How to Record a Conversation On a Huawei Phone

Recording a conversation on Huawei and Honor is a great opportunity to save the results of telephone conversations that occurred with other subscribers. Then you can listen to the created file for an unlimited time.

How to Record a Conversation On a Huawei Phone

How to record a conversation on the phone during a call on Huawei?

The easiest way to record a telephone conversation on the Huawei is to turn on the recorder before making a call. Simplicity lies in the absence of the need to download additional software. But at the same time, the user will have to independently control the beginning and end of the process, as a result, unnecessary information can be taken into account.

  1. Find the “Voice Recorder” and turn it on.
  2. Open the contact list and select the number of the subscriber with whom you want to record a phone call.
  3. Make a call and turn off the recorder when finished.

After the files can be transferred to the cloud Dropbox or Google Drive. Automatically the process of fixing negotiations is completed only with a special application.

If a malfunction occurs, just pause for three seconds and then continue.

How to record a conversation on Honor using programs and applications?

Google Play has Android applications for recording incoming and outgoing calls even on smartphones where such a function is not provided by manufacturers. It works on the phone after downloading a special application. Free utilities allow you to get services without making a payment. Paid (premium options). have a fixed cost and a list of advantages in use.

Before you start active use, go to Google Play, enter the appropriate request and download. To activate the application, accept the privacy policy and do not limit its functionality on your mobile device.

Also provide access to:

  • Address Book
  • making calls;
  • a microphone to record sound;
  • phone and media files;

One way is to download Green Apple Studio. an application that runs on Android, like a voice recorder that writes to the memory of a mobile device.

To enable, do:

  1. installation;
  2. Confirm the settings that the system will automatically suggest;

The resulting file can be called at your own discretion, send to another user, connect a password to save personal information.

Where are conversation recordings stored?

The phone is stored in mp3 format, which allows you to enable conversation recording in the player and on the PC. To listen to the file on a PC, you need a USB cable.

On Honor, files are saved in the Gallery; you cannot change the storage location. If the user is not satisfied with this, then there are special programs that save recorded calls not only on the memory of the mobile device, but also on the memory card.

Thanks to the option, everyone can make calls and record them for free and in unlimited quantities. It is important to note that some countries prohibit the recording of telephone calls at the court level. Therefore, the refusal to work such a function on a phone or a downloaded program can be explained by the reason for protecting confidentiality at the state level.

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