How to recover ID on iPhone

Effective Ways to Recover iPhone Call History

“How can I see the call history from a month ago? Is there an easy way to get back some deleted call logs? “

“How do I check the call history on my iPhone? I want to recover my iPhone call history, do you need help? “

There are many similar questions asked online about iPhone call history.Some people wonder why these call logs are important and how to recover deleted call history.

To be honest, iPhone call logs contain some important data about your incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls and other detailed information. Even if you delete previous iPhone call logs, they still have a chance to be restored on your iPhone.

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If you have the same requirement to recover iPhone call history, take a look at this post. An excellent iPhone data recovery is recommended here, which offers you 3 data recovery modes.

How to Recover iPhone Call History without Backup

It is a shortcut to get back deleted iPhone call history without backup files from iTunes or iCloud. You can view your entire phone call history with iPhone data recovery software on Windows desktop or Mac. It’s just a piece of cake to find and extract call logs on iPhone.

  • Recover lost / deleted data from iOS devices without backing up directly.
  • Retrieve Data from iTunes Backup Without Erasing Data.
  • Download and Recover 19 Data from iCloud Backup Files.
  • Preview Lost iOS Data Before Recovery.
  • Fully supported by iOS 10.3, iOS 11 and any other iOS devices.

Download for WinDownload for Mac

Note: iPhone 4 / 3GS, iPod touch 4 and iPad 1 are supported for recovering 10 types of text content and 10 types of media content. However, iPhone 7/7 Plus / SE / 6s / 6s Plus / 5s / 5 / 4S, new iPad, iPod 2/4 and other iOS devices are only capable of recovering 9 text content and 4 media content. But don’t worry, call history recovery is supported to run on all iOS devices.

Step aerobics one. Scan your iPhone.

Launch iPhone Data Recovery and use one USB cable to connect iPhone to computer. Click the Start Scan button in the lower right corner. Wait a few minutes to carefully analyze your iPhone.

Step aerobics 2. Selectively Recover iPhone Call Logs from iOS Devices.

Tap Call History in the Messages & Contacts menu. All call history will be displayed in detail, deleted call logs will be marked in red and the rest. green. If you are having trouble finding your deleted call logs quickly, enable the Show deleted items only option at the top to view only deleted call logs. Preview before iOS data recovery and then click “Recover” if everything was done. Don’t forget to include the output folder.

In fact, it is very important to learn how to backup iPhone to laptop with and without iTunes.

How to Recover iPhone Call History from iTunes Backup

If your iPhone can’t connect to computer or retaliate, and you just have iOS data backup regularly, then you can restore iPhone call history from iTunes backup. Make sure your computer has synced iTunes files before, otherwise you won’t be able to access your iTunes backup.

Step aerobics one. Select iTunes backup.

Launch iPhone data recovery program and click “Recover from iTunes backup file” mode. All iTunes backup files will be displayed in the row according to the latest backup date. Tap the latest iTunes backup and click “Start Scan” below to discover all data.

Step aerobics 2. Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone Selectively.

Click “Call Log” on the left panel, and then you can access all call logs. Select Show Deleted Items Only to retrieve deleted call logs with phone numbers indicated in red. Check the items you want to restore together and click the “Restore” button. Set the folder to save the recovered iPhone call history to your desktop, and your deleted call history will be output in HTML format.

How to Recover iPhone Call History from iCloud Backup

Using iPhone data recovery software will be the best choice to recover iPhone call history from iCloud backup.

Step aerobics one. Download iCloud backup.


Launch iPhone Data Recovery and enter “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode. Do not connect iPhone to computer to prevent updating or changing previous iCloud backup files. Sign in with your Apple ID and password, then select one iCloud backup and also click the Download button. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to restore a specific file type, select “Call Log” and “Next” to continue.

Step aerobics 2. Recover Deleted Call History from iCloud on iPhone.

Turn on the Show Deleted Items Only button at the top to display deleted iPhone call logs in red. Check and check your iPhone call history in the preview window on the right pane. Click the “Recover” button after all deleted call history has been selected. Install the older one to keep the recovered iPhone call logs on the computer. Now you can display iPhone call history with iCloud backup files again. It also allows you to recover text messages on iPhone easily.

