How to Record a Conversation On Huawei P9 Lite

Quite often there is a need to record a dialogue with the interlocutor, for example, if the boss gives you long-term instructions via mobile. How to record a telephone conversation? It all depends on the operating system.

How to Record a Conversation On Huawei P9 Lite

IPhone Call Recording

In the USA, where iOS was being developed, recording a conversation without prior notification of the interlocutor is prohibited by law. On this operating system, not only was this useful option missing, but there was a ban on third-party programs for saving telephone conversations. Therefore, programmers have long puzzled over the dilemma of how to record a conversation on the iPhone during a conversation without entering into a conflict with Apple.

To save the phone conversation on iOS, you will have to use third-party programs. The easiest way is to resort to the help of Google voice. You will need a Google account and the application itself.

Log in to Google Voice and do the following:

following the instructions, get a voice number for the application;

Sign in to Google Voice from your desktop PC at

click on “Settings”;

in the “Calls” menu, check the box;

Now you can record conversations. for this, during a call, press 4 on the interactive keyboard. The main thing: do not get into an awkward situation, deciding to play a private detective. Secretly, you won’t be able to record a conversation. in accordance with the requirements of the law, Google Voice must notify all the parties you are recording. But there is a plus. headphones and headsets do not affect the quality of the application.

Recording conversations on Android

Recording incoming calls on LG, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and other Android smartphones is much easier. The main thing is that the smartphone’s firmware does not have a recording restriction, which is also associated with the legal aspect of saving the conversation.

So how to record a phone conversation on android?

during a conversation, click “” in the conversation menu;

in the pop-up list, click “Voice Recorder”;

Now the conversation will be stored in the smartphone.

If you have already recorded the necessary passage of the conversation, click on “Stop” to stop recording.

Automatic conversation recording Android is possible today only using third-party applications.

To transfer the saved file to the computer, use cables and adapters, as for regular audio recording.