How to Record iPhone XR Screen Videos

20. How to hide the bangs-monobrow?

As many people write on the Internet, the iPhone XR’s bangs can be removed with the Notch Remover utility, which Apple allegedly released itself.

It is enough to see that the publisher, somehow untrustworthy Dao Duy Quang, to bypass him.

Let’s talk again about the important thing: it is impossible to remove the bangs (monobrow). Apple assumes that by buying devices like the iPhone XR, you embrace their innovations and are willing to put up with innovations.

Activation process

  • Insert your SIM card. First you need to insert a SIM card into the device. The tray in which the card should be located is on the side of the gadget.
  • Turn on your iPhone. After the working “SIM” is placed in the slot, turn on the iPhone (press and hold the Power button for 3-4 seconds), wait for the welcome screen to appear and press the “Home” button to open the presets.
  • Then select your language and specify the region of residence.
  • After that, connect to a Wi-Fi network or, if there is no access to one, to a cellular network (the Use cellular network button).
  • Log in to your Apple ID to restore your backed up iPhone or complete this step later.
  • Next, the iPhone will tell you about the security policy and data protection of its users. You will need to confirm that you have read these points.
  • After that, you will receive a request for anonymous collection of statistics (to improve the quality of the service), as well as a request to activate geolocation.
  • Next, set up Face ID and the iPhone XR unlock code (6 digits by default).
  • We indicate the country of residence and the preferred language of the system.
  • Activating Siri Assistant if you plan to use Apple CarPlay in your car.
  • We choose the scale of the screen. All is ready!

How to enable LTE on iPhone XR?

A prerequisite for LTE to work on your Apple iPhone XR is that your mobile operator’s SIM card supports this feature. Simka can be easily replaced with LTE-shnuyu at the nearest representative office of your mobile operator.

Linking the card to Apple Pay

On the desktop, we find the “Wallet” program. Click on “” at the top of the screen. Here we can set up a debit, credit or discount card. If a card is already connected to pay for purchases in the iTunes Store or App Store, the system will offer to select it. We add a map by means of a photo or by entering data manually. In the future, card verification will be required. Depending on the bank, this can be either SMS or e-mail. In some cases, you will have to call the bank. After that, Apple Pay will be free to use.

Glass gluing process

Important: hold the glass by the edges so as not to leave unnecessary marks on it.

  • Place the glass gently on the iPhone XR screen. If the glass is good, it will fit on the smartphone screen by itself. But for greater confidence, you can smooth it yourself.
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22. How to apply protective glass on iPhone XR?

Many iPhone XR owners try to treat the device as carefully as possible. For this, various covers, bumpers and protective glasses are bought.

Here we will tell you how to simply and quickly glue the protective glass without “defects” in the process.

If the command center does not have a screen recording button

Go to Settings. Control Center. Customize Controls and then pass the Screen Recorder button from the bottom to the included components. After this action, the button will certainly appear in the upper curtain of your iPhone XR.

It’s very easy to set it up

  • Go to Settings → Face ID & Passcode and enter your iPhone password to enter settings.
  • Click the “Alternate Appearance” button.
  • On the Face ID setup page that opens, click “Get Started”.
  • Place your face in the camera frame and scan by rotating your head until the ring is fully closed. When prompted by iOS, follow the same procedure again. Note that if you want to increase the stability of Face ID, then sit in the position where recognition is usually not performed the first time, for example, lying down.

Done! You’ve customized an alternate look and improved Face ID to be faster and more stable on your iPhone XR. In order to reset the alternative appearance to re-configure, you need to go to the menu “Settings” → “Face ID and passcode” and click “Reset Face ID”.

IPhone Screen Recording

You can enable video capture on iPhone in several ways: using the standard iOS settings (version 11 and higher), or using third-party programs on your computer. The last option will be relevant for someone who owns an old iPhone and has not updated the system for a long time.

IPhone Screen Recording

record, iphone, screen, videos

In the process of surfing the Internet or spending time in the game, the user sometimes wants to record his actions on video in order to show his friends or post on video hosting. It is easy to implement and also add system sounds and microphone sound if desired.

iOS 11 and higher

Starting with the 11th version of iOS, iPhone can record video from the screen using the built-in tool. In this case, the finished file is saved to the “Photos” application. In addition, if the user wants to have additional tools for working with video, you should think about downloading a third-party application.

The most popular iPhone recording software. Combines ease of use and advanced video editing features. The process for enabling it is similar to the standard recording tool, but there are slight differences. Read about how to use DU Recorder and what else it can do in our article in Method 2.

The iPhone OS also offers its own video capture tools. To enable this function, you need to go to the phone settings. In the future, the user will only use the “Control Panel” (quick access to the main functions).

First you need to make sure that the “Screen Recorder” tool is in the “Control Panel” of the system.

Go to the “Control Center” section. Click Configure Element. management “.

Add a Screen Recorder to the top block. To do this, tap on the plus sign opposite the desired item.

The user can also change the order of elements by pressing and holding an element in a special place indicated in the screenshot. This will affect their position in the “Control Panel”.

The process of activating the screen capture mode is as follows:

    Open the iPhone Control Panel by swiping down from the top-right edge of the screen (in iOS 12) or from the bottom up from the bottom of the screen. Find the screen recording icon.
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Tap and hold for a few seconds, after which the settings menu will open, where you can also turn on the microphone.

Click “Start Recording”. After 3 seconds, everything you do on the screen will be recorded. This also applies to notification sounds. You can remove them by activating the “Do not disturb” mode in the phone settings.

To end the video capture, go to the “Control Panel” again and click the record icon again. Please note that you can also mute and unmute the microphone while filming.