From the above description of iPhone call history recovery, it is obvious that iPhone Data Recovery offers users easy-to-use operations. You need to train and equip professional skills to recover iPhone call history. What’s more, it has eliminated the negative impact of iOS Data Recovery from iTunes and expanded the reach of iPhone Call Log Recovery from iCloud. With all supported iOS devices and a wide selection of file types to recover, iPhone Data Recovery is your first aid to recover deleted / lost data from iOS device.

Step 2

We are looking for a link that says “Reset Password” and click on it.

Step 1

Go to the Apple ID management page.

Recovering via email

This method assumes that you have full access to the mail that you specified when creating your Apple ID account. In this case, the procedure takes a few minutes.

Step 5

If everything went well, then you will be given an exclusive opportunity to come up with a new combination.

In many cases, along with the password, the answers to the very questions are forgotten even easier, in this case, there is no other way out but to contact technical support by phone or by a link from the official Apple website.

Step 3

There will be an item “Authentication”, choosing which, you will need to specify the email address associated with your Apple ID.

Step 2

We are looking for a link that says “Reset Password” and click on it.

Return erased data via iTunes

The iPhone backup made with iTunes will be stored on the computer. To create it you need:

  • Connect the gadget to a PC with a Mac or Windows system installed via a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes Utility.
  • After your device is identified, in the “Overview” tab, click “Create a copy”. Here you can specify where the backup will be stored. on a personal computer or on a virtual disk.
  • After creating a restore point, it should appear in the “Devices” tab. If it is not there, then you made a mistake somewhere.

Now, after deleting important data from your phone, you can restore it using a previously created copy. For this you need:

  • Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.
  • In the “Browse” tab, select “Recover from a copy”.
  • If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, turn it off. To do this, go to “Settings”. “iCloud” and drag the corresponding slider.
  • Specify the backup you want to use (if there are several) and click “Restore”.

After everything is done, the phone will reboot and the “Settings Assistant” will start, with which you will need to manually configure some parameters of the smartphone.

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When restoring an iPhone from a backup, you should be aware that all data written to the device after creating a backup will be deleted. Therefore, if necessary, you need to store them in a safe place.

Data Recovery on iPhone

The ability to recover user and system data on the iPhone (iPad) is provided by the developers of the iOS OS. So, if you accidentally delete important information from the gadget or lose it as a result of a system failure, you can start the resuscitation procedure by returning all the files to their places. In this case, you can use both applications built into the system and additional software.

Information recovery via iCloud

In this case, the creation of a backup copy of the OS with all data is performed directly through the phone. The only thing you need is a stable (preferably high-speed) internet connection via a Wi-fi hotspot. This is due to the fact that the backup will be stored on the iCloud cloud service, and not on the PC hard drive.

To record the rollback point, you must activate the system backup procedure. To do this, go to “Backup” (“Storage and copies” for iPhone on iOS 7 and below), located in the iCloud tab, and drag the corresponding slider. After that, click on “Create a copy”.

After completing these steps, backups will be created automatically on a daily basis. Therefore, if you notice the loss of data a few days after deletion, you will not be able to restore it, because the backup will be overwritten in iCloud without the required files.

To return erased information, you will need:

  • Reset iPhone to factory settings. Only in this case will you be able to start recovery in this way. To do this, go to the “General”. “Reset” section in the settings menu and click “Erase iPhone”. System rollback will delete all data saved on the phone.
  • After the initial settings (choosing a language, creating a Wi-fi connection, etc.), a window will appear on the screen of the gadget with a choice of further actions. You need to click “Recover from iCloud”, thereby starting the resuscitation procedure.
  • Activate your Apple ID account by entering your password.
  • Agree to the terms of use, create a sign-in password (if necessary), and reconfigure all Apple services.

After that, all applications previously installed on the phone and deleted data will be restored.

Ways to Recover Data on iPhone

There are several ways to recover accidentally erased data on iPhone:

The first two methods are relevant only if the user has system backups (backups). over, if the information was backed up through iTunes, then the restoration must be performed through this program. The exact same situation is with iCloud.

Data recovery using additional software

Standard resuscitation tools help out in many situations, but in the absence of an iPhone backup, they are completely useless. In this case, additional software comes to the rescue, for the normal operation of which a previously created backup is not required.

