How to Record a Conversation On Huawei Nova 2i

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How to Record a Conversation On Huawei Nova 2i


Glass. The slightest contact with a solid is a scratch. In total, 2 drops from the bed to the floor and. many scratches along the edges and one large in the center. Honestly, I am amazed. Actually, the drop height is less than half a meter, the floor is laminate. and such an effect

Glass is a complete paragraph. The slightest contact with a solid is a scratch, or even a crack. As a result, for 3 months I have 2 falls from bed to the floor and as a result. many Deep scratches along the edge and one large right in the center. Honestly, I am amazed. Actually, the drop height is less than half a meter, the floor is laminate. and such an effect

The beautiful design, the screen is excellent, the autonomy is still excellent, the camera is surprisingly suitable, I thought it’s not taking pictures for that kind of money, my wife doesn’t like fingerprint protection in principle, but this is certainly a plus, I think it reads a finger several times faster than Honor 10 (what’s on ?), Of course, iron is not Snapdragon, but for their 11,790 rubles, they took it in the Store for a promotion, this is the best with 64 GB of memory on board and 4 gig of RAM. Xiaomi did not take into account initially (my wife did not like the interface and quality).

They took to replace the Nokia 920 (it was one of the masterpieces), in terms of smooth, clear autofocus.

I myself use Sony Z3, and I understand that the matrix and viewing angle of the camera less does not suit me.

Horrible metal sound from an external speaker! After the asus with 2 stereo speakers, the sound here is just hellish (((
Download this program, it can change the settings and fine tune the sound. = 8u3

Applications constantly hang, you need to restart.
Does not play the sound of a movie copied from a computer.

Alas, it was not without drawbacks. In order:
1) compatible with wireless speakers and headphones. BOLD MINUS! I constantly use Samsung Level U wireless headphones, as well as a Sony wireless speaker. The smart revealed a stupid glitch. when a headset or speaker is connected, if you make 1 call or they call you, then after the conversation the headset and speaker do not play sound. over, this can happen either immediately after a conversation (the sound comes from the phone’s speaker, although the bleutooth headset / speaker seems to be connected and should work, but nifiga is treated only by rebooting the phone), or it works intermittently (the sound works exactly 2 minutes , after which the sound is cut off and you need to reconnect the headset every 2 minutes. It is treated only by rebooting the phone). THIS IS KAPET, COMRADE!
2) the cameras are simply slop! and here at once 2 points.
Firstly, all photos are simply of disgusting quality, even if you take a picture with flash / under ideal conditions (not to mention that half of the pictures are blurred due to the lack of optical stabilization).
Secondly, the limited resolution of the camera’s resolution was very disappointing, there are only 5 options here:
– 16Mp 4608×3456 (4: 3). Does anyone else take pictures 4: 3? on a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, these pictures look wretched!
– 12MP 3456×3456 (1: 1). Well, ok, maybe someone needs square pictures.
– 11Mp 4608×2304 (18: 9). in fact, the only norm is an option, but on computers they look very elongated and trimmed
– 8MP 3264×2448 (4: 3). in the trash
– 5MP 3264×1632 (18: 9). in the trash
3) a weak oleophobic coating and the complete absence of normal protective films and glass on the screen. I tried to put both film and glass. threw nafig, tk. the film turned out “small”, and the glass lacked anti-reflective and oleophobic coating. Alas, after a steep oleophobic coating on Samsung, the huavei screen is not happy, because you have to wipe it several times every day.