How to Recognize Samsung Galaxy Note Fake

Today, leaving the metro (m. Prospect Bolshevikov. St. Petersburg), I met a man who offered me an inexpensive brand new tablet Samsung Galaxy Note N8000. It just so happened that I know such topics, many acquaintances bought phones of incomprehensible production, copies of brands. I know the topics, but curiosity has overcome, I decided to look at this miracle of technology.

It is worth paying tribute to, compared to the phones that I saw, for example, the Nokia N95, which showed with the naked eye that this was a fake, the Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 was made very convincingly, until I turned it on. Immediately struck by the dull low-resolution screen. Although I’m not an expert in tablets and the Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 I never held it in my hands, I understand something in computers, it can’t be a new tablet in 2014 for 23,000 rubles. to have such a screen, and even Samsung. Let me immediately list how to distinguish a real tablet from a fake.

How to distinguish a real Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 tablet from a fake

  1. The most important symptom: camera the original should be centered, while the fake is in the corner.
  2. Above mentioned screen. The original has a resolution of 1280×800, with a fake below. I did not find where to see the resolution, but it seems clear that the image is muddy, not clear, the labels are large.
  3. IMEI is not defined. You can see it in the settings. About the device. Like that. I am writing as a keepsake. There most likely will be written is not known or not defined. But this does not mean that with his presence, it’s probably the original. At the program level, IMEI can also be done.
  4. The fake has no GPS. I did not find it, but they write that at the program level it can be, but will not turn on.
  5. The original in the factory settings must have programs Samsung Apps, ChatON, Group Cast, etc.. These are standard programs from Samsung. At least you will most likely be betrayed that you bought the other day, did nothing, you need money.
  6. Fake not recognized by Samsung Kies.
  7. Battery is strange. While I was looking at this unit, I noticed that the battery level was about 50%, after a couple of minutes, it went out and stopped turning on. I was told “probably the battery is dead”. I did not say anything))) Interest broke out, I decided to finish off and offered to take a walk to the house and check the charge, at the same time and test. It’s better not to do this, but it was very interesting for me to get to know the unit more closely. Clearly, I left this brow at the elevator, I did not let him go home.
How to Recognize Samsung Galaxy Note Fake

There are probably even more signs, but I think this will be enough to distinguish the fake Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 from the original. There was no time to get to know each other, I won’t buy it for this)))


What the real Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 looks like I did not know. The fact that this is a fake, I realized as soon as I turned it on, but it was interesting to test. Perhaps you will immediately be shown a discharged version, but there will be no opportunity to charge. For most, the main sign will be the location of the camera, if you can turn it on, then the screen quality and IMEI. But outwardly everything looks very decent, the plastic seems to be quite good, but the inscription is still embarrassing at the back. It is written in large part that this is the Samsung Galaxy Note N8000, and that it was made in Korea. And some kind of dullness. The inscription is definitely not in the style of Samsung, it’s just to attract attention that this is the model that the enemy told you about, and that it was made in the homeland of Samsung. Both statements are fake.

In general, everything is tight, the cover is attached with a built-in keyboard of a good look. In a word, outwardly, everything is fine;

Be carefull. And yes, he was ready to sell it to me for 6 thousand rubles, I think he would have sold it for 4-5, but after reading the unit, I gave it and closed the door. And he lost about 40 minutes.

Z.Y. on March 13, 2015. About six months after the publication of the article, I drove to my cousin and neighed. Bragging to me. And in the hands of this imperfection, a fake, says: “You can look, optimize.” It could not do without laughter, and I did not look and optimize. BUT there is a plus, I took a picture of it. In general, when he wrote the article, he did not expect that the scope of this scam is so great, and they try to get me into it from time to time, but he couldn’t take a picture, he was always in a hurry, and here his brother fell in such happiness.