How to Record a Conversation on Samsung A7

On this page we will show how to record a telephone conversation on Android, where the recording is saved and how to listen to it. There are many different Android applications that allow you to record a telephone conversation. We will show how to record a conversation on Android without third-party applications, and for recording we use the built-in voice recorder of the phone.

To record a telephone conversation during a call, do the following.
Regardless of whether it is an incoming call or outgoing during a call, click on the screen “Yet” as shown in the screenshot below.

After you click “Yet” an additional menu will open where you need to select the item “Dict.” or a more complete name or something like that. Look at the attached picture below.

That’s it, now the built-in voice recorder on the phone starts recording the call. You can stop recording and start a new recording at any time. The recording time of the conversation is displayed on the smartphone screen.

This method of recording a telephone conversation may not be on all Android phones. For example, on Samsung Galaxy record a conversation You can do this: During a conversation, press and hold the button “Menu” which is located at the bottom of the screen in the center, in the menu that appears, we also select “Dict.” and the process of recording a conversation begins.

How to Record a Conversation on Samsung A7

After we recorded the conversation, we can immediately listen to it, you can also find where in which folder it was saved. To listen to the recording of telephone conversations, you need to look at the list of recent calls. In our example, we recorded a conversation with an answering machine “MTS Help”. See the screenshot for a niche.

After you open a call, you will see points with information in it, on the right side there is also an icon indicating that a conversation was recorded. By clicking on the icon, you can listen to the recorded conversation. You will understand everything by looking at the attached picture below.

We can also see in which pack Android records of telephone conversations are stored. On my smartphone, the recording folder is located on a memory card called “Call recording”, on some phones, the recording folder may also be in the phone’s memory.

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