How to Put Photos Into One On iPhone

Let’s imagine a situation when you returned from a vacation or a conference where you constantly filmeds on a camera or mobile phone. And, as you know, some models of these devices shoot time-limited. And what happens when we copy clips to a computer, we get a whole bunch of small files that actually capture the same event. Or on your smartphone a lot of shorts, of which you need to make just one.

In this article, I would like to talk about how to combine severals into one. I will describe different methods, since one is suitable for one, and another for someone. We will figure out how to make one of two or mores online, and what programs can be used for a Windows computer. We’ll also touch on this topic for smartphone owners: I’ll give the names of applications and describe how to use some of them.

Since the article turned out to be voluminous, I advise you to immediately determine: from the computer you will work or from the phone, and go to the desired item in the article.

Combinings online

If you are a user who does not like cluttering up your computer with different programs, especially if they are intended for one-time use, then you can combine severals into one online. There are a lot of services for this: Make,,ToolBox, Stupeflix and others. They all differ in both functionality and performance. Let’s take a closer look at Clideo and the Editor.

Clideo Online Tool

It copes with its task perfectly, in Russian, with a beautiful design. Of the pluses, you can highlight the ability to add from a PC, Google Drive, Dropbox or by link. The fact that there are no effects, transitions, the ability to add text or music can be considered a minus (although our goal is to combine, and not beautifully design).

  1. The link to the service looks like this: On the main page, you will immediately see all the possible ways to adds. I have them stored on my computer, so I press the “Select File” button.
  1. In the Explorer that opens, with the Ctrl key held down, select the clips and click “Open.”
  1. Wait for the download process to complete.
  1. Now the window of the online tool will look as follows. Below, the addeds are displayed in the order in which they will be glued (1). Between them, you can make a “Smooth transition” (2). It is possible to change the aspect ratio (3) and see what happened (4). If you want to “Add more”s, click on the appropriate button (5). You can change their order by simply dragging the mouse in the lower area (1).
    At the bottom of the window is an information line: the duration of the and its size. There you can select the source format (6). When everything is ready, click “Glue” (7).
  1. The integration process will take some time, so it’s worth the wait.
  1. As a result, you get one whole. Here you can see it in the window. To download to a PC, click on the Download button, and then look for the in the Downloads folder (or the one where everything downloaded from the Internet is saved). Or you can save it to one of the cloud storages.
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From the name it should be clear that there is an opportunity to impose music, and add effects with text, and so on. Also, immediately after the conversion, you can publish the you made to YouTube, Vkontakte, Facebook and Vimeo. Under the block with the player and settings on each page there is a description of all the functions presented. Therefore, if difficulties arise, you can always read these recommendations. It works fine, but the gluing process itself took me a very long time.

  1. Go to the service page: At the first step, “Add”, click on the button “Your Photo Music”. Then look for the necessary clips on the computer, select and add them. When they are downloaded, a line will appear, how many clips have been added.
  1. Process your and, when everything is ready, on the third step “Do” click on the button “Make”.
  1. We are waiting for the end of the process.
  1. And, upon completion, click on the “Watch” button.
How to Put Photos Into One On iPhone
  1. You can watch the finished (1), “Download” (2) on a computer using the button of the same name, or publish it in one of the proposed social networks (3).

Windows apps

If you often encounter a task, and access to the Internet is not always possible, then you should think about it and install a program on your computer that can handle the combination ofs. There are a lot of them, there are paid and free, designed for beginners and professionals, with a small set of functions and just huge, all of which know only the coolest masters.

Windows Life Film Studio

From free applications, try Editing orMASTER. Using an example, I will show how to make one of severals in the Windows Life Film Studio.

If you have Windows XP, then you can safely open this program, because it comes by default in the kit. If you have Windows 7 or newer, then in this case you need to additionally download a component called “Windows Life Film Studio” (how to do this, read the article “Download Movie Maker for Windows 7”).

  1. Open the film studio. To do this, click “Start”. “All Programs”. “Film Studio”.
  1. After the program opens, click on the button “Add and photos”.
  1. We select thes we need to combine, and click on the “Open” button.
  1. We wait until thes are fully loaded in the program and look for the Save Movie button at the top. Choose the required format or template in which we will save the. If you point to each of the templates, then you will see its description and parameters, so choose yourself what quality to save.

After the rendering process is completed, and this may take some time, the already merged file will appear in your place where you specified when saving.

