How to recover iPad password

Password recovery via iTunes

Before unlocking iPad, if you forgot your password, you need to check if this device is synchronized with iTunes on your personal computer. After receiving a positive answer, the user needs to connect his iPad to the PC and re-sync. If the tablet and computer were not previously synchronized, then all information saved on the portable device will be deleted. In such an emergency, seek an iPad repair. experts will help you.

After connecting the gadget to the PC and logging into iTunes, you need to force restart the iPad. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Home button and the top button. To enter recovery mode, these buttons must be held down for a few seconds. ITunes will then send a message to the user that the iPad has a problem and needs to be restored or updated. To continue the procedure, click on the “Restore” button. It should be added that the recovery process takes 15 minutes. If this procedure is delayed for some reason, the user will have to repeat all the above steps.

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After the restoration is complete, the iPad owner will be able to customize their tablet and use it as usual.

If the device and the iTunes utility have been synchronized, the user can count on a complete recovery of his data. To do this, you need to use the recovery mode and another computer, which will save a backup copy of the information stored on the iPad.

After completing this process, you can proceed to the direct restoration of access to the device. To do this, in iTunes, you need to click on the “Restore iPad” button. Next, iOS will open the settings in which the user needs to select the “Restore from backup” item. When choosing a copy, you should pay attention to its size and date of formation. You should select exactly the file that was created a few minutes earlier.

Password recovery via iCloud

An alternative option is to restore access to the tablet through iCloud. In this case, the function “Find iPad” is used. It allows you to remotely reboot the tablet. This feature was originally developed in order to ensure that the user’s personal data cannot be obtained if the tablet is lost or stolen. But today it is also used for password recovery.

In order to start recovering your password, you need to turn on the My iPad application. To do this, open the website in any browser. Next, you need to click on the “Find my iPad” button. This will open a list of available gadgets. The user first needs to click on the “All devices” button, and then on the tablet icon. As a result of this action, a window with three buttons will open: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPad.

Before proceeding to the next step, the user should make sure once again that he is dealing with his iPad, and not with some other device. If so, you need to click on the Erase iPad button. The information clearing process will begin after the user confirms his final choice.

It is worth making one remark. For this recovery method to work, the gadget must be 100% charged. An internet connection is also required. Otherwise, this method of password recovery will be irrelevant.

How to unlock iPad if you forgot your password

IPads and other Apple technology have long been an integral part of the life of modern people. Given that the iPad is often used to store your most important personal data, it needs additional password protection. However, users often forget the password and cannot unlock their iPad. The way out of this situation is password recovery via iTunes or iCloud.

Other methods of solving the problem

There are other ways to regain access to iPad. For example, you can use special programs designed to unlock a disabled mobile device on iOS. The most famous program of this kind is Tenorshare 4uKey. It allows you to remove a forgotten password in one click. But there is a very important nuance. this software removes not only the password, but all information on the device. However, the user has the option to recover the deleted data. This option is available if he saved backups to iTunes or iCloud.

it is worth adding that on the numerous forums of Apple technology owners, you can find out about other ways to unlock the gadget. But it should be understood that in most cases all the methods indicated there are meaningless and ineffective. For example, some advise you to unlock your iPad by making an emergency call or by deleting the password file. In practice, such actions will neither unlock the device nor save important personal data. Therefore, the best option for restoring access is still iTunes and iCloud.

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Forgot iPad Password? 3 Ways to Unlock! (No Data Loss)

It is also worth noting that there is no password recovery problem for Apple technology. And this applies not only to users who have forgotten their password, but even to hackers who did not know it. IOS devices allow you to restore access even bypassing the security system. Therefore, the owners of this technique can be advised to use simple, unpretentious passwords that will not have to be remembered for hours, and in case of failure, spend time recovering them. Complex combinations of symbols will not bring the desired effect, but at the same time they will be forgotten very quickly.

If you have any problems that you are not able to solve, come to our service center.

How to remove password from iPad via iCloud

The easiest choice is to manage the access code. apply method using iCloud to reset iPad. Find My iPad allows us to remotely restart the iPad. This “ability” was originally used to ensure that anyone who finds or stole your Apple tablet was not allowed to obtain any of your personal information. Naturally, for such an action you need to turn on My iPad. If you don’t know how to enable this app, follow this step-by-step guide to find out your iPad is listed:

Enter the website in your web browser.

Click on Find My iPhone. When the list appears, click on “All Devices” at the top and click on the iPad tablet icon.

