How to record a call to voice recorder on iPhone

Apple adds call recording feature to iPhone

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As you know, already on June 22, 2020, the WWDC 2020 conference will take place, during which Apple will present to the public several new operating systems at once, and one of these will be iOS 14. This platform, as we already know, will bring with it a lot of different innovations, which are positive will affect the experience of using its branded smartphones. A few hours ago, on June 9, it became known that this electronics manufacturer has added the function of recording telephone conversations to the iPhone. This is a native feature, and it works not only when making regular voice calls through the operator’s network, but also in any other applications, including FaceTime.

Even though the iOS operating system is more than twelve years old, it still lacks a function that could be used to record conversations. By the way, such functionality is available even in budget Android phones, so this kind of functionality is extremely lacking for all users. With the release of the new OS, everything will change for the better, because all iPhone owners who will be updated to the latest software will receive the Audio Call Recording function, after which, after that, during a telephone voice conversation, a special button will be displayed on the phone screen. allowing you to start recording a telephone conversation. This innovation will record both the voice of the owner of the phone and the voice of the interlocutor.

The new feature was discovered in the early alpha version of iOS 14, which fell into the hands of developers a few weeks ago. The description of such a function says that all iPhone owners, using this new feature, are obliged to warn the interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded. However, in this regard, everything depends on the specific country and the laws that govern this issue. In some countries, the use of this kind of opportunity is strictly prohibited, and in some countries it is not even required to warn anyone about it. As for Russia, residents of this region of the world must be sure to inform about it before recording a conversation, and in this case, you can record everything in full.

It will be possible to record calls even if they are made via FaceTime, and in addition, developers of third-party software will be provided with special APIs, using which they can implement this kind of opportunity into their messengers. At the same time, which is no less important, all the recordings of conversations will be stored in a special section within a single application, which will most likely be Dictaphone. Thus, to put it simply, it will soon be possible to record phone conversations on the iPhone, doing all this without unnecessary complications and difficulties. It remains only to wait for the release of iOS 14, and its stable beta version will be released at the end of this month, while the release of the final assembly will be delayed until September-October.

Earlier, an application for listening to police conversations for Android and iPhone was released.

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Key features:

▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to speak hands-free ▪️ Recordings can be quickly synced to iPhone

This method works in the same way as recording a conversation using an iPhone or Mac. There are two differences: in this case, the recording device is always worn on your wrist, and you need to install a third-party application on it from the link below.

During a voice call on the iPhone, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then turn on the recording in the “Dictaphone” on Apple Watch.

How to Record phone Calls on iPhone FREE & EASY

After the end of the recording, you can immediately listen to it right on the watch, and after a couple of seconds you will see it in the application library on the iPhone.

It is a pity that Apple Watch does not have a built-in voice recorder, it would work more simply and stably.

Download on the App Store (free purchases: a whole set from 75 to 149 rubles each)

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Use the voice recorder on your Apple Watch

Voice Recorder by ALON Software

Key features:

▪️ You need an additional person with additional devices ▪️ Your operator must support the second line ▪️ Call recording must be turned on before the call starts

Going even further, you can even use an additional person to record the conversation. To do this, you will also need the support of a second cutter line, which you need to talk to your service provider about.

First, you need to call your friend, co-worker, or colleague. After that, you press the “Add” button and select the subscriber whose conversation you want to record. When you call him, press “Combine” to arrange a conference.

Now your accomplice hears both you and the interlocutor. It can use either an Android smartphone with the ability to record voice calls, or a speakerphone on an iPhone and any additional device with a voice recorder.

This is the most troublesome trick, but it will give you the ability to record a conversation without speakerphone and third-party services.

Try special recording devices

This is Call Recorder X from PhotoFast

How to Record Conversation on iPhone: 5 Options

Everyone has a friend with Xiaomi, who records absolutely all calls. It is difficult to talk to such a person on the phone: it is impossible to get rid of the thought that every word can become compromising evidence and be used for personal gain.

All jokes, but things are really more complicated for Apple, and the standard recording of conversations on the company’s devices will never appear. However, this did not stop us from finding as many as 5 ways on how to record a conversation on iPhone. Please!

Information from the article is presented for informational purposes only. We are with the laws of the country you are in before you record calls.

What to choose in the end

If you don’t have an additional device at hand or don’t want to bother with a speakerphone, it’s best to try the TapeACall app.

Yes, there are nuances in his work that you need to get used to, and the price is 329 rubles. a month also not happy.

Nevertheless, if you need a recording of conversations for work purposes, you will hardly find something more convenient.

