How to Reboot Lenovo Vibe Phone

A few years ago, almost all Android smartphones were equipped with collapsible cases. If system failures occurred, device owners could perform a quick reboot by removing the battery for a couple of seconds. Today, it is impossible to solve such cardinal problems. the design of gadgets will not allow access to the battery. Deal with how to restart the phone Lenovo Vibe X3, if it freezes, it turns out without much difficulty. the developers of the popular OS have provided several ways.

How to Reboot Lenovo Vibe Phone
  • errors in the work of the graphical shell or when updating the OS;
  • excessive filling of the internal memory of the device;
  • failures while updating programs or firmware;
  • sudden changes in ambient temperature;
  • mechanical damage.

In many situations, rebooting helps the smartphone recover. If the hangs are permanent, then you will have to resort to more serious measures.

Reboot Lenovo Vibe X3 with buttons

Android provides the possibility of an emergency forced reboot, which runs the same on almost all existing smartphones. The option can be activated using the following hotkey combination:

  1. Press the power (unlock) and volume up buttons.
  2. After the display goes blank and the phone emits vibration, release it.

If the option with the button for increasing the volume did not give a result, then you should reboot using the decrease. Of course, this approach is relevant if the mechanical keys are operational.

Supporting Solutions

Things are much more serious when your favorite gadget does not fully respond to the power button. There is no universal recommendation for such a case. Representatives of manufacturers and service centers advise trying one of the following methods to save a hung phone:

  1. Incoming call. it is worth asking someone to call a problem smartphone. If the display shows an incoming call, you must quickly call up the reboot menu by holding down the power button.
  2. If the power button does not work, then wait for the gadget to discharge. A complete power off in this case will interrupt the processes that caused the malfunction. Check if the problem is resolved if you charge the phone a bit and turn it on.
  3. Some smartphones are equipped with a service button Reset, which activates an instant reboot immediately after clicking. It is present, in particular, on some models from Sony and HTC, and is located next to the USB connector (not to be confused with the microphone hole) or in the place for installing the slot for the SIM card. It should be pressed gently, using a thin needle or a toothpick.

If you manage to bring the device to your senses, it is recommended to manually check the list of recently installed software and delete the questionable one. It is also worth starting a full-time antivirus and following the recommendations of the OS. With constant freezes, you can try restoring factory settings or contacting a service center.

Startup problems

The next method is relevant for such a problem. the smartphone crashes when turned on. This manifests itself in the form of a loading screen, which does not disappear anywhere for too long. Usually, the device turns off by simply holding the corresponding button. The situation can be resolved as follows:

  1. Put the smartphone on charge in order to eliminate the problem of a sudden shutdown due to a dead battery.
  2. Call the Recovery menu in the following way: on the switched off device, hold down the power and volume up buttons until vibration.
  3. After a couple of seconds, the menu necessary for rebooting appears on the display. Select the “Reboot system now” item. Within a couple of minutes, the smartphone should fully boot in normal mode.

If there are no serious failures in the system, then a reboot using Recovery will be quick and safe. However, you can encounter a complete failure of the OS. The problem can be resolved, but you will have to sacrifice files located in the internal memory (everything that is stored on the MicroSD will remain in its place).

So, if the phone hangs on the screen saver when it is turned on, then restoring the situation will allow restoration to the factory settings. You can do this by following the instructions for accessing Recovery noted above, however, select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the menu. Since the recovery may differ from one manufacturer to another, recovery may be hidden behind the “Wipe data” or “Advanced wipe” items. After a couple of minutes, the gadget will turn on and offer to configure the system, which users usually perform after purchase. If such cardinal methods do not work, then the only way out is to visit a service center.