You can find the saved file in the “Photos” application. the “All photos” album, or by going to the “Media types” section. “Video”.

iOS 10 and below

If the user does not want to update to iOS 11 and higher, then the standard screen recording will not be available to him. Owners of older iPhones can use the free iTools software. This is a kind of alternative to the classic iTunes, which for some reason does not provide such a useful function. Read about how to work with this program and how to record video from the screen in the next article.

In this article, we have analyzed the basic programs and tools for capturing video from the iPhone screen. Starting with iOS 11, device owners can quickly enable this feature in the “Control Panel”.

Top 5: Screen Recorder

  • 1. Capture your favorite games, apps, online videos and more.
  • 2. Add facecam to your recordings to make reaction videos.
  • 3. Support for high quality recordings.
  • 4. Share iOS screenshots to YouTube, etc.

Step 1: When you get to the screen you want to record, Control Center Screen Recording and select RECGO.

Step 2: Tap the record icon to start capturing everything on screen and your actions. When the game or video is finished, tap the stop icon.

Step 3: Then you can explore Face Cam and video editing functions in this iPhone screen recorder app.

How to Record iPhone X Screen

Step 1: Go to the screen on your iPhone that you expect to capture.

iPhone XR: How to Enable/Use Screen Recorder w/ Microphone (Examples)

Step 2: Swipe down from the top right corner to highlight Control Center. For iPhone 8/7/6 or earlier, swipe up from bottom to top. Find and tap iPhone screen recording function.

Step 3: After a three second countdown, everything on your screen will be captured. When recording, the function will turn into a red bar at the top of the screen or a red blob in the status bar.

Step 4: To end recording, click on the red bar or blob and press the button to stop it. If you can’t get quick access to the screen recording function, just stop it in the Control Center.

iPhone X/XR/XS: How to Enable & Use Screen Recording Feature (with Microphone for Voice Over)

Note: Your iPhone X screen recordings will be stored in the Photos app. You can view and edit it on your device.

How to Record iPhone Screen on Mac with QuickTime

Some iPhone users also use Mac computers. It is common knowledge that a built-in media player, QuickTime Player has the ability to record your computer screen. It is also a screen recorder for iPhone and iPad. Anything you need:

  • 1. An iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or higher.
  • 2. Mac computer running OX Yosemite and later.
  • 3. Lightning cable comes with your iOS device.

IPhone Screen Recorder on Mac requires no jailbreak, 3rd party apps or additional hardware.

Step 1: Connect iPhone XR / XS / X / 8/7 or iPad to Computer with Lightning Cable.

Step 2: Launch QuickTime Player and click Submit Record New Movie to open iPhone Screen Recorder window.

Step 3: Click and expand the Down button next to Recording and select your iPhone or iPad under the Camera section. To capture audio on your iOS device, select it under the Microphone area too. Plus, choose your favorite quality.

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Step 4: Press Record Press the button on your iPhone screen recorder and do what you want to record on your iPhone.

Step 5: Once this is done, click Stop Recording and save the video recording to your hard drive.

Options for Recording iPhone Screen on Mac

In addition to QuickTime Player, there are some third-party applications that allow you to create iPhone screen recordings on Mac wirelessly.

  • 1. Record iPhone screen on Mac via AirPlay.
  • 2. Mirror iPhone in real time without lagging.
  • 3. Connect more than one iOS device.
  • 4. Offer advanced security measures.
  • 1. AirPlay mirrors your iPhone or iPad screen to Mac.
  • 2. One click to record your iPhone screen on computer.
  • 3. Save iPhone screen recordings to designated folder automatically.
  • 4. Available for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X.

How to Record Screen on iOS 11 or Newer

Screen recording on iPhone or iPad is easier than ever before if you’ve updated your phone to iOS 11 or newer. As mentioned earlier, Apple has recognized this need and has implemented screen recording in recent versions of iOS. You can follow the instructions below to set up and use it simply.

The Complete Guide to Recording Screen on iPhone and iPad 2021

There are multiple users iPhone or iPad screen recording.For example, when you create app tutorials or gameplay videos, screen recording. a great way to give viewers an idea of ​​what your app or game is. Perhaps your iPhone is doing something weird and you need to shoot a video of this action to show it to tech support. Or you just want to capture some online videos playing on your iPhone and save them for offline playback.

Starting with iOS 11, you can record your iPhone screen using the built-in screen recorder feature. In this guide, we explain how to record a video of what is happening on the screen of your iPhone or iPad so you can save or share it.

Top 2: Capture TechSmith

  • 1. Quickly record gameplay or demo video of the application on iPhone or iPad.
  • 2. Store your screen recordings in a library.
  • 3. Transfer of screenshots to TechSmith Camtasia for further editing.
  • 4. Compatible with a wide range of iPhones and iPads.

Step 1: Be sure to install and configure the iPhone screen recorder on your handset.

Step 2: Find the screen you want to capture and launch the recorder from Control Center.

Step 3: Click the Round icon at the top of the screen when the recording ends. Then preview the entry and click Share to export it as you want.

Top 1: DU Recorder

  • 1. Capture everything on your screen as well as your face.
  • 2. Set your live stream to public or private to protect your privacy
  • 3. Let you decide the resolution and more screenshots.
  • 4. Include several video editing tools such as crop, text, etc.

Step 1: Install the iPhone screen recorder. Entry to the App Store is free.

Step 2: When you go to the screen you want to record, open Control Center click the record button and select DU Recorder to start.

Step 3: Then click the Stop Recording button to save the screen recording.

Note: You can set resolution, video quality and more in the app. If you want to remove the watermark from your post, you need to upgrade to premium.