How To Record A Phone Conversation On Iphone

How To Record A Phone Conversation On Iphone

Often there is a need to record a telephone conversation on an iPhone. And while some manufacturers of smartphones running Android OS have added such a feature to the standard “dialer,” Apple’s technique has bypassed a pleasant addition. This is quite simply explained: in a number of countries the recording of conversations is prohibited at the legislative level, because the company decided to completely exclude such functionality from all versions of the operating system. What to do if iPhone fell into the water.

There are many ways to circumvent such protection, for example, JailBreak, but not everyone is ready to hack a device, which is why we recommend that you use the applications that we described below.

It’s time to tell you about third-party software that adds a much-needed feature.

In the description of each it is indicated that it is legal and directly written about the main purpose. interviewing and recording conversations. Therefore, you should not worry about the legality of this action.

First candidate. Call recorder

Naturally, first you need to download the application. We will not teach you this, for sure, you yourself perfectly know how to download games and programs.

After you installed it, you must open Call Recorder. Leave it running and proceed to dial. As soon as you start the conversation, the recording will start automatically. At the end of it, you can save it to a sound file for export to a computer.

Software can be called shareware. You can download it for free, while for each recorded call you will have to pay virtual coins. And when they run out, you will be asked to replenish the account for real money.

Second candidate. IntCall

In fact, the functionality is identical to the past “patient”. Only in this case, you need to pay not for the recorded conversations, but for the hours during which the application worked.

If the recording is needed for professional purposes, for example, the same interviews, then the cost of maintaining the software will pay off.

Third Candidate. TapeACall

Perhaps, we will give the first place to this application and during reading the description you will understand why we decided so.

One way or another, most applications contain in-app purchases. Somewhere you have to pay for recording a dialogue, in other cases you need to pay for the time during which the software worked and so on. And there is a third option. to pay a fixed amount for getting a professional version and forget about replenishing your internal account once and for all!

What needs to be done to pay once?

Download the TapeACall application. We pay for Pro Upgrade and use it exactly as much as your heart desires.

But why do they still take the money? The fact is that on Apple devices there is a kind of protection against recording conversations, so you have to create a virtual three-way network, where the third party is the application itself.

Unfortunately, there are no completely free analogues. Either use your iPhone, or switch to devices running Android OS.