How to recover an instagram password without a phone number

How to restore your Instagram account. All the ways!

Let’s look at restoring a deleted account in 3 cases: blocked for breaking the rules, unblocked after self deactivation, login and password recovery. Keep in mind that it’s not always possible to recover a deleted Instagram

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It happens that Instagram administration blocks a user for violating the rules, or a person deactivates the account himself for a while. In other cases, authorization details are lost. It’s not always possible to get the page back, but it’s worth trying.

How to reset (restore) your Instagram password if you forget it

From time to time a situation occurs when the user cannot remember his password to the service at all. In this case, you can request to reset (restore) your password.

In the app or on the instagram website.Go to the login page.

This may require you to click or tap on the “Login” button (if using the web version of Instagram).

Click on “Forgot your password?”.

Enter your account name, email or phone number.

Instagram will send you password reset instructions that will allow you to create a new password for your account.

Is it possible to recover a password without email and phone number and how

If you don’t have access to your email and your phone was changed a long time ago, the number of ways to recover your password is drastically reduced. There are only 2 options to regain access to Instagram, but all of them are far from fast.

How to Recover Instagram Account Without Email and Phone Number2022 | Instagram Account Recover Kare

If, in addition to accessing Instagram, you can’t log into your email and don’t have a phone with a linked number handy, you can try a few other ways to log into your profile

To help

Many users, especially those who actively blog, link Instagram accounts to each other. A similar sync allows you to regain access to Instagram, via FB login.

In that case, when trying to log in to the blog, instead of the “Forgot your password” button, just select “Log in via “. Then enter the data from FB and follow the instructions. You will have to specify the new combination twice, confirming the change.

Contacting technical support

The last option to regain your account is to contact technical support.

  • On the main screen you will find a link to technical support.
  • Describe the situation in the input field of the request, in as much detail as possible.
  • Prove your identity if requested by the support.

Be prepared for a reluctant and very slow response. And it may take more than a week before you get your first answer.

As proof of identity, they may ask for selfies with your passport, a photo with a link to a lost page, and other documents. Often users have to write repeatedly to get through to the manager and get at least some kind of answer.

Users for whom a profile has little value often give up trying to reach tech support, and start a new account. It is faster and much easier than trying to get an answer from the service.

Losing your Instagram account can be a one-day thing, because all it takes is forgetting your password. This problem is especially common when switching from one device to another, because the first one logged in automatically. To avoid such problems, it is important to sync your device with the cloud storage, so that in case of anything you can at any time look up the secret combination.

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How to recover access without access to the mail or phone?

Go to the Instagram app and enter the username you want to regain access to

Click on the “Get help with logging in” button

Get the form as on the screenshot and press the faintly visible button “Need more help” at the very bottom?”

If the form does not pop up, change the phone, reset the password as many times as possible, click on “Log in With,” and so on.

You will receive an e-mail as in the screenshot below

Press the “reply” button and specify: Login and password, linked earlier numbers and mail, earlier used logins for instagram

Then a reply to the letter will come, with which you can easily log into instagram and change your email and phone number


Important point: this recovery option works only on the iPhone!

The third problem from the top list is solved by changing the device and the Internet, repeatedly uninstalling the application and reinstalling it.

The solution to the fourth problem is the most difficult and there are no guarantees here, if all the previous steps have not helped you, it remains only to write a letter “off-label” to the intellectual property department at ip@instagram.Comthe chance of being listened to is minimal. But it is, if you clearly spelled out all your actions, and the problem is not with the confirmation of the account.

Account blocked by the administration

Instagram has quite strict rules, and if you do not follow them, your profile can be blocked. For the first and not very serious violation, it will be a temporary measure. But if you ignore the administration’s demands, your page may be closed permanently. Which could be the reason:

  • Distribution of content that violates copyrights, laws or social networking requirements;
  • Complaints from other users;
  • Massive and explicit boosting of indicators.

If you have been taken action, you will receive an email, and if you try to sign in to Instagram, you will get a message. Follow the instructions in the email or app and there is a good chance you can get your blocked account back.

How to restore Instagram through your phone number if you forgot your password

This method works if you specified your phone number in the settings when registering. Log in to the mobile version. Under the “Login” button click “Login help”, in the next step enter your username.

