How to Record a Screen on Honor 8

How to Record a Screen on Honor 8

Almost every user knows how to take screenshots on their device, however, when it comes to recording pictures from a smartphone, many questions arise. The right and fast ways to record on Honor and Huawei will be shown in this article.

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Proper setup of on-screen recording

Screen recording, “screenshot” or screencast very well helps to explain to someone some mechanics of the device while being at a distance. After all, it’s much more convenient, instead of a lot of words, to simply send a person a with detailed instructions.

There is nothing complicated in using the built-in recording, you just need to press a button and you’re done. However, during playback, sometimes additional questions arise, for example, why there is no sound on the, or poor quality picture. Below we will analyze in detail.

2 ways to record from the screen of Honor and Huawei

  • A turnkey solution that does not require the installation of third-party applications.
  • There is no watermark, as in most free applications from Google Play.
  • No ads in the settings menu.

Built-in screen recording application

First of all, we will analyze the ready-made solution. To open the stock program and start recording different methods can be used, about all the details (specifically about 3) we wrote below.

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Run through the notification curtain

  1. Swipe down to lower the smartphone notification curtain.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen you will see a button “Editing a toolbar” in the form of a pencil, click on it to open the next menu.

By default, the screen recording button is inactive. To make it work, hold your finger on the corresponding icon and drag it to the top menu.

By clicking on the screen recording button, the smartphone will ask for permission to enable the function, accepting it, 3 second countdown will go, at the end of which the recording will begin.

To finish shooting, click on the button “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen.

Hot Key Launch (Power Key and Volume)

To enable the screencast feature in this way, you need hold down the power key at volume up.

The smartphone will ask for permission to shoot, after which a 3-second countdown will begin. During recording, you can also comment on everything that happens. To stop recording, press the button “STOP” in the top left corner.

Inclusion by special action (knuckles)

Also, in the EMUI shell, screen recording can be enabled using a certain gesture. double-tap the screen with your knuckles, as shown in the picture. A 3-second countdown will begin, after which recording will go.

You can complete the shooting in different ways. either click on the “STOP” button in the upper left corner of the screen, or double-tap the screen again with your knuckles.

How to enable screen recording through DU Recoder

The built-in functionality that allows you to record from the phone screen is of course always good. you do not need to install and configure anything. However, third-party programs for creating suchs have much more functionality than factory solutions. The most popular of these applications is the DU recorder.

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At the first start, a short training will follow, where they will tell you about the program features as quickly as possible. By clicking the “Clear” button on the desktop, an “island” of the application will appear, where all the necessary buttons are located. If you don’t want to use the program now and this “island” is bothering you, hold your finger on the application icon and then drag it to the cross that appears.

  1. To start recording, click on the button with the red circle.
  2. A request appears to open access to the gallery and camera, click “Allow”.
  3. Once again, click on the start recording button with a red circle, after which 2 more requests will follow, upon acceptance of which a 3-second countdown will begin, which means the beginning of the recording.

Please note that the “island” has not disappeared. it has become transparent so as not to interfere with the review. By clicking on it, a menu with buttons opens, where you can pause the recording or stop it.

To stop recording, click on the button with the image of a square.

Where are thes stored?

The fastest way to open a factory-created is to find it in the gallery, the modern EMUI shell will automatically place it in the appropriate category.

To find the created through DU Recorder you will need to go to the folder selected for recording from the screen. By default, it is located in the internal memory of the smartphone in this way: emulated → 0 → recordmaster.

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What to do if screen recording does not work

If the screencast does not start. most likely, you are trying to turn it on by double-tapping the screen with your knuckles. In this case, the function is simply not activated.

To enable it, you need:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Then in the menu Management and Accessibility, there you will find a section “Movement”.
  3. In this section you need to check the box next to “Smart screenshot”.
  4. Upon completion of the operation, the function will work successfully.

Tip: how to enable the display of touches on the

When recording from the screen on Honor and Huawei, you should enable the display of touches so that your actions are more understandable to the viewer. To do this, go to “Settings” and go to the section “System”, Once there, click “About the phone”.

Then click on the item several times. “Build number”, until the inscription appears “You became a developer”.

Then go back to the settings and go to the section that appears “For developers”. Click on the button to activate this mode. Next, check the box next to Show clicks.

Now all your touches will be marked with a translucent circle.