How To Put Your Tv Into Av Mode

Sharp TV Setup

Our masters produced Sharp TV setup both modern and manufactured in past years. Departure is carried out in all areas of Moscow and in the immediate suburbs.
We know how to set up your Sharp TV. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Sharp TV instruction

To familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the Sharp TV, adjust the quality of the image, as well as when connecting external devices, use Sharp TV manual.
All connectors and sockets are marked on the TV with the corresponding inscriptions or pictograms.

How to Put Your TV Into Av Mode

1) HDMI / PC analog audio input. 3.5 mm AUDIO jack for DVI and PC.
2) PC IN. computer connection input.
3) COMPONENTS / AV. composite audio and jacks; component signal jacks.
4) SERVICE. TV service socket.
5)SCART (AV / RGB / S-video. SCART jack for connecting composite AV signal, R, G, B signals, S-signals.
6) HDMI 1. a socket for connecting digital signals HDMI, DVI, ARC.
7) HDMI 2. a socket for connecting digital signals HDMI, DVI.
eight) HDMI 3. a socket for connecting digital signals HDMI, DVI.
nine) ANT. aerial or cable television antenna connection jack.
ten) Sat. satellite antenna connection socket.
eleven) HDMI 1. a socket for connecting digital signals HDMI, DVI, ARC.
12) COAX. OUT DIGITAL AUDIO. digital audio output SPDIF.
13) USB WIFI. WI-FI wireless adapter connection socket.
fourteen) HDMI 4. a socket for connecting digital signals HDMI, DVI.
fifteen) HDMI 1. headphone jack
16) Ci. pay-TV conditional access card connection interface.
17) LAN. wired LAN connection port.
eleven) AC INPUT. a socket for connecting a cable from an electrical outlet.

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Sharp TV Remote

Across remote control for TV Sharp, Using the appropriate buttons, all parameters are configured. The remote control contains the following Sharp TV control buttons:

1) Tv button. turning on and off the TV.
2) ATV button. inclusion of an analogue television mode.
2) DTV Button. the inclusion of digital television.
2) SAT Button. turning on satellite TV mode.
2) RADIO Button. Radio mode on your Sharp TV.

3) SOURCE Button. device management.
4) USB REC Button. record of the program being watched.
5) TIME SHIFT Button. not used.
6) Button 1. 9. TV channel selection.
7) Button.. return to the previous channel.
eight) Button.. combined channel sound mode.
eight) Button.. resize image.

nine) Button.. turn off the sound of the TV.
ten) /. button. Sharp TV volume change.
eleven) MENU Button. Turns on the main menu screen.
12) 3D button– 3D or 2D viewing mode selection.
13) Button. digital TV guide display.
fourteen) OK button. command execution.
fifteen) NET Button. enable AQUOS NET mode.
16) I button. display information on the screen.
16) FAV Button. Add a channel to your favorites list.

17) AV button. input source selection.
18) ECO Button. enable low power ECO mode.
19) Button.– teletext.
20) P button. switching programs, scrolling pages.
21) EPG Button. DTV / SAT EPG screen display.
22) Button.. return to the previous menu, to the previous page.
23) Button.. subtitles, hours, freeze frame, pause.
24) Colored buttons. selection of options for the corresponding color on the screen.

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

How to set up your Sharp TV

Sharp TV Setup produced using remote control for TV Sharp:
It is first necessary to connect the antenna cable of the etheric (cable) and satellite antennas to the corresponding antenna jacks on the TV.
If necessary, insert a CA conditional access card into the CI slot to watch encoded digital TV programs.
Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the TV using the remote control or the power button on the cabinet.
The initial automatic tuning of the Sharp TV should be done: select the menu language, country, type of antenna, and then start searching for TV channels.

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Sharp TV answers to questions. Missing color when switching to Tricolor

Sharp 20B-SC when switching to tricolor, the color disappeared , How to configure it?

The Sharp 20B-SC color CRT is probably the most popular representative of the Japanese brand in Russia in the 90s. Its service life is already very solid, but the build quality and components allow you to watch television programs on it so far. Including to connect to it satellite channels tricolor, or any others.
Connection is made through the low-frequency input AV (or Scart) using special cables. In this case, the TV operates in monitor mode, without signal processing. The only thing on it is to check the level of color saturation, set it to maximum. Color adjustment must be done on the satellite TV receiver. In its Settings menu, you can adjust the saturation level and check the color system in the channel settings.

Infrared or radio on a Sharp TV

What type of remote control is used in modern Sharp TVs?

Infrared remotes are used in the 4042 and 6002 series TVs. The remaining Sharp TVs come with remotes for radio communications. Radio controllers operate at the same frequency and with the same encoding. But the appearance and location of the buttons on the remotes can be different.
Initially, the radio remote control is not connected to the TV and the commands from them do not pass. In order for the remote control to work, it needs to be connected (paired) with the TV. After that, the remote control starts to work.

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Sharp Radio Remote Registration

How can I register a new SHARP TV bullet?

Initially, modern Sharp radio consoles are not connected to the TV and commands from them do not work. In order for the remote control to work, it needs to be connected (paired) with the TV.
1. Press the Power button on the TV. a menu of three lines should appear. If the TV has a joystick. You need to press and hold until the menu appears.
2. Select the second row. pairing the remote. and confirm by pressing the Power button. A message should appear indicating that the TV is ready for pairing.
3. Press and hold for about 5 seconds simultaneously two buttons on the remote control (green and yellow). After that, the remote control starts to work.

Sharp TV does not remember settings after turning off

The TV is fully configured and everything is showing normally. All day, until it turns off. In the morning there is not a single channel and it is necessary to make tuning again.

A service reset is necessary. In most cases, this helps.
How to make a service reset?
Turn on the TV. Enter the service mode by pressing a combination of five buttons: Menu, 1-1-4-7 When the button combination is pressed correctly, we get to the service menu. Using the up-down joystick buttons, we get to the Shipping Init menu item (usually by default the cursor is already on it) and press the joystick button “right”. The TV will turn off. Turn on the TV and re-configure the channels, the defect should go away.

TV Sharp LC-32RD1RU did something wrong

Something pressed does not show a single channel.

You may have chosen the wrong input. Button click “rectangle with arrow in it” sequentially selects all possible modes.