Such programs do not roll back the system to an earlier state. Their work is based on scanning the storage medium and searching for “fingerprints” of deleted files. If such traces are found, the data will be restored.

The most effective means to recover lost information are:

  • Undelete Plus;
  • Dr.Fone;
  • Mobisaver.

All resuscitators work on a similar principle, so as an example, consider how to recover accidentally erased data on an iPhone using the free Undelete Plus utility.

This application allows you to recover any type of files (music, video, text, images, etc.). To return deleted data, you must:

Recover Deleted Files via iTunes

iTunes is a software product designed specifically for Apple devices. It can be used to download new content to the iPhone (iPad) (including buying licensed software), remotely control the phone, create restore points and roll back the system to the created backup or up to the factory settings.

Forgot Apple id Password? How to recover Apple id password ?

To recover files deleted on iPhone via iTunes, you need to have a previously created copy of the OS on your PC. Backups using this application are not created automatically, they must be done manually.

  • Connect the gadget to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • After your device is detected, click “Create a copy”. When the backup is completed, in the “Latest copies” section you will see the corresponding inscription.

Now, by accidentally deleting personal files from your phone, you can return them without any problems using a previously created backup:

  • Connect iPhone to PC and open iTunes.
  • In the “Browse” window, click “Restore from a copy”.
  • After selecting the necessary backup point from the list (if there are several of them), we start resuscitation.

After the end of this process, the deleted files will return to their place. However, all information recorded on the phone after creating a backup will be erased.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files on iPhone

The most effective tools for reanimating accidentally erased data on iPhone are:

Recover Deleted Files on iPhone

Users of modern smartphones are often faced with the accidental deletion of important data from their gadgets. This can happen either through the fault of the owner himself, or as a result of a software failure or exposure to viruses. And the iPhone in this regard is no exception, since the same trouble can happen to it. Fortunately, you can recover deleted files in most cases. For this, there are both built-in and third-party tools.

Using cloud storage

ICloud cloud storage allows you to create iPhone backups with all user files automatically. You just need to activate this function. To do this, you need to enter the device settings and enable the corresponding item in the “Storage and copies” tab.

Now, having access to a Wi-fi network, backups will be created at regular intervals. The volume of the cloud disk is 5 GB. To increase the space, you will need to pay 60 rubles monthly for 50 gigabytes. However, this space should be enough for periodic reservations.

To recover deleted files through a saved copy in iCloud, you need:

  • Download cloud storage via iPhone and log into your account by entering Apple ID and password.
  • In the initial window, select “Settings”.
  • At the very bottom left, click “Additional”.
  • The “Recover files” tab will contain all data deleted within 30 days. You just need to mark the required files and click “Finish”. In the same window, if necessary, you can return contacts to the phone book, as well as notes and reminders to the calendar.

Using third-party software

Today there are many third-party utilities that allow you to recover files deleted from iPhone. They all work on a similar principle. Therefore, having dealt with one program, you can easily cope with the rest. As an example, consider reanimating erased information through Coolmuster Data Recovery. It is specially designed for the iOS operating system, so it is highly efficient when working with an iPhone.

If two-factor authentication is not enabled

Go to the address. and enter your Apple ID in the special field. If you don’t remember it, then click on the corresponding link.

Next, choose a recovery method from two options:

1) Receive an email with instructions on what to do. 2) Answer security questions that will help you quickly regain access. In this case, the main thing is to remember the answers.

Choose one of these options and just follow the instructions or answer the questions that will be given to you. Nothing complicated here.

Important! If you have enabled two-factor authentication on your smartphone, then consider the following methods.

Via a friend’s iPhone

Ask a friend or acquaintance to install the Apple Support app from the App Store. On the main page in the “Other products” block, go to the “Apple ID” section and then click on the button that you forgot it.

On the new page, click on the “Start” button and indicate that you will not be recovering your Apple ID.

Enter your Apple ID and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Interesting! If the iOS version is lower than 13, then you can use the Find iPhone application for recovery. There you need to delete the current ID and click on the button that you forgot it. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

If there is no access to the iPhone. only by Email

Reach point 3 of chapter 4. But this time, click on the link “Didn’t receive the verification code?” and further on “Other options”.

Follow the instructions, enter the code you received by Email and wait for the letter. If they ask additional questions, answer. This recovery usually takes a couple of days.

