How to recover contacts on Samsung

How to achieve the restoration of contacts Samsung

Samsung is one of the most famous smartphone brands around the world. As Samsung released the Galaxy S9, the topic of restoring Samsung contacts is getting hot.

Accidental deletion on a Samsung phone can easily lead to the loss of contacts. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get contacts back on the Samsung.

Do not worry! Here we have compiled 3 ways to get the recovery of contacts from Samsung, from the phone directly, Samsung account and Google contacts.

Warned. means armed. backup on the SIM card

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How to recover numbers from your phone? Of course the best way to prevent their total loss. We highly recommend that you copy all your contacts to the SIM card. With the possible failure of our phone or smartphone we are spared the stress. We can also copy contacts to our PC, and we have many opportunities to do this, for example when we transfer multimedia files via USB cable. We definitely don’t recommend keeping your contacts only on your SIM card. In case of any damage, we can lose all our phone numbers, so it is always recommended to keep your data in at least two places.

Android smartphone owners can sync with their Gmail account. This operation makes it possible to export contacts to your Google account (sometimes you may need to transfer contacts to the SD card first). If necessary, we can log into Gmail and open the menu tab. Then from the available options we should select contacts. Our entire list of contacts should appear on the screen. However, to use this method, you must synchronize your device with your Gmail account. It is only available for Android devices.

Guide: Restore contacts on Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 / S10e

Run the program and connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 In the first step, run Android Data Recovery on your computer, connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your computer. It will detect your phone automatically in a short time. On the home page of the app, click on “Android Data RecoveryOption, this will take you to the next step.

Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S10 Now follow the instructions to enable USB debug mode on your phone. If you have already done so, a pop-up window will appear on your screen marked “AlwaysAnd click “OK”.

Select a contact file to recover from Samsung After the program detects your device on your computer, you will see this window, different types of files can be selected for scanning by the program. To restore your contacts, select “Contacts “File to scan with the program, then click “Next” to continue.

Allow Samsung scanning and data analysis A new screen will appear on your phone screen asking if you allow the program to scan your phone. Click “Allow” to allow the program to analyze your phone for lost data.

Scan Samsung Galaxy S10 for lost contacts At this point, the program will start scanning the data on your Samsung phone. The scanning process will cost you a few minutes.

Recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S10 Once the scan is complete, you can view all the data found on your phone, including contacts, SMS, photos, etc. Д. Preview and then retrieve the data you want to restore by clicking “RecoverButton under “Contacts”, To save them on your computer.

Method three. how to recover deleted contacts in your Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone

As we know, the Android operating system is known for its flexibility, which allows you to adapt to our needs.

One of its many advantages is the ability to recover deleted numbers. Yes, definitely good news for you.

If you accidentally lost contacts from your Samsung smartphone, it is not a disaster, but only a minor nuisance.

To restore them check the synchronization. When this condition is not met, it might be more problematic to restore your contacts. If your device is synchronized follow the steps below to restore the deleted numbers.

  • Go to Contacts, click the menu and select them.
  • Then tap on the left side to expand the options.
  • On the left side click “” and then “Undo changes”.
  • The restore option will appear. Specify a time period.
  • It happened today. select “Yesterday” and press “OK”.
  • In a few seconds, your list will change to what it was yesterday.

[info]At the time of this writing a period of up to 30 days is supported. If the deletion of the numbers occurred earlier. you will not be able to restore them.[/info]

Restore contacts with EaseUS Mobisaver for Android

With this utility you can recover not only contacts, but also any other data from the phone. Download the installation file from the official easeus (available for free) and install it on your computer. Attention! Inteis in a foreign language, however, this does not complicate the process much.

To work with this software you must have root rights on your phone. Also additionally enable the “For Developer” mode, which can be found in the “Settings” item.

  • Connect the device via USB, allow access (usually asked 2 times for different actions).
  • Open the program on the desktop of your computer.
  • Click on Start button in the utility window and wait until the file search is finished. The system automatically divides them into types.
  • To quickly go to your contacts, click on the Contacts tab on the left side of the window. Check the desired files or data and click on Recover.

Ability to recover deleted contacts on Samsung

In fact, deleted data is not permanently deleted. Remote content, such as contacts, is still stored in your phone’s memory, but is invisible and inaccessible unless you use a specific tool to do so.

So you have possibility to restore deleted contacts from your Samsung phone before the data will be overwritten. So you must stop using your Samsung device to add new items if they overwrite the original.

Return deleted contacts without a backup

  • Download and install the Super Backup app or any other similar app on your smartphone.
  • Run the program.
  • Go to the “Contacts” section.
  • Press the “Restore” button.

If the software is able to detect phone numbers in the Samsung Galaxy A12 source code, they will be restored.

How to restore contacts with FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Step 1 Download and install the free trial version on your computer with the corresponding link. There is a simple installation guide that will help you complete the task in minutes. The software will launch automatically after installation. Then connect your Android device via USB.

Step 2 To successfully run this program to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy, you need to enable USB debugging first on your device. There are three ways to open USB debug mode depending on different OS systems, but they are all pretty simple.

For Android 2.3 or earlier: go to Settings. Development. USB Debugging.

For Android 3.0. 4.1: Go to Settings. Developer Options. USB Debugging.

For Android 4.2 or later: Click Settings. About Phones, Then tab Build Number for 7 until the message “You are in developer mode” appears. Then go back to Settings. Developer Options. USB Debugging.

Step 3 You have different file types to choose from. If you only want to recover contacts, check Contacts and click Continue.

Step 4 Now go to Samsung Galaxy S6 and click Allow / Grant / Authorize when Super User requires permissions. If you don’t see such a requirement, you need to install the application from the program and click Retry.

Step 5 Scanning may take some time, depending on how many files are stored on your device. But after this is done, you can view detailed information about your lost contacts. Check the name, number, email address and select which ones you want to get. Then click Recover save them to your computer in HTML or XML format.

With FoneLab for Android you will recover lost/deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, call logs and other data from your SD-card or device.