Key features:

▪️ No additional devices required ▪️ Your operator must support a second line ▪️ Call recording must be turned on before the call starts ▪️ Not cheap monthly or annual subscription

IPhone call recording apps work through the second line. Apparently, it is because of this that they are scolded in the App Store. But apart from this, there are no other ways to fix a call without additional devices.

Before trying this app, you should also make sure that your service provider supports the second line exactly on your tariff: some operators turn off this service on prepaid basis.

After a short setup, you can start using the app. When you press the record button, the program will call a special number within your country. After that, you need to click “Add”, select the subscriber number to record the call and use the “Combine” button.

It turns out that first you call a special service station, after that you call the person for an important conversation and combine the calls with him. As soon as the call ends, the application will download its record.

Download on the App Store (free subscription: a week for free, 329 rubles per month, 849 rubles for 3 months and 2,050 rubles per year)

Use the TapeACall mobile app

TapeACall Conversation Recorder Application

Google voice

Google Voice. one of those “easy solutions”. This application is completely free, but requires a Google account. Everything you need. This:

  • Visit the Google Voice website and register;
  • Install the application from the AppStore to your iPhone;
  • Go to the application settings, and in the “Calls” option, check the box next to “Call recording”.

After the done manipulations, you can start recording a call by pressing the number “4” during a conversation. At the same time, the application will warn both you and the interlocutor about the started recording of the conversation. The recording can be exported in the same way as in the case of jailbreak applications to any convenient environment: from Google Drive to iTunes.

The only and main disadvantage of the Google Voice application is its availability exclusively in the United States. Therefore, if you do not live in the United States, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to use this program.

Call Recorder Apps on the App Store

Previously, the use of various Jailbreak tweaks for recording conversations was a necessity, because previously there were no such applications in the App Store due to Apple’s strict policy. However, now such applications have become available, and there are not so few of them. The main advantage of this method is its simplicity. you don’t need to connect your Mac, reflash your iPhone, or connect other devices. You just need to install and run one of the following applications.

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Call Recording with Mac and Call Recorder for Face Time App

First, you need the Call Recorder for FaceTime application or another program with similar functionality. Typically, these apps are not available in the Mac App Store because they are against Apple policy. Call Recorder for FaceTime has a free trial. Install the program and open its settings. The easiest way is to check the “Record Calls Automatically” checkbox to start recording the conversation every time you receive a call.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone!! (FREE & No Jailbreak)

There is only one small thing left. when you receive a call, answer it not using your iPhone, as usual, but using your Mac. Or call FaceTime yourself and start recording the conversation. At the end of the recording, press “Stop” or just end the call.

How to record a phone conversation on iPhone?

The ability to record calls on the Apple iPhone appeared in the fourth generation of devices. starting with iPhone 4S. There are several ways to do this at once:

  • Using a MacBook and Call Recorder for FaceTime application;
  • Jailbreak tweaks;
  • Special applications from the AppStore;
  • Additional accessories and devices.

Based on the above, the easiest way to record. the third. It does not require any additional devices or phone flashing. You just need to install the application and use its functionality. However, we will tell you about each of these methods.

Jailbreak conversation recording

If you use this method, you must first Jailbreak your iPhone. After that, the Cydia application (a jailbreak analogue of the App Store) will appear in the menu of your smartphone. In the Cydia catalog, you can find and install one of the following applications, depending on the device model and firmware version:

  • AudioRecorder. handy extension application with very simple customization. To start working with this application, you just need to launch it and select one of the modes: automatic recording of all conversations or selection of individual contacts for recording.

The program interface is a floating window that pops up during a call with a Record / Pause button. Besides phone calls, AudioRecorder can record Skype, FaceTime and Messenger conversations. After recording, in the application menu you can find all your recorded conversations, as well as transfer them to Dropbox, Google Drive or export to another system.

  • iOS Call Recorder. another application for recording a conversation on the iPhone, with similar functionality to the previous one. Installing and launching the application does not cause any difficulties, as well as its use.

The application is simple to use. after installation, during each call there will be a special slider with the “Record / Stop” option on the screen. You can record not only regular conversations, but also those coming from blocked or hidden numbers. In addition, it is possible to record a conversation from a Bluetooth headset or when connected to a car. After recording, the user can save the recording to Google Drive or export to WhatsApp, Email or SMS.

  • CallRecorder. extension application with simple functionality. Once installed, you get a simple call recording tool that saves them in.mp3 format.

CallRecorder also does not require any additional settings and can be used immediately after installation. As with previous apps, it has an option to export recordings to other apps.