If it doesn’t work out in any way

In this case, all that remains is to contact Support and explain the situation in as much detail as possible. It is better to call from your number linked to your Apple ID. Proof that the device is indeed yours may be required, usually a receipt and a box.

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You can write or call them through the Apple Support app. Or by contacts from the page. or

From the iPhone or iPad itself

Open your smartphone settings and click on your name to open your Apple ID. Next, go to the “Password and Security” section.

Here click on the “Change Password” button. Enter your current PIN, and on the next page you will have a new password for your Apple ID.

If you have access to an iPhone

Just like in the method above, follow the link to restore access and enter your Apple ID.

The iPhone will display a message that you can reset your Apple ID password using it. Click on the “Allow” button and enter your smartphone PIN on the next screen.

After that, a page will open where you just need to enter a new password and that’s it. This completes the reset.

Important! If you additionally protected your account with a recovery key, you will need to enter it as well. The main thing is to remember it in general, when it is created it is said that it must be written down somewhere or just printed.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password. Practical Tips

The user of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Macs may sometimes face the following problem. he forgot his Apple ID password, and there are no recovery options.

This is due to Apple’s special security policy, which requires you to come up with a complex account access code. consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and other symbols.

Forgetting it is quite simple, which leads to the need for an immediate solution to the problem.

If the situation is even more problematic, the user has forgotten the Apple ID login and password, and now he cannot even find out the account number. The issue for a mobile device is solved simply. by going to the settings of iCloud, App Store or iTunes.

There you can see the email address you entered when registering your Apple ID. Now that the e-mail (which is also the account identifier) ​​is known, you can proceed to one of the ways to recover your password.

Apple has provided three options for users how to regain control of their “account”.

What to do in order not to forget your password?

Trying to remember a new passcode on your iPhone 4s, 5s, or 6s Plus so that you don’t forget it just like the lost one will become easier if you use the following technique:

  • A simple word is selected first (e.g. Mac)
  • A more or less complex combination is created using the word “Mac”. for example, MAC2olya or OLYA2mac.
  • First, it is difficult enough to match;
  • Secondly, it is easy to enter from the keyboard on the iPhone;
  • Thirdly, it fully complies with Apple safety requirements (upper and lower case letters, numbers).

How to recover Apple ID and password via mail

Registration of the iPhone in the system is always carried out with the binding of the device to the e-mail box. The next way to recover your Apple ID password will help you do it quickly and easily if you have access to your e-mail. You just need to fill out a letter with a request for a password. The procedure consists of several steps:

  • Go to the account management page, tap the “Reset password” link. It is located at the top of the screen.
  • Check the box next to the “Email authentication” line. Click “Next”, enter the email address previously specified during registration.
  • You should receive a message containing instructions on how to recover your ID and replace the password.

Consequences of not having a password

So, you have a gadget from Apple at your disposal. but you forgot your password. And now managing your account is problematic.

However, you will not be able to complete a purchase or free download:

  • Apps and games in the App Store (for iPad or iPhone) and in the Mac App Store (for desktops);
  • Movies and music in Apple Music or iTunes Store;
  • Literature in the iBook Store.

In addition, there is no longer access to your iCloud cloud storage, the password for which matches the Apple ID code. It’s also impossible to remove Activation Lock on an iPhone or iPad.

How to reset Apple ID by answering security questions

In the absence of access to the e-mail, the lost personal data for logging into the company’s services can be restored by another method. to answer correctly the security questions. To do this on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the account management, in the right corner, click “Reset password”.
  • This time put a tick in front of “Answer security questions”. Click the “Next” button.
  • The system will ask you to write your ID, enter your date of birth, give answers to questions. All of them were formed during account registration.
  • You should know the answers, if everything is entered correctly, it will be possible to set a new password for the account.

Sometimes users are so worried about data security that they pose questions that they themselves cannot then answer. Even if you do not remember just one of the correct options, you will have to solve the problem with the help of the company’s customer support. The appeal can be made from the corresponding page, for example, in the appstore service. Reopen the answers to the questions, but indicate that you don’t remember some of them. To confirm the request, you must fill out the form. Then it remains only to wait for the response of the support service.

