool. FoneLab Android Data Recovery, to scan data from your Android device. With it, you can view your lost photos on PC or Mac and recover them selectively. Here are the steps you can follow.

With FoneLab for Android, you will recover lost / deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, call log and other data from your SD card or device.

  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Data preview before recovery.
  • Android phone data and SD card available.

Step 1 Download and install FoneLab Android data recovery software to your computer using the corresponding link. It will start automatically upon completion. Make sure your Android mobile phone has more than 20% battery remaining, then connect it to your computer. select Android Data Recovery on the interface.

Step 2 You must enable USB debugging on your device in advance so that the program can detect it. If you don’t know how to enable USB debugging mode, you can follow the program’s on-screen instructions. It only takes a few taps to open it. After that click OK on your computer.

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Step 3 The program can extract various types of data from Android device. You can freely select any files by simply ticking the checkbox in front of the content and clicking the Next button. To restore images. select Gallery and Image Library scan.

Step 4 Allow the program to scan your Android phone. The program must be authorized to scan data from your phone. So click Allow / Grant / Authorize when it asks you. If no messages appear, click Retry on the interface to try again.

Step 5 You can now view the scan results. Click Gallery & Image Library on the left sidebar to view details. Select the files you want to get back and click the Recover button to save them to your computer.

The software supports recovery from almost all Android models such as Samsung, HTC, One Plus, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Google, ZTE and so on. so that you can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy a.

With FoneLab for Android, you will recover lost / deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, call log and other data from your SD card or device.

There are two ways to backup data and SMS

  • Local backup. done using special applications that save all data to a memory card. This copy can later be used to recover lost data. For example, you can restore SMS using dedicated apps like Titanium Backup or SMS Backup.
  • Cloud backup. Most manufacturers have added cloud sync functionality to their smartphones. The cloud stores all important data like contacts, messages, app data, etc. Access to the cloud is possible both from the device itself and from a computer.
  • Click on the Next button in the program.
  • Choose what you want to recover.
  • Select a mode: advanced or standard.
  • Run a scan, it may take a long time.
  • Wait while the program finds all deleted SMS.
  • A list of all SMS will appear in the program, deleted SMS will be highlighted in red.

Now you have to select the SMS that you want to recover and click on the Recover button. The recovered SMS will be saved in a text file on your computer. This is very convenient, since this document can be opened with any text editor. If you need, you can transfer SMS to your phone.

If you value your data, then I recommend making a backup to the cloud storage. On Android smartphones, it is convenient to do this using Google Drive, you will have access to it from all devices, including from a computer.

Today we have learned how to recover deleted SMS on Android phones. This procedure is simple and does not take much time, and most of the applications listed above do an excellent job with this task. If this article helped you, be sure to share it with your friends. Ask your questions and write your tips for SMS recovery in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on Android Phone. 5 ways!

Anything happens and there is a desperate need to recover deleted SMS. Many people believe that they are permanently deleted and cannot be restored. But it turns out there are cases when you can recover deleted SMS. over, there are even several ways to recover.

Below you will find the answer to the question when you can recover SMS, and how to recover deleted SMS.

How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on Android Phone

SMS messages stored on the phone are often as valuable to the user as personal correspondence. They may contain bank account numbers, history of deposits and other financial transactions, important notifications from telecom operators, and the like. Alas, it often happens that users thoughtlessly or by mistake delete the necessary text messages and only then realize what they have done.

It also happens that SMS are deleted due to some kind of failure, damage to software and hardware components, or a hard reset of the device. What to do in such cases, is it possible to restore SMS on the phone after deleting it, and if so, how? In most cases, recovering deleted text messages is a feasible task, but you need to act quickly and carefully, otherwise there is a risk of losing them completely.

The memory of the phone and the SIM-card has a lot in common with the memory of a flash drive. the data written into it is not immediately destroyed, and, therefore, can be restored. But the ability to restore SMS on the phone appears only if an important condition is met. no other data should be written to the device, otherwise the deleted, but still available information will be completely overwritten. This article will show you how to recover deleted messages on Android phone, and some of the methods below are quite versatile.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on Android in Easy Way?

