How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung A5

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung A5

Almost every owner of a smartphone with Android often uses the device to take pictures. Sometimes you have to delete unnecessary or failed photos.

But sometimes, by chance, you can delete the pictures that we need. Therefore, many ask the question: “How to recover deleted photos on the Samsung A5?”.

If you also encountered such a problem, do not panic. In fact, deleted pictures can be very easily restored to the Samsung Galaxy A5.


What is an Android? This is an ordinary operating system, and not some special kind of smartphone.

All photos are saved in the phone’s internal memory or in a memory card (external memory). Before you start restoring images, you should find out exactly where your photos were saved.

In principle, this is not a prerequisite. But it can simplify the recovery process.

When deleting any data from a smartphone (photos, games, messages, other files), the information is not actually deleted completely.

All data on deleted files is stored on the device until you overwrite it. Therefore, it is important to attempt to restore them only if you think that you do not need them.

This will prevent complete data loss. The more Galaxy A5 or another phone is used after data deletion, the more difficult it is to restore the necessary information.

If you yourself cannot recover the lost data, contact the person who understands this. Before restoring, limit your use of the device as much as possible, since even sent messages can affect recovery negatively.

How to recover a photo?

In order to restore photos you need to install special software. Most of these programs are paid.

But buying them is not necessary at all. You can simply find similar software that has a trial period (temporary free access).

I recommend using only proven and well-known programs. Almost all of them work on the same principle of recovery.

  1. Connect your device to the computer via the USB port.
  2. Run the program for data recovery on Android (for example, Photo Recovery program).
  3. On the main panel of the program you will see a display of available removable media.
  4. Make sure that data scanning (applications, photos, music,s) has begun.
  5. After scanning, you will see a list showing the deleted data (music, photos,s).
  6. Select the files you need that require recovery.
  7. Click “restore.”

In this way, on Samsung A5 (2016) or another smartphone, you can recover various files, including messages that you deleted