Double check option

The method is intended for people who have set the maximum security level with a check in 2 stages. And, if, for example, the owner of the iPhone has forgotten the password, now she will need to remember about the recovery key, which should have been written down or printed in advance.

The check start page is already different. But you still have to enter the Apple ID.

After entering the code, an SMS with a four-digit number should come to the phone indicated in the account. It should be entered in the appropriate field on the screen.

2-Step Identity Verification

The final stage of recovery is to activate a new password. It is entered twice, and the main requirement is the difference from all passwords used during the previous year.

Control questions

Recovering your password by answering questions is no more difficult than doing it via email. In order to delete the old password, you need to go to the same address ( and select “Reset password”.

Now you enter the identifier, click “Next” and go to the answers to the questions.

Password recovery for security questions

Now the user is required to enter the date of birth (which he had to provide before activating the Apple ID) and respond correctly. A new password is entered. and, if it is not lost again, the problem is resolved.

How to recover forgotten password and login Apple ID (on iPhone iPad via mail)

From time to time, anyone can forget the password for their account. now there are many social networks, bank cards and other resources that need user identification to meet the security requirements of the owner.

When you do not remember the password for your Apple account, then first load the page!page=signin.

Just below the authorization parameters, there is a link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.

In this case, the Apple ID is known, so it is enough to fill in the characters from the Captcha window and click on the “Continue” button. At the next step, you will need to choose a method to recover your password.

The answer to the secret questions is suitable when you remember both the questions and the answers to them.

In a situation where you remember the email address specified in the settings, and you have access to it at the moment, then a good option would be to select “Receive a message by email”.

Two-factor verification works only with the devices specified in the settings. Mac, iPad and iPhone. When choosing this method of password recovery, “Forgot your password?” Is pressed on the screen of the mobile device. and further instructions follow. the scheme works for versions newer than 10.

On the website, when resetting your password, you need to specify a trusted device to which a message with a special confirmation code will be sent. After that, you can set a new password.

Without this key and in the absence of a trusted device, you cannot change the password in this way.

Recover Forgotten Apple ID Password via iPhone.

If you previously downloaded applications through the App Store, set up iCloud and now forgot your login password, then follow these steps:

Go to “Settings” “iCloud” on iPhone or iPad. Select “iTunes Store and App Store” and click on your account login.

In the pop-up window, click “iForgot” and enter the code to unlock your smartphone or tablet. You can then reset your Apple ID and create a new code to sign in. Remember to write it down or remember it for future reference.

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Apple ID recovery in case of configured two-factor authentication.

If you do not have access to the smartphone on which you previously used your Apple ID, then the situation becomes a little more complicated. To recover the forgotten code in this case, follow the tips below:

Go to the website Click on the “Forgot Apple ID” and enter the login from your account.

Click the “Continue” button. If two-factor authentication was enabled, the site will ask for a phone number, after which a notification will be sent to your smartphone. Open it and you will automatically be taken to the account code reset page. Think of a new login code and remember it for future reference.

Reset Apple ID password via browser.

What if you forgot your code and didn’t set up two-factor authentication? In this case:

Go to the page Also click on the button “Forgot Apple ID or password” and enter the login from your account. After that, the service will already offer “Reset password” or “Answer security questions”.

In the first option, you will be asked to restore the code to enter via email or answer security questions (if you have access to mail, which is a login, then select the first item). In this case, you will receive a link to reset the code by email. Follow it and enter a new one.

If you do not have access to mail, then use the second option “Answer security questions” (when creating your account, you were asked questions, when answering which you can enter your account).

Initially, the system will ask for your date of birth and it will be very good if you provided real data when registering. Then, answer the questions and if you entered the correct answers, then the system will give you the opportunity to reset the password to enter and create a new one. After you have restored the login to your account, do not forget to enable two-factor authentication, and you can also change the date of birth, mail for in order to recover the login code much faster if something happens and secure your account.

Apple ID recovery via website

Follow this link to the password recovery URL. First, you need to enter your Apple ID email address, specify the characters from the picture below, and then you can click on the “Continue” button.

In the next window, “I want to reset my password” is checked by default. Leave it, and then select the “Continue” button.

You will have two options to reset your Apple ID password: using your email address and security questions. In the first case, a letter will be sent to your email address, which you need to open and follow the attached link that resets the password. In the second, you will need to answer two security questions that you specified when registering an account. In our example, we will mark the second item and move on.