When your device is selected, a window will appear in the upper left corner. In this window, you will notice three buttons “Play Sound”, “Lost Mode” (which locks the iPad) and “Erase iPad”.

Make sure the device name is above these buttons. this is your iPad and no other device.

Click the Erase iPad button and follow the instructions. He will ask you to confirm your choice. After that, the process of complete data clearing will begin.

Your iPad must be 100% charged and connected to the Internet. Otherwise it won’t work.

Your Apple ID password protects the privacy of your personal information stored in iCloud, such as your email address. Your passcode also protects your ability to locate or remotely wipe your device with Find My iPhone. You should change your password regularly to better protect your information.

How to reset iPad password if you forgot. 3 ways

The latest technologies are unwittingly being introduced into everyday life. Therefore, we are used to taking care of the security of our devices by downloading many programs for protecting personal data or using already installed protection blocks (passwords, face recognition, fingerprint, etc.). The iPad is a versatile device that simplifies our lives, and information leaks are not welcome. If you are faced with the fact that you cannot unlock your device, we provide you with several options for how to restore iPad if you forgot your password.

Three ways to reset your iPad password if you forgot

How to Recover iPad Password via iTunes

In case of early synchronization of iPad with iTunes on the computer, for example, transferring music, video files, etc., you need to use your PC. However, if the sync is not done before the password is lost, all data on the iPad will be deleted.

And now, in fact, how to reset the password on the iPad:

Connect the device to your PC and enter iTunes.

Now make a forced restart of your device (simultaneously hold down the “Home” button and the side (or top) button). Then hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.

Select the “restore” function. If this procedure takes more than 15 minutes, you will need to repeat all these steps from the beginning.

After recovery, you can set up your device and use it as usual.

If the iPad you are using has synced with iTunes before, you can easily get all your data back, even if you decide to erase all passwords and information on your iPad. Here are simple steps on how to erase iPad if you forgot your password:

Connect your device to the computer where you used to sync.

Launch iTunes on your PC. When you are prompted for a password, connect your iPad to the other person’s computer where you also synchronized.

Next, you must use the recovery mode.

Wait while iTunes syncs with your device and backs up.

When iTunes finishes this short-lived process, select Restore Device from the panel.

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While the iPad recovery starts, iOS will open the setup window. Select “Recover from a copy”.

Now select your device in the PC utility. View the date it was created as well as the size of a specific backup. Find the required file.

How to unlock forgotten iPad password via Tenorshare 4ukey

Using Apple services is reliable because you follow the advice of Apple’s manufacturers. But such a system will not always provide you with such a desired and quick result. If you have already encountered the problem of unlocking your iPad, but did not like the lengthy process itself, we recommend that you download Tenorshare 4uKey, an equally safe option. This program is capable of deleting a forgotten password in one click, within a few minutes. But do not forget about the most important thing. all important information on the device will be destroyed after removing the password. Once you’ve been able to remove your iPad passcode, your next task is to set up your iPad in a new way, change your password, Touch ID, or Face ID. If you used iTunes or iCloud services and made copies there, you can easily restore all your personal data to iPad.

We provide you with a quick guide on how to reset the passcode on iPad:

Run the 4ukey program on your computer. Connect iPad to PC using USB cable and follow the instructions to put iPad into recovery mode.

When the program recognizes your device, press “Start” in order to delete erase passcode on iPad.

Then download the firmware package for the iOS program using the Internet.

When the firmware package is downloaded to your computer, click “Start Unlock” to resume the iPad, but without the passcode.

When iPad is working again, the old passcode will be lost. You can now start setting up your device.

Thus, panic should not overwhelm you when you lose your personal data. Online services give you the opportunity not only to increase the amount of memory on your devices, but also to create an online storage of all the information you need.

What to do if you forgot the password set on your iPhone, iPod or iPad

What if you set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad and forget it? Oddly enough, both new users and Apple fans with many years of experience face such situations. The first thing to do. it is necessary, as in the famous book, to stop worrying. All statements in blogs and forums where you went looking for a solution to the problem are most likely false.

There are several ways to unlock your device. They are roughly the same for different iOS versions. And the result depends only on how prudent you were earlier. Therefore, we advise you to turn on the backup function on your iPhone or iPad right now. It’s quite simple to do this: go to Settings. iCloud. Storage & Copies, and turn the Copy to iCloud slider active if you want to create a copy on the cloud. If you trust your computer more. create a backup on it by connecting to it via cable. Each method has pros and cons. Choosing to store data on the cloud, sooner or later you will be faced with the fact that you have run out of space, and you have to pay extra for additional space.