Unlike the Google Voice app, TypeACall is available wherever there is a mobile connection. The application, in addition to its availability, is distinguished by its ease of installation, however, it requires additional steps to work.

The TypeACall app works like a conference call. It records both outgoing and incoming calls, but for that you need to:

  • To record outgoing calls: after launching the application, call the “Access number” (selected in the application settings for each country), then call the interlocutor and merge the calls. The “service” number will record your conversation with the interlocutor.
  • To record incoming calls: you need to accept a call from the interlocutor, then start TypeACall and press the record button. This will call the “Access Number” dialing, after which the calls need to be merged.

After recording, your conversations will be saved in the application menu, where you can save them to iTunes, Google Drive or any social network.

The disadvantage of the application is the tariffication of calls to the “Service” number. However, the developers have opened a sufficient number of such numbers around the world, including Ukraine.


IntCall. a free application with very simple and convenient functionality, but its disadvantage is the recording of exclusively outgoing calls. Calls and recordings take place through the application itself, not the phone book. Therefore, it is expected that the application needs a constant internet connection. With all this, there is a significant plus. the ability to hide your phone number during a call.

Although the application is free to download, it needs “credits” to work, which are bought for money. Recorded calls can be saved to your device, cloud service or shared on social networks.

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In addition to the applications described above, there are others, and there are quite a few of them. Therefore, everyone can find exactly what suits him best.

Recording headset

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations with the help of a “bug” is illegal, but recording your own is very much even. For this case, there are headsets with an audio recording function that connect directly to the audio input of a smartphone or via Bluetooth, like mobile speakers. For example, like this:

Esonic RecorderGear PR200. headset for recording calls

However, given that starting with the iPhone 7 Apple got rid of 3.5 mm audio jacks, this method is suitable mainly for older devices. For new ones, there are Bluetooth headsets or, as an option, adapters for the Lightning connector.

Mac recording

Another way to record a conversation on iPhone is to pair your iPhone and Mac via Wi-Fi and then record the conversation using a PC app. To do this, you need the following:

  • iPhone for receiving and making calls;
  • Mac laptop for recording conversations;
  • Wi-Fi network through a router;
  • Allowing calls from other devices on iPhone (Phone Settings On other devices);
  • Enabled FaceTime on iPhone and Mac with Calls from iPhone checked;
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime app for Mac.

Call Recorder for FaceTime in action

Install CallRecorder, turn on auto-recording in the settings, receive a call via Mac, or dial the subscriber ourselves from the computer. The call will be automatically saved to an audio file. Then you can listen to it through the Ecamm application, which will be installed along with CallRecorder.

Purchase an application

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe). 20 minutes of recording per month. free, subscription costs 579 rubles.
  • TapeACall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. You can record in the background. The application costs 849 rubles, but you can record unlimited.
  • IntCall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, it allows you to hide your number during a call. Subscription costs 379 rubles per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something in between the first and third. Very similar to TapeACall, but can also transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115 rubles.

Transcribe. Record phone calls on iPhone

You Can’t Get Out: How to Record a Conversation on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to record an incoming or outgoing call? We’ll tell you if it’s legal, and also show you five ways to record conversations on iPhone.

Do you want to catch your interlocutor at his word? Five ways to record a phone conversation on iPhone are in our article today. Use wisely.

Let’s immediately reassure those who are thinking. is it legal?

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, the interlocutor already knows what you talked about with him. Only secret listening to other people’s conversations is illegal, in particular. with the help of “bugs”.

If necessary, you can safely submit the recording of the conversation to the court as evidence. The only thing is that the entry should not violate other people’s secrets prescribed in the Constitution, for example, commercial or family secrets.

Caution is also needed when publishing a recording of a telephone conversation in the public domain. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly. for example, if it is a telephone interview.

Otherwise, everything is in order. How to record a conversation on iPhone, read below.

The universal way to solve any problems with iPhones works here as well. If a jailbreak is made on your iPhone (access to the file system is open), then you can install several “tweaks” that allow you to record conversations.

In particular, these are the Audio Recorder 2, CallRecorder and Super Recorder extensions. On iOS, they are installed via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It’s free.

Audio Recorder 2 for iPhone

All of these extensions work on the same principle: a button is added to the built-in Phone application to enable recording. By pressing the button, you can start and end the call recording.

You can also turn on Auto Record so that all conversations are automatically saved to audio files. Then you can listen to them through the same extension.

Banal and free way

Answer or make a call on iPhone and turn on speakerphone. Then take the smartphone away from your friend and turn on the recorder on it. The conversation will be recorded without any effort and tricks.