How to Record on Phone

The built-in function for recording mobile calls is a useful feature of smartphones on Android. With it, you can automatically or manually save your telephone conversations, and then listen to them. Today we will tell you step by step how to do this on Honor devices using system methods and using third-party applications.

How to Record on Phone

Honor Recording Features

Starting from the 6th Android, the system has a built-in ability to record conversations. However, Honor devices do not work on a clean OS, but using the EMUI shell from the Huawei brand. It does not provide an integrated voice recorder in the call menu, so you have to choose alternative methods.

The following methods of recording telephone conversations are relevant for all Honor models: 10, 9 light, 8 lite, pro, 7a, 8x, 7s, 6x, 7, 5s, 8x, 6a, the flagship for gamers “Play”, etc.

Through voice recorder

The easiest way is to turn on the recorder in advance, and then send the call. Advantage. No need to download additional software. However, there are some inconveniences: you have to manually enable and disable the recording; due to this, the information in the media file will be redundant. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. We find the application “Voice Recorder” and turn it on.
  2. We open the list of contacts and find the subscriber whose conversation we want to record.
  3. Click “Call”.
  4. After the conversation, turn off the recorder.

Done, after that the conversation will be saved in the device’s memory.

We can also check if the function of automatic recording of conversations is on your smartphone. This is done like this:

  1. In the contact list we find the desired one.
  2. Click on the ellipsis symbol to open the menu of additional options.
  3. We are looking for the item “Record“.

If this inscription is indicated in the pop-up menu, activate it by pressing. Thus, the recording of the call will begin automatically immediately after the interlocutor answers the call, and disconnects after one of you hangs up. If this option does not turn on automatically, you will have to use third-party software.

Call Recording Applications

Using special programs, you can start recording conversations on Honor immediately after establishing a connection with the subscriber. To do this, configure the appropriate parameters in the utility menu.

Below we list the most simple, convenient and popular mobile programs for saving telephone conversations. All of them are available in the Play Market for free. So, the rating of the best voice recorder applications includes:

  • Call recording from Green Apple Studio. To start recording telephone conversations, just set the appropriate settings in the application menu. In addition, saved conversation files can be renamed, forwarded, blocked, and password protected.
  • Cube Call Recorder by Catalina Group. The application with the simplest interface. You can record incoming and outgoing calls not only by phone, but also in instant messengers. Viber, Vatsap, Skype, etc.
  • CallRec The advantage of the program is that it has not only a voice recorder, but also an editor of recording files. You can crop them, apply filters and add comments. Conversations are saved in one of three formats to choose from: WAV, AMR, MP4.
  • Auto Call Recorder. A selection of formats and sound quality settings are also available. You can select automatic or manual recording. An interesting trick is to turn on the recorder during a conversation by shaking the phone.
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How to listen to the recording

Stored conversation files are usually stored in the phone’s internal memory. To find them, use the explorer. Standard or downloaded. And open the Audio. Recorder folders. This path is relevant if you used a system recorder.

When you downloaded a third-party application and recorded a telephone conversation through it, the file should be looked for in the program folder.


To record a conversation on Honor manually, you can use the built-in voice recorders. Automatic recording is not available on the shell from Huawei, but free applications have been developed for this. They are also suitable if you later need to modify the file and add comments to it.

Screen recording on an Android phone may be needed for various purposes. For example,s are used to create instructions or to demonstrate a problem that a user has encountered. Also, recording from the Android phone’s screen is used to create entertainment content for Youtube and other playgrounds. In this article we will talk about how to record from the screen on an Android phone and what programs you can use for this.

How to record screen on Android

Now we will demonstrate how to record the display using the example of the AZ Screen Recorder application, and at the end of the article we will give an example of several more programs that you can use. The AZ Screen Recorder app is completely free. At the same time, it does not require Root rights, does not limit the duration of the clip, does not add any captions to the, and allows you to creates in FullHD and QHD resolution with the user’s bitrate and frame rate.

At the first start, the AZ Screen Recorder application will ask for permission to display on top of other windows. This function is needed to display a floating program icon in which you can see how long the screen recording lasts. Therefore, click on the “Allow” button and enable the option “Show on top of other applications”.