Android is a popular operating system that is installed on most mobile devices. You need to be able to work with such a smartphone. Some problems may arise when you need to format the device or restore some data. Bringing an idea to life can be tricky! Therefore, today we have to figure out how to recover deleted SMS on “Android”. Can this be done at all? What process features should each user remember? All these nuances will be discussed further.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on Android

If you constantly write and receive SMS messages, then a fairly large archive will be collected on your mobile device. Often this archive contains messages that are very valuable to the user. This can be useful information in the form of PIN codes for various resources and services, as well as the necessary contacts and other data. If SMS were deleted or lost accidentally, they can be returned to their place. There are two basic recovery options:

  • using an archive previously made by the user;
  • data recovery without the help of an archive.

Both the first and the second are quite interesting, so we will consider each of them. Also, we will tell you about the special software that will be required to recover previously lost text messages.

How to recover previously deleted messages

Is it possible to recover lost SMS on Android if there are no backups? Naturally, it is possible, but there is no guarantee that all data will be restored. This chance is especially reduced when new SMS arrives on the device. But you can try to recover lost messages. For this purpose, a product from the developer Hangzhou KuaiYi Technology Co., Ltd called GT SMS Recovery is suitable.

A distinctive feature of the program is its clear and simple interface. Therefore, any person can carry out this procedure without problems. After the application starts, it prompts you to scan the content and find out if there are SMS that have been deleted. The subscriber needs to accept the scan offer and confirm the transfer of root rights. Then it remains to wait. Therefore, other special programs work on the same principle, which are used to recover lost text messages.

Programs developed for the Android system need superuser rights to recover information. This is due to the fact that they are given direct access to what is in memory (internal) and operating system. It is important not to forget that the moment you get root-rights, you immediately lose the warranty period for the device.

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android is a so-called desktop application that provides a more interesting option. Thanks to it, the user can recover almost any lost data: contact list, messages, history of all calls and SMS history, documents, multimedia files and even files and message history from WhatsApp. There is nothing complicated in working with the application. We connect the cable to the device, confirm our consent to launch USB (debugging) and wait until the connection is established.

After that, we need to select what we plan to restore. In our case, these are previously deleted SMS. Next, the application will receive root-rights. They are subsequently deleted. By the way, in this case, according to the program developer, this action does not affect the warranty period. Thus, it is possible to test the action of the application on your own mobile device. After connecting to a smartphone, the program will itself designate root rights, their purpose, do everything necessary and restore deleted information.

Based on the above information, there is nothing difficult to restore to Android SMS. The only caveat is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you will need root rights. In the event that the smartphone’s warranty period has already expired, this fact does not matter. Various manipulations can be performed with the device.

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How to Recover SMS / Photos / Videos on Android after Reset

After resetting the android to factory settings, all data from the internal memory of the phone is deleted: messages, contacts, photos, videos, audio, applications. At the same time, the files stored on the memory card remain intact, since the reset does not affect the SD card. How can you recover data from the internal memory after a factory reset? The best measures to recover lost messages are proactive. Making a backup copy of your phone data in advance is one of the ways to avoid the problem of losing important information in the future. The developers offer various applications that meet this goal, for example, SMS Backup Restore, which does not require root access.

Download the SMS Backup Restore application from Google Play and install it on your Android. Run the app.

Select the first item “Make a backup”. Mark its preferred location: Google Drive, Dropbox or local location (you can choose a default folder or a specific folder).

Select the checkbox of the data types you want to copy: “Call logs” and / or “Text messages” (all conversations or selected dialogs). Click “Archive Now” to start creating a backup. At the end of the process, a message appears on the screen about the number of processed messages and / or calls.

After resetting the settings and deleting all personal data from the device’s memory, launch the SMS Backup Restore application and select the second item “Restore”.

Select the type of data you want to recover Call Logs and / or Text Messages. It can also be noted that it is necessary to restore the entire archive or part of it from a certain date.

Click “Recover” and wait for the data recovery process to complete. In the program, you can set the creation of a backup copy on a schedule, or you can control their creation manually.

ways to recover deleted data on phone

UltData for Android recovery software

Tenorshare UltData for Android is fast and easy to use. Distinctive features of this program are the following: the function of previewing lost or deleted files to select the required file recovery; work with both internal and external device memory; support for absolutely all mobile devices with the Android system; the ability to create a backup copy of data and synchronize data with a PC; a variety of recoverable file types: in addition to the message recovery function, which we will use, the utility also recovers photos, audio, video, call history, contacts, office documents. The program has a free trial version that you can install on your Android and try out its functionality, after which you can purchase a paid version of the program with advanced features.