Having chosen synchronization with a computer, you need to update the copy all the time so as not to lose the latest updates. Detailed instructions on setting up synchronization can be found at this link.

But in life there are even more “terrible” cases. The other day my child decided to change the password on his iPad. Why does she do it. I don’t ask. Teenagers have the right to privacy, and the iPad often goes to school, where it can easily fall into the hands of an outsider. It so happened that by the evening the password was forgotten, and repeated attempts to “remember” led to the blocking of the device. The child’s iPad is not the latest model, with a small amount of memory and, most importantly, with the “old” and familiar to the user of the iOS 6 device, which the owner categorically does not want to update.

The Internet and forums suggest an obvious way to “reanimate” by syncing with iTunes on your computer. Official instructions on the Apple website. by this link.

Unfortunately, this particular iPad has never been connected to a computer in its life, and in this case, all data will be reset during synchronization, but most importantly (oh horror), the latest iOS 8.1 will be installed. Apple assures that all old devices will work perfectly on the eight, but since the owner does not want to. looking for an option to recover without updating the operating system.

And we find. This method is very simple. We take another Apple device that lives on the same ID, launch the Find iPhone program, find the locked iPad and activate the Erase iPad function. The system will warn you that all data on the device will be permanently deleted. But this is not the case. After the “wash”, turn on the iPad, activate it under the same Apple ID and select it. restore from backup. In our case, the backup was created a few hours ago and almost nothing was lost from the data. Everyone is happy.

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If you don’t have a second device with the same ID, this is not a problem. You need any iPad, iPhone with the “Find iPhone” program installed. start the program, enter your ID and “erase” the locked device. Or any computer from which you need to go to under your account, launch the Find iPhone program, and find the device you need. erase it. Then turn on the device and restore, as described above. The same action can and most often needs to be done with a device that has been stolen or it is irretrievably lost and is “located” by the program in another city or even country. Don’t leave your selfies and photos with cats to scoundrels.

Please note that with a peaceful “reset” the device will “forget” most of the passwords, including those from your home or office Wi-Fi and cellular settings, if you have them manually registered. But passwords from programs, sites and social networks will be partially restored.

What to do if you forgot your own iPad or iPhone password?

When you just recently purchased a branded iPad or iPhone, and the new password for unlocking it is not yet firmly entrenched in your memory, there is a very high level of probability that at one point you will not be able to unlock your gadget. The password is forgotten, and the usual function of unlocking the screen with a fingerprint on the Home button is not here. what to do in this situation?

The first thing to remember is not to panic and despair. This is not the worst thing that can happen with a new technique, and besides, only in peace of mind can you find the best way out.

There are two simplest and easiest ways to unlock branded iPads or iPhones. But, before describing them, it is important to remind all users of how important it is to make backups in iTunes of all documents and information that you have already managed to add to your mobile device. After all, Apple support always warns that if it is necessary to reset the old password when unlocking the gadget, all information from its hard drive will be forever and irrevocably lost.

over, when the gadget is connected to a computer with iTunes to recover information, it will be automatically unlocked and the old password reset. So creating an iTunes account has a double meaning.

If you did not manage to create such an account, then you will have to accept the loss of all data, because without this you will not be able to unlock the iPad or iPhone from Apple.

The first way to unlock your device is to connect it to your computer with iTunes, download and install the software (this will take a while, so be patient). In the case when the program asks to enter the old password, the device must be connected to another computer. After the data has been copied, you need to click the button in the iTunes window that appears, which will give the command “restore iPad” (iPhone).

If you have already managed to register in iCloud and turn on the “geolocation” and “iPhone search” options on your device, then to unlock it, you just need to be in the wi-fi zone, go to another device (even on the one where Android works. a mobile phone) go to, log in through, click on the “all devices” button, select your own from the list that appears, and clear it with the password reset function (that is, click on the “erase” button). Already on a clean and unlocked device, you can restore all data from a backup to iCloud.

The second method of unlocking branded gadgets concerns those who do not have accounts in the above programs, and it is called “Return to original state”.

You need to connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer with iTunes. First, hold on the device two keys “Home” and “Power”, and after turning off the screen. hold only “Home”. After re-enabling the screen, the corporate splash screen, the iTunes icon will turn on, which will mean the activation of the recovery mode.

When the system asks for your permission to restore and update the device, you need to give it by clicking on the “yes” button.

(2020) Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!

And after the process is complete, you can start setting up the “new” device.