How To Receive A Call On A Smartphone

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It is not always convenient to use your finger to answer a call on a smartphone or end a call, for example, when the street is frosty or inappropriately the screen goes blank, especially when you are heroically trying to master a new technique, and before that you’re already used to the good old push-button telephone.

Gesture or button for answering a call and ending it?

Thanks to new technologies that came to us along with touch screens, even the expression “smartphone finger” has appeared. This is when one finger, usually the index finger, must always be clean and dry in order to be able to work with a smartphone or tablet.

The standard way to answer a call on Android is to easily drag your finger horizontally from right to left from the green button to the other side, as if casually “brushing off dust” from the screen. To end the call, you need to swipe your finger from the red button to the opposite edge of the screen. Such gestures such as swipe are configured in each phone by default.

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However, you can slightly change the settings in order to answer the call with a button in Android, and also use the button to end the call. You do not have to install a new application for this, everything is already in the operating system itself.

How to Receive a Call on a Smartphone

The settings below are for Android version 5.0.2. Depending on the manufacturer of the phone, the names of the settings may vary slightly.

Change settings from gestures to work with the button

  • Open Applications,
  • then Settings in Android.
  • Next, go to “Accessibility”:

Fig. 1. Settings in Android. Accessibility

In Accessibility, we are interested in Answering and Ending Calls:

Fig. 2. Answer and end calls with the button

Having opened the option “Answer and end calls”, then it remains to put the necessary checkmarks (either both, or one of the offered ones):

  • opposite the option “Pressing the Home key, if you want to answer calls using the Home button (located in the center at the bottom of the screen. Figure 4),
  • opposite the “Press the power key” option, if you end calls using the power button:
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Fig. 3. Home key to answer the call and power key to end

Figure 4 below shows where, as a rule, the necessary keys are located:

  • Home button (you can use it to answer calls) and
  • power key (to end a call):

Fig. 4. Where are the Home button and power key usually located?

If the default settings do not fit

If you don’t like the new settings, you can do the steps above (Figures 1, 2, 3) again and return to the gestures for calls. To do this, remove

  • either both green checkmarks opposite “Pressing the Home key and Pressing the power key”,
  • or refuse only one of these options at will.