How to Record a Conversation On Iphone Se

Posted by rf-webmaestroPosted on 03/21/2018P Updated on 02/08/2019

Recording a phone call on Apple devices can be a real problem. If on Android you can simply turn on the recorder, then with the “apple” devices this will not work. The reason is US law prohibiting the recording of dialogues without the consent of both parties. That is why such a function is not provided. But how to record a conversation on the iPhone, if it is very necessary?

If you decide to document a dialogue with a specific subscriber, there are two ways to do this:

  • Install one of the paid recording applications
  • jailbreak the device and download the application from Cydia.

Consider the most popular application options, as well as their nuances in more detail.

IPhone Recorder

The most simple and stylish design of the application disposes to itself. The functionality of the utility is absolutely standard and does not stand out with anything special. The software is suitable for use as a voice recorder. High quality audio will delight any user. Thanks to a simple interface, you can understand the program in a few minutes.

  1. Download the app on the App Store.

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone Se

  1. To start fixing the dialogue, click on the “Record” button and make a call.
  1. To view saved dialogs, select “Recordings”.

The obvious drawback is that you can record outgoing calls only. An incoming call cannot be “documented” using iPhone Recorder. Audio files are stored on the phone, easily sent by mail and listened to at any convenient time.

Google voice

Alternative option. It is enough to install this program and you can start recording calls.

  1. You can download Google Voice at App Store.
  1. To activate the recording function, you must open the settings and select “Calls”. Then check the corresponding line.
  1. To view the list of entries made, click on “Call Logs” in the main menu.

Google Voice is designed to capture incoming calls. The utility for iPhones is completely free. Do not forget that its use will require registration in Google. The program can also be used for free calls to Canada and the United States.

Recording starts after pressing the number “4” during a direct conversation with the subscriber. To turn it off, press the four key again.

The only negative is the mandatory voice warning before starting the recording of the conversation, which is heard by both your interlocutor and you. Therefore, to conceal the fact of the recording will not work. The application has a fairly truncated functionality, so it’s not suitable for everyone.

Via skype

If with fixing telephone conversations everything is clear, then, for example, for a dialogue on Skype you will need to install additional software. First of all, let’s say that even when recording a conversation on Skype, your interlocutor’s permission will be required.

You can “document” the dialogue in the popular Skype messenger using the Quick Voice application. The utility records dialogs in maximum quality and allows you to listen to or send a file with voice recording by mail.

To start recording, just click on the “Record” button. There are no time limits.


Jailbreak allows you to “hack” the system, getting rid of any restrictions. To execute it, the user can download a free program, for example, Pangu 9. Do not forget to create a backup before you start and disable screen protection. For the application to work correctly, enter the device in airplane mode and follow the instructions.

After jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install a special application from Cydia. For example, Audio Recorder or Audio recorder2.

Both utilities work in the fully background mode and qualitatively “document” any telephone conversation. There are several additional functions: for example, fixing dialogs with a specific subscriber. A warning to start recording is optional. To enable fixing of an incoming or outgoing call, just move the slider in the settings.

There is the possibility of fixing dialogs in instant messengers. Audio files are automatically uploaded to the cloud. To view the list of recordings and listen to them, find the installed application in the menu of your iPhone and tap on it. Conversations are sorted by time, date, and duration. Records are stored in the standard “m4a” format.

Audio Recorder can rightfully be considered the most convenient and simple application for recording telephone conversations. The only downside is the need for jailbreak.


Recording conversations on iPhone is a problematic, but solvable task. The methods proposed above work on any models: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and even se and X (10). If you install one of the paid applications, you will have to give a rather large amount, and the utility’s performance is not guaranteed. Jailbreak can lead to a breakdown of the device.

In a word, it’s up to you. In any case, the simplest and safest method is the banal recording of a voice recorder. unless, of course, you are ready to overpay.

To understand in more detail the issue of recording telephone conversations on the iPhone, you can watch this. It details the most relevant fixation methods and their “pitfalls.”