How To Recover Deleted Photos On Huawei

One of the most common scenarios for mobile phone users (Android and iOS) is deleting photos from a memory card. There are proven ways to restore photos to android after a similar incident. Unlike the phone’s memory, the sd card can be connected to a PC. This simplifies the task. you can use recovery software without restrictions.

We will look at the free and often mentioned program Recuva, step by step explaining how to restore a photo using its functions. By the way, the guide will be applicable to other file formats.

When is a photo deleted from a memory card?

Most often this happens after:

  • Accidentally deleting files
  • Transferring photos from a memory card to an internal one and vice versa
  • Errors on the memory card after an incorrect unmount
  • File corruption
  • Formatting

What you need to recover deleted photos

In fact, in order to restore the photo from the phone, nothing extraordinary is required:

  • computer / laptop. we will install programs on it
  • card reader. a device is needed to connect a memory card
  • the memory card on which the files were deleted
  • reserve of patience and attentiveness to prevent mistakes

1. Remove the memory card from the phone

Remove the memory card from your phone (smartphone, tablet, digital camera, or from another device where it was used). This is to prevent accidentally writing files to the memory card.

2. Install the recovery program

Free recovery programs work no worse than many paid analogues (which you always have time to test). In addition, it is better to try the free method right away. what if it solves your problem?

So, for recovery, we chose Recuva. This is a photo recovery program, it works with images, and in theory they support any photo format without restrictions, be it jpg, png, raw, gif or something else. Available for Windows, unfortunately, there is no android version at the moment.

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Install the program on the computer. It doesn’t matter which partition of the disk you will install, since the data was deleted on the memory card.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Huawei

3. Select media formats

  1. When you start Recuva, you will see the heading Recuva Wizard. This is a step-by-step wizard, it is designed to help beginners: just answer a few simple questions. and you will get the result.
  2. Click “Further”. Then it will be offered to choose formats for recovery. We are talking about photographs, so we choose exactly the formats in which the photographs were stored. You don’t have to limit the filter at all, it won’t even slow down the search. However, keep in mind that in the future you will need to filter the search results, which is not always convenient when it comes to hundreds of files found.
  3. Select item “Images” and click “Further”.

4. Connect the memory card to the PC

  1. Connect the card reader with a memory card to a computer or laptop. How to do this, I told here.
  2. IN “File location” indicate where the files were stored until deletion.

Tip. In order not to waste time scanning other directories, you can specify a separate folder. If you are not sure or want to increase the chances of recovery, select the root directory on the sd card.

Where are photos stored on a mobile device?

Typically, photos are stored in the DCIM folder. This is a universal storage location for mobile devices that support a memory card. This folder also stores camera images, downloaded images,s and other media files.

5. Enable the option “Deep scan”

Option “Deep Scan”. a branded feature of the Recuva program. Thanks to it, it is possible to detect files that are not normally searched. Although the method does not always work, the benefits can be tangible.

Activate the in-depth scan option through the Recuva main menu: Tools. Actions. Deep Analysis.

6. Run a scan of the memory card

  1. To start scanning an sd card, click “To begin”.
  2. Wait until the scanner checks the selected folder on the memory card. The process can take from several minutes to an hour.

7. Examine the photo, select the ones you need.

  1. Found photos are displayed in the form of thumbnails, which is especially convenient: you instantly see the results and know what you choose to save.
  2. If necessary, you can switch to Advanced mode and familiarize yourself with the recovered files on the sd card in more detail.
  3. The chances of recovery are always different. In Recuva, they are indicated by color marks. red (minimum chances), yellow (medium) and green (maximum).
  4. In the Summary tab, file information: File name, Path, Date and time of change, as well as other data that can sometimes help. They are duplicated in columns. In the tab “View” the result is displayed as is: with or without damage.
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Tip. If the files were not found, add the formats to search during setup by restarting the Recuva Setup Wizard. You can also do this through the advanced mode in the search bar. Try adding RAW.CR2.NEF or.ARW formats if you are looking for photos.

8. Save the recovered photos to disk

Check off the photos you want and click the button. “Restore”.

In a good way, deleted photos should always be saved to a disk different from where the files were deleted (especially when it comes to deleting files from the HDD). In our case, there is no difference. most importantly, do not save the files back to the sd card, otherwise you will lose additional chances for recovery.

p.s. What to do if Recuva does not help find deleted photos

Suppose you clearly followed the instructions and correctly configured the Recuva Wizard. but the results did not suit you. In this case:

  1. Pay attention to the corresponding section on recovery: here we have collected everything related to photo recovery on mobile devices and PCs.
  2. Try also other recovery software in Windows, for example, free programs like PhotoRec and DiskDigger.
  3. Also study questions from other users and our answers (see below).

Frequently asked Questions

The Huawei y5 phone turned off and turned off. The data on the memory card has disappeared. Can’t they be returned?

  1. If you did not delete the photos manually, most likely there is an error on the memory card. most often, these are bad sectors. Windows will suggest formatting, but don’t agree.
  2. Try our tutorial on fixing errors on a damaged memory card.
  3. If the error correction does not help, specify in Recuva the folder in which the disappeared photos were located and try to restore them in the standard way described in this article.

Transferred photos from the camera to the computer. The inscription appeared “Format”. I accidentally clicked “OK”. everything was deleted from the memory card.

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You had to check for errors on the memory card through a PC, but you hurried by formatting it. There is a chance Recuva will help in this case. True, only if you did quick formatting and did not write files after that.

Samsung Galaxy S10 stopped recognizing photos on the sd card. It shows free space in all files, each file is dated 1980, and the Android Gallery does not open them.

Exif data could be damaged, or is it just reading errors on the memory card. We recommend:

  1. Back up files by copying them to a PC or Google Photos
  2. Format the memory card in Full Format mode, correcting read errors. You can do this with the SDFormatter program.

On HTC, I transferred photos from the phone’s memory to the card, but they left. Restored back, but they became blurry. How to fix it?

Most likely, not full photos were restored, but thumbnails stored in the thumbnails folder. Try scanning the folder on the sd card again, but with the Deep scan option enabled.

Through a USB cable, the photo was transferred to a memory card in the same phone, by “cut” and “insert”. They never appeared on the sd card.

To return files, we recommend DiskDigger for Android. If it does not help, see our guide on recovering files from the phone’s internal memory. there are many nuances, it’s important not to make a mistake.

Photos ands were downloaded to Mi Cloud, but after resetting them, they weren’t. Where did they go and is it possible to recover files from the phone?

  1. Go to the Mi Cloud website and check if there is any deleted data in the Trash folder.
  2. After resetting the settings, it is difficult to restore the photo. you need to take a snapshot of the memory and scan it with the Recuva program.
  3. Alternatively, try apps like DiskDigger for Android. You need root privileges to work.

How to recover photos and documents deleted from Samsung Gallery? Transferred data to Google Drive. They didn’t fully load there.

  1. Check the contents of the Samsung Cloud for backups.
  2. Files stored on the sd card can be retrieved using PhotoRec for Windows.
  3. Check the “Recent” tab in Google Drive for photos that were “lost” in the copy process.

Which application restores photos ands? I shot on the camera, accidentally clicked “reset”! There are no files in the Android Gallery!