Choose how you want to receive.- by SMS.- and wait for the six digit code or link. The data arrives within a few minutes. If you did not receive them, make the request again from the same page. Enter digits or go to suggested URL and follow suggested instruction. In a minute you should be able to access your blog again.

Sometimes there is no confirmation message. This can happen for two reasons:

  • Server load. Only waiting will help. Usually the problem is solved within 10-15 minutes.
  • The number was added to another profile during registration. In this case, you will not be able to use it to log in.

To reset your password from your computer, go to your Instagram page and under the “Login” button, go to the “Forgot Password” page?”, type in your number and again follow the instructions offered by the app.

By phone number

The easiest way that will allow you to recover your Instagram password is the method associated with your cell phone number.

It is important to understand that you will be able to use this method only if your personal account is linked to your mobile number.

From the phone

If you want to restore the password by phone number via your mobile device, you will need to use the following sequence of actions:

  • Open the instagram app on your mobile device. Find the page “Forgotten your password”?” and click it once.
  • You will get to the page to restore the password from your account. Select the item “Phone” and in the line provided enter your phone number. Then, click on the “Next” line.
  • As you do this, a message box will appear in the center of the screen stating that a special message with a code has been sent to the specified number. Now, you can go to the appropriate section with the messages on your phone and open the letter from

Do not be surprised that you will get a message from and not from Instagram. There will be a special link in the message, which will take you to a special page for creating a new password.

From a computer

You can also recover your Instagram password via your phone number from your personal computer. To do this, you will need to perform the following series of actions:

  • Open the social network in your browser on your PC. Since you are not authorized in the account, the Instagram login page should be open. On this page you will need to find the item “Forgot your password?” and left click on it.
  • As you do this, you will be taken to a special page to recover your password. There will only be one line on this page, where you’ll need to enter your phone number, which you previously provided when you registered your account. If you have done this, then left click on “Get login link”.
  • After that, a notification will pop up at the bottom of the page that a link to reset the password has been sent to the number you specified. All you have to do is go to the messaging section of your smartphone and click on the link provided. All you will have to do is enter a new password and save your changes.

Not getting an SMS with a code

It is important to note that problems with not getting an SMS with a password recovery code are rare.

If you didn’t receive an SMS with a code, it might be a problem with one of the following things

  • As silly as it may sound, it is worth double-checking the number you entered when you restore. You may have entered incorrect data for sending SMS. You may have accidentally entered the wrong digit when writing the number, which will lead to not very pleasant consequences.
  • There may be a connection problem on your mobile device. To rule out this possibility, you can make a couple of calls to see if you have a connection or not.
  • Your service provider’s refusal to accept messages from your social network. Networks. This situation is very unlikely because Instagram is considered to be a protected site, which doesn’t send spam. But still, it can happen.
  • Maybe when you specified the number to send a message and clicked on the appropriate line to confirm, you lost your connection to the Internet. In this regard, there was an error with the message sent to your number.

If you cannot access your phone number

It is important to understand that if you have forgotten your Instagram password. Network Instagram, as well as do not have access to a cell phone number, which was connected to this profile, it will be difficult to restore the password.

The situation can be saved by having an e-mail address tied to your account. You can recover your account password via the email address you provided when you registered.

If you have such a situation, then read the instructions below, there will be a detailed way to recover your instagram password via email.

If you don’t have access to your phone number and email

If it happened that you do not have access to a cell phone number or to the mail linked to the account in Instagram, it will be difficult to restore the password.

If you have to recover the password from such an account, you will need to contact the administration of the social. Networks with this question, they will definitely help you.

How to Recover Instagram Account Without Email and Phone Number | Forgot Instagram Password 2020

When you may need to reset your Instagram password

Information on how to restore access to a lost Instagram profile may be needed in several cases:

  • If you notice that your page has been hacked, and that someone else has access to your information.
  • If you forgot the login information, be it a code or a nickname.
  • If you need to change the code (for example, if you logged into a social network from a friend or acquaintance’s phone and forgot to delete the account on exit).

The process of password recovery in different ways: via a cell phone number, via e-mail or. Almost no different if you use an application on your smartphone or use the website (through the browser).