At the request of the system, you will need to indicate the date of birth.

The system will display two security questions at its discretion. Both will require correct answers.

If your membership in the account is confirmed by one of the methods, you will be prompted to enter a new password twice, which must take into account the following requirements: The password must be at least 8 characters long; You must use uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols; You should not specify passwords already used on other sites; The password should not be easy to guess, for example, consist of your name and date of birth.

Password recovery via Apple device If your Apple device is logged in to the Apple ID, but you do not remember the password from it, to, for example, download the application to the gadget, you can open the password recovery window as follows:

Launch the App Store app. In the “Selection” tab, go down to the very bottom of the page and click on the item “Apple ID: [your_e-mail_address]”.

An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which you need to click on the “iForgot” button.

Safari will launch and redirect to the password recovery page. The principle of password reset is the exact same as described in the first method.

You can also go to the recovery page through the iTunes program installed on your computer.

Launch iTunes. In the program header, click on the “Account” tab. If you are signed in to your account, you will need to sign out by clicking on the appropriate button.

Click on the “Account” tab again and this time select “Login”.

An authorization window will appear on the screen, in which you will need to click on the “Forgot Apple ID or Password?”.

The screen will launch your default browser and redirect to the password recovery page. The following procedure is described in the first method.

As you can see, resetting a forgotten password is not always easy and quick. In order to prevent such situations from recurring, try to memorize or write down the access codes in a notebook or diary. This will help you in the future not spend a lot of time restoring your account and not losing your data.

Remove Apple ID completely

Unfortunately, you can’t completely remove an Apple ID yourself. The only way is to contact Support. To do this, you need to send a request and wait for a response from Apple. Previously, it was possible to ask for the deletion of an account by letter. After updating the site, Apple has improved this option. Now, in order to send an appeal, you need to:

  • Go to the official website
  • Open the section “Support” and click on the line “Contact Support”.
  • Scrolling down the page a little, you will see the “Apple Specialists” section. Click on the blue line “Getting help”.
  • Select Apple ID Icon. Other Apple ID Issues. Unspecified Subject.
  • You will then be asked to briefly explain your request. It is advisable to write in English or use an online translator.
  • Further, you have two options to choose from: contact now or later.

You just have to wait for a call from a specialist who will need to explain the current situation.

Via iTunes

The second way is to free mail through iTunes.

  • Open the program and click on the “Account” button located at the top of the window.
  • Please sign in. Skip this step if you’ve already signed in through iTunes before.
  • In the same context menu, click “View”.
  • On the right side of the window there is a line “Edit to appleid. “.
  • You will be redirected to the official website, where you will have to select your country of residence.
  • After that, you need to repeat the last three steps mentioned above in the instructions for the official website.

This method is not popular, because if there is a valid mailbox, users prefer to register a new account for it, rather than mess with old mail.

Email replacement

If you don’t want to completely delete your iPhone account, you can simply replace your current email. This will give you the ability to link another account to your email. This can be done in two ways:

  • Through the official website.
  • Via iTunes.

Please note that you must have access to the new mailbox. Previously, it was possible to specify a non-existent address, but now a confirmation from the mail is required.

Account change

On iPhone, changing your account is much easier than deleting it entirely. This does not require a computer, all actions are performed directly in the device itself.

  • First, go to the settings of your device.
  • In iOS 11, just click on the first line that contains your first and last name. In earlier versions, open “iTunes store, App Store”.
  • Users of the latest version of the system need to scroll to the end of the page and click “Exit”. In previous versions, click on your Apple ID and log out.
  • After you log out of your account, you can connect a new one.

Changing your account takes just a few minutes. This is the easiest and fastest way to quickly delete your account on iPhone.

Removing iCloud

  • Photo.
  • Video.
  • Music.
  • Documentation.
  • Notes.

When you uninstall iCloud, this information will disappear from your iPhone. Therefore, think carefully about whether you definitely need to delete cloud storage.

  • In iPhone settings, go to iCloud.
  • Select the line “Delete account” located at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm deletion.
  • The phone will ask you whether to save contacts and safari data on the phone or delete them. The choice is yours.
  • Next, enter the password and disable the “Find iPhone” function.

After these steps iCloud will be completely removed from your phone.