Download the program from the official site and install it on your PC. Connect your Android to your computer with a USB cable.

Run the UltData for Android program on your computer. If the computer or UltData for Android program cannot recognize your device, you will need to enable USB debugging on your phone.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android? [3 Ways]

After detecting your device, a request for root access will appear on the screen. Click “Allow” to continue working with the application. Click Next.

After the scanning process is completed, the application screen will display all existing files, including deleted ones (highlighted in red). You can also select the “Show only deleted files” option. At this stage, you can preview the files to determine if they need to be restored.

Check the files you want to recover and click “Recover”. Save these files in the desired folder on your computer. Recovered messages (as well as contacts, call histories) can be saved in txt, xml, xls formats

How to Recover Deleted Photo Messages and Other Data in Phone

Messages can be unintentionally deleted from android after phone factory reset. In addition, the owner of the smartphone can independently delete the correspondence, and then remember that the messages contained any important information for him. It is best, of course, to back up important messages to a PC or the phone’s SD card in advance, so that in such a situation you can easily restore data from the phone’s memory card or from a computer. However, if no such copies have been created, when deleting, messages do not disappear from the android physically, but are only marked as an accessible place for overwriting information. Therefore, if you act immediately after the disappearance of important SMS, they can be painlessly restored.

How to recover data on Android

When deleting data stored both in the internal and external memory of the device, information that is significant for the owner of the android may be lost. To recover data on Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Nokia, HTC, LG or any other smartphone with Android operating system, you can use special data recovery utilities developed for Android users. Programs can be paid or free, depending on the developer and the capabilities provided; paid applications have free trials; similar utilities for android can be found on the official developer sites or on Google Play.

To ensure the safety of information contained in SMS-correspondence on your Android, it is necessary to periodically save received and sent messages on other media. This can be helped by special applications for creating backup copies of SMS messages in the device memory or cloud storage. In addition, you should be careful about the process of cleaning the data on the phone, additionally checking if there is any significant information in the files that are candidates for deletion. But even without these precautions, message recovery on your device is still possible. using special utilities designed to recover lost or deleted files on Android.

Download SMS Backup and Restore app and restore SMS on your phone

Nobody knows when a short message on the phone will be useful. But if you are one of those people whose phone has a lot of potentially useful or just memorable SMS correspondence, then be sure to take care of creating a backup copy of them. A backup will come in handy if your smartphone breaks down, gets lost, or you want to update an outdated gadget, saving information from the old one.

How to make a backup using SMS Backup Restore

There are many SMS backup apps in the Play Market. One of the most popular (among the free ones) is SMS Backup Restore from the developer SyncTech Pty ltd.

SMS Backup Restore. app to recover SMS messages on Android phone and create a backup.

  • ease of use, you can recover deleted SMS on your Android phone in 1-2 clicks
  • work on a schedule is possible, including recovery and backup
  • deleting old and unnecessary messages on the phone
  • export of data to the Internet in HTML format
  • lack of advertising
  • transfer of recovered files, messages to SD card
  • SMS Backup Restore is adapted to the tablet size

Install SMS Backup Restore on your device to go directly to backing up messages on your smartphone. Next, launch the application and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Click the big Backup button on the home screen.
  • Select the path to save the backup copy if you want to create it on a memory card or a USB flash drive connected via an adapter. Or just click Ok to accept the standard path to the folder with backups suggested by the program.
  • Check the box next to Text messages. Also check the Call logs item if you want to add the call history to the backup in addition to SMS.
  • Change the name of the archive file and / or enable saving emoji and special characters, if necessary.
  • On the next screen, you will be prompted to select only some correspondence for backup or to backup all messages without exception.
  • At the last step, it remains to decide. to make only a local copy on the device, send a copy to a cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox) or to email.

If you need to restore data from an archive created in SMS Backup Restore, you need to

  • Install the application,
  • Click on the Restore button,
  • Select backup file,
  • Wait for it to be unpacked into internal memory.
  • In the process, the system will offer to temporarily install SMS Backup Restore as the default messaging program, you need to agree.

If for some reason SMS Backup Restore doesn’t suit you, take a look at Titanium Backup. It is a universal tool for backing up any data from your smartphone “just in case”. To use it, root access to the file system is required.

SMS Backup Restore interface