How to Recover Deleted Photos on a Huawei Phone

To recover photos deleted from your phone, use one of the specialized applications available in the “Play Store”. Some of them work only with root access on the phone, others do not require activation of superuser rights. DiskDigger photo recovery program supports mixed mode of operation. When launched without root, a simple search for deleted photos is performed, and with additional rights, a full scan of the file system is performed.

Among the advantages of the DiskDigger program, it can also be noted that it is free. Go to the application page in the “Play Store” and click the “Install” button.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on a Huawei Phone

When the download and installation are completed, click “Open” to launch the utility.

Note! One of the alternative applications with similar functionality: “Restore Image (Super Easy).”

Search for deleted photos

Choose your search type. simple or complete. In the absence of root, only the first option is available. It is not recommended to get root access after deleting files. Such actions significantly reduce the chance of a successful recovery. This is due to the fact that during superuser activation, information will be recorded on the phone’s internal memory. It can overwrite files that were deleted but were physically left in memory.

In the next step, the application will request access to the device’s internal memory. For correct operation, provide it by clicking the “Allow” link. No additional access required.

A fairly lengthy analysis process will begin. The utility will check both the internal memory and the SD card, if present in the smartphone. The duration of the search depends on the amount of memory and the speed of the phone. The number of image files found will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Recover Deleted Photos

If the photos you want to save are already found, stop the search. You can do this by clicking the “Pause” button in the upper right corner of the application. Mark the necessary photos and click “Recovery”. For single files, you can use the “Restore this file” item in the photo context menu.

Select the application through which you want to export the recovered files. This is required so that data is not stored in the smartphone’s memory. The ability to resume information directly depends on the number of write operations performed after deletion. The fewer there are, the higher the chance of returning data.

Important! You can also use the option “Save this file locally.” It’s faster and easier, but the likelihood of a successful recovery of all of the following photos is reduced.

To save a photo to Dropbox, open the folder where you want to save it. Click the Add button in the lower left corner. After that, you can open your account and view the saved photo on any device, not just on the phone. When writing to the “Public” directory, access to the data can be obtained via the link, without authorization.

After saving the photos, the program will offer to upgrade to the paid version. It supports working with files of any type (not only images) and has the ability to download via FTP.

Note! The free version is enough to recover deleted photos from your phone.