How To Record Video From The Screen Of Iphone And Ipad (Video Capture)

How To Record From The Screen Of Iphone And Ipad (Capture)

Everyone who likes to play on the iPhone or iPad, sometimes would like to show the progress of their progress, however, in the case of Apple devices, this task is difficult. If the developer has not integrated in his project an automatic recording of what is happening on the screen and a button for publishing, you will have to use one of the methods below with the mandatory use of a PC or Mac. (Or spoil the Internet with another made from a camcorder, mobile phone or camera.) What is the reason? With the inability to record system sound due to the architecture of the operating system. This is certainly offensive, but unlike the owners of Android devices, iPhone, iPad users cannot makes of their work directly on their gadget.

Consider the three most common and affordable simple mortal ways:

  • recording from the screen of iPhone, iPad using Display Recorder or RecordMyScreen [Jailbreak];
  • recording from the screen of iPhone, iPad using Airserver or Reflector (the easiest method);
  • record from the screen of iPhone, iPad using Apple TV to achieve better quality.

Record from iPhone, iPad using Display Recorder [Jailbreak]

The first method will require you to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad. over, you have to get a mini-jack 3.5 male to male cable to record sound from the line-in. It just so happened that the best program for recording directly on the device itself. Display Recorder, could not overcome the system limitations of iOS, because of which I had to use invasive methods. To do this, simply insert the cable indicated above with one end into the sound output of the device, and the other into the line input of your sound card. You can record sound while shooting a with both paid SoundForge and Audacity worthless.

Download Display recorder You can from the BigBoss repository, at the same time paying 5 from your wallet to the monopoly developer. Installation link.

Advantages of the method:

  • Automatically compress the received directly on the device.
  • The ability to automatically sends to YouTube.
  • Ability to create guides on the use of programs subject to the use of fingerprint and microphone functions.

Cons of the method

  • The need to use separate equipment for recording sound from the device (see above) and manual information received and scale.
  • The inability to accurately indicate the resolution of the output image. Get the maximum resolution of the iPad 4 you just can not.

Record from iPhone, iPad using RecordMyScreen [Jailbreak]

By the way, there is a method of recording the sound of the system, but it looks rather strange, and is important only for those who really do everything on their tablet. If you really want to get an additional brain tumor and a hole in your wallet. buy a device called an external audio interface for iPhone, iPad (originally created for guitars and GarageBand and are nothing more than the same notorious linear input on the sound card of your PC). The cheapest are found at a price of about 1000 rubles. Repeat the trick with the dad-dad cable and record the sound attached to the purchased device program from the App Store (if it supports recording in the background). At the same time, your apple begins to look like a hermaphrodite, but since I decided to show all the alternatives, the most sophisticated approaches will not pass you by.

Record from the iPhone, iPad using Airserver or Reflector (the easiest method)

This method will only help if you own iPhone 4, iPad 2 devices. This will be facilitated by the Airserver and Reflector programs (both programs are paid, but their cost does not bite at all, there are other analogues, but the principle is the same for everyone). To do this, just connect the device to the Wi-Fi network with your PC with the above software installed, and press the button that appears next to the volume control lever in the multitasking bar of your device. If after you get a list of devices. select the name of your PC that you specified in the corresponding program.

Each of the programs mentioned above uses Apple’s proprietary technology. Airplay mirroring, with the help of which the apple device transfers the of what is happening on its screen via Wi-Fi to the Apple TV, and in our case, to its emulated copy of the Apple TV on the PC or Mac. If Reflector (the best option) is capable of recording itself with a pretty good bit rate, then AirServer has a list of other interesting functions. This includes setting the quality of received sound for older devices (because Wi-Fi standard b cannot transmit and sound at the same time. Too much data), the choice of a display for image output, as well as post-processing of the image (contrast, brightness, color gamut). To shoot the you have to use the program to record what is happening on the screen of your PC, here is such a recursion. By the way, Fraps is best suited, which automatically magnetizes to the AirServer window.

By the way, trying to compare the quality of the output is quite pointless, because both programs use an emulator and a wireless interface, often transmitting interference. over, in case of problems or lack of bandwidth of the router, both AirServer and Reflector automatically reduce the bitrate of the stream. The consequences of this action are obvious.

The result of Reflector.

Advantages of the method:

  • The actual simplicity of the method.
  • No need Jailbreak.
  • Possibility of applying filters during shooting.
  • If you are a happy owner of an SLI or Crossfire system and four HD monitors, as well as a desire to look for adventure. you can safely record everything that happens on the iPad 4, the benefit of Wi-Fi class n it allows.

Cons of the method

  • The need to use a PC.
  • The huge size of the resulting. Mandatory conversion.

On a note!
Those who are fond of streams of their walkthroughs will find this method very useful. If you want to show in real time to the whole world how beautifully you are following the next track in your favorite race, then just turn on the mirroring window on the whole screen and simply transfer its contents through your favorite streaming service.

Also, the method will be useful to those who are experiencing problems with their apple device. If it has not yet dropped the skates, then using the screen transfer via Skype, the user can show the specialist the occurring interference on his iPad or iPhone. AirServer has a free trial, so you won’t lose anything if you try.

Speaking of recursion, try pairing AirServer and Splashtop Personal Desktop. Enjoy what you see.

Record from the screen of iPhone, iPad using Apple TV to achieve better quality

The most orthodox method and at the same time the most high-quality and expensive. It requires the most connections. To do this, we need an Apple TV connected via HDMI to your TV and a capture device. This is the same method that was used before emulating AirPlay on a PC, because it’s no secret that apple technology communicates best with each other. After that, the resulting is a huge size, but alas not native resolution, will be on your PC.

Advantages of the method:

  • Better audio and quality.
  • Mossy but proven method.

Cons of the method

  • Processing, or rather compression of a huge size on a PC.
  • The high price of the necessary equipment.
  • If your TV does not support 4K, then we very much doubt that you can shoot with a resolution of iPad 4.

Developer Recording Method

The latter method is designed specifically for developers who are well aware of it. over. they don’t need any crutches, just like an iOS device at hand. They can easily record in their device simulator from the SDK. That’s just for demanding applications, this approach does not work.

That’s all, we talked about all the possible methods of recording an image from the screen, up to the release of iOS 8, where Ive already, I hope, will think of giving users on a silver platter such a necessary function. But nevertheless, it is quite possible that scenario, when his efforts may not be needed. Game creators have already begun to fulfill the requests of their audience. Especially since there are special services like KamCord, offering developers and hosting for, and a piece of code that they can insert into their game without too much pain to get the desired features. For example, the same Kabam (developers of a social game based on the movie “Fast and furious 6”) and Supercell have already agreed with Twitch.TV. Let’s hope that such cooperation goes beyond social games and leaves my article useful only for people with real problems and urgent need.

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