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After that, return to the main screen of the AZ Screen Recorder application. Here you will see a message stating that the application needs access to the file storage in order to save the recordeds. Therefore, we click on the “Enable” button and allow access to the file system of the Android device.

Now AZ Screen Recorder is almost ready to record from the Android phone’s display. To start, click on the record button in the lower right corner of the smartphone screen. After that, an application request for recording audio will appear. If you want to record a clip with comments on the smartphone microphone, then you must enable the program to record sound. If you only need (no sound), then the request to record sound can be rejected.

After that, the AZ Screen Recorder program will take a three-second countdown and start recording from the screen of your Android phone. The operation of the application can be understood by the floating button with a timer on which the recording time will be displayed.

In order to stop recording from the screen, you need to click on the floating button. After that, an additional menu will appear in which you can pause (pause) or completely stop recording. Also, recording can be stopped using a notification that will be available in the top curtain of Android.

After stopping the recording, the created will be saved in the Android memory of the smartphone. By default, the AZ Screen Recorder saves thes to the “/ storage / emulated / 0 / AZRecorderFree /” folder. You can view the footage using any viewing application.

Screen Recording Software

If the AZ Screen Recorder application does not suit you, then you can choose some other application for recording from the Android phone’s display. Below we look at a few more such applications.

How to record a screen on a smartphone in order to teach loved ones to perform complex operations on Samsung or to show a friend how to play the game? To help you, several programs have been developed that allow you to not only capture, but also edit it directly on the phone.

How to record from the Samsung screen using programs

Special smartphone apps work in the same way as PC image capture software that gamers use. For Samsung, several software with different functionality and cost have been developed. We will consider free options that provide a high-quality picture and record movies on Galaxy in standard formats.

Screen recorder

Easy-to-use software. Screen Recorder, optimally coping with the tasks. You can download the assistant for free at the Playmarket. After installation, allow the program access to the screen.

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The software works very simply: a floating button is displayed on the phone. If you tap on it, a menu with available functions will come out. By clicking on the recognizable icons, you can record a or quickly take a screenshot.

The advantages of the program include:

  • Stop and further continue recording in one media file;
  • Displaying touches on the touchscreen during shooting;
  • Brush painting while shooting;
  • Function of choice of quality and format;
  • Editing filmed material (editing, subtitles, music);
  • Editing screenshots (drawing, lettering, crop and creating a collage).

Screen Recorder records not only menu manipulations or walkthroughs. Using the application, you can capture everything that is displayed on the screen, and even calls.

The application will be useful not only to Samsung owners who do not have a built-in capture function. The rich functionality of Screen Recorder was also appreciated by the owners of modern “sophisticated” Honor and Xiaomi models, whose pre-installed utilities do not provide so many opportunities for working with material.

Filmit pro

Another free app, not limited to the demo version, is Filmit Pro. But there are also disadvantages. You can’t shoot Full HD and get rid of the built-in advertising.

Filmit Pro gives users, in addition to capturing:

  • Record data from the microphone in parallel;
  • Crop the roller;
  • Edit the shot;
  • Apply modern filters to the roller;
  • Add background music.

The software has a convenient interface and supports the Russian language, so even an inexperienced user can easily figure out its functionality.

DU Recorder

Another popular free Android app is DU Recorder. Its main advantages are the lack of advertising and powerful functionality:

  • Recording the main screen, camera and microphone;
  • Resolution up to 1080p;
  • Speed 60 fps;
  • The ability to capture online broadcasts from popular platforms.

DU Recorder is interesting for its editing capabilities: users can apply filters to the footage, crop clips, translate them into gifs. In this case, the source and editeds will be saved as separate files.

Where the record is saved

Recording Samsung screen when using popular applications is stored in the internal memory of the device. You can go to the files through the program itself or through the Android gallery.

But some applications allow you to configure the save location and choose external memory instead of the default internal memory. So, in the Screen Recorder menu, users can send recorded files directly to the smartphone’s memory card.


Progress does not stand still and now programs for capturing for mobile are in the public domain for Samsung owners. The program interface is quite simple, they take up little memory and have optimal functionality for the successful creation of trainings.