How to Put Two Photos On an iPhone

Our site has a convenient tool for connecting together two or more photos online.

You can go to the photo connection in the online editor right now by clicking on this link, the page will open in a new window.

Here I will describe some of the features of the photo gluing function in this online editor.

After clicking on the link above, a window will open where the selection menu will be located in the center, click on the button “Collage”:

Then the tab for adding photos will open. Click on the cross (plus sign) and add a photo or any image from your computer to the editor page. You can add one or more images. To add multiple images, hold down the Ctrl key:

How to Put Two Photos On an iPhone

After that, the photos will appear in the cells.

Here’s what it looks like in a browser window:

You can change the number and placement of photos to be connected by clicking on the Layout button and choosing the layout type of the future collage:

An example of a layout from gluing together three horizontally located photos:

If you want to replace any image, hover over it, a menu will open in the upper left corner, and click on the button “Replace“. In addition, you can edit or delete a picture:

Using the sliders “Spasing” (change in the amount of surrounding photo space), “Roundness” (rounding the corners) and Proportions (changing the proportions of the layout), you can change the geometry of both the collage itself and individual photos.

Using option “Color” You can change the background color under the photos.

Important! Using the mouse, you can drag the photo within the cell to change its position, as well as drag the photo outside the cell to change the location of photos in the layout. In the figures below, I gave examples of two collage options from connected photos:

I made here such a collage of four photos:

After you finish with the arrangement of photos, you should click “Finished” to save the results, after which the final editing window will open:

For your convenience, you can change the display scale: in the upper left corner there is an adjustment slider that allows you to change the scale of the document with your images. Above it is a button “Fullscreen” (full screen), which allows you to display your document on a full screen monitor, without being limited by the browser.

Below the image are the editing options buttons. Here you can crop a finished collage, paste text into it, set any effect, change color balance, brightness, saturation, etc.