Standard photography application in Windows 10

The new operating system from Windows is constantly updated, and its functionality differs from all previous versions. The new application. “Photos“, can easily make one out of severals, and you won’t have to download anything for this.

  1. Go to the Start menu and in all programs look for the Photos utility.
  1. When the application starts, go to the “Projects” tab. To create a new one, click on the plus sign.
  1. Give it a name and click OK.
  1. Now you need to “Add” the to a new project. Click on the appropriate button, and on the computer, select the desired clip.
  1. After adding it, the page will change appearance, but the Add button will also be here (1). All records you have selected will be placed in the “Project Library” (2). By simply dragging the mouse, you need to place the in the lower area of ​​the window in the order that they should be glued (3). In the “Project Library” on all moveds, the upper left corner will be wrapped.
    Then you can work with the fragments: add a filter, resize, and more (4). Also pay attention to the buttons that are located above the glued (5).
  1. After the is ready, click on the three dots in the upper right and select “Export or transfer” from the list.
  1. In the next window, select one of the proposed sizes for the finished file, and click on it.
  1. The creation process starts immediately.
  1. When it ends, the finished movie will open in a new window. Here you can see it (1), find out the name of the folder in which it was saved (2), open this folder in Explorer (3), share your work on social networks or send an e-mail (4).
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Bonding on the phone

You can combine several files into one using special applications on your smartphone. There are paid and free ones that can only cope with the task, or with more extensive functionality.

If you have an iOS device and need to combine severals into one on iPhone, pay attention to the following applications: Editor FREE, Merger FREE, Movie Director Pro, Instant Editor Slideshow Maker, VivaVideo. Free Editor Maker. For owners of an Android smartphone, the list is as follows: VidTrim. Editor, VivaVideo: Free Editor, FrameBlast. HD Editor, Editor.

All the above applications are free, but if it has a paid version, then not all functions in the free version may be available. You can find such utilities yourself. Go to the Play Market or the App Store and enter “merge” or “merge” in the search bar.

Now I will describe some applications for Android, their functionality, and how to use them.


A very simple application that can work with audio and files. With it, you can not only glue the roller, but also change its speed, add a watermark, convert, extract a sound or image, and much more.

  1. The first thing to start with is the change of language. Go into the application and click on the three strips in the upper left.
  1. In the “Options” section, select “Language”.
  1. Mark the desired language with a marker.
  1. Since we are interested in the, we scroll down to the section with the corresponding name. It will present all the basic functions. Click on the “Insert” button (translation of points is not entirely successful). the arrow bifurcated at the beginning.
  1. To add a to the program, you need to click the plus button.
  1. In the window that opens, all “Recent”s will be displayed. To view the entire list, click on the button at the top left (on a gray background it is almost invisible).
  1. Select the appropriate folder, and click on it.
  1. Find the first to join and tap on it.
  1. Then click on the plus to select all the other entries. To combine them, click on the red button with the arrow.
  1. The “Save Options” window appears. In it you need to select the directory where the will be saved by clicking on the folder. Also give him a suitable name. When everything is ready, click “Save.”
  1. Then we confirm the union, wait for the end of the process and look for the in the folder specified for saving.
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This application is also not limited to cropping. In it you can create collages, processs and photos.

  1. On the first page, select the “Video” button.
  1. Next, make sure that the desired tab (1) is open at the top. If the presenteds do not fit, select another folder below (2). Then click on the thumbnails of those fragments that you want to combine (3), and it’s better to immediately select them in the right order. When everything is highlighted, tap on the green circle (4).
  1. On the next page there will be a preview window (1). At the very bottom is a timeline (2). If you forgot to select the desired, add it using the plus sign (3). As for processing, you can: apply music, select a background, add text and a sticker, and so on (4). The watermark (5) will be displayed in the finished clip. You can remove it after purchasing the full version, or by watching a commercial (click on the cross and select one of the options). To save everything, click on the button at the top right (6).
  1. In the menu that opens, click the save button again.
  1. Mark the appropriate quality with a marker, or you can “Customize” it yourself.
  1. Wait for the conversion process to complete.
  1. The will be saved on your phone. Also, directly from the application, you can share it on one of the social networks.


The name of this application speaks for itself. You will not find any additional functions in it. It’s perfect to glue severals into one, without being distracted by transitions, effects and the like.

  1. Open the application and click the “Combine” button.
  1. Select the folder where thes you want are located.
  1. From all the records, select those that you will combine, and tap on them. Please note that only twos can be selected. To go to the next step, click on the arrow button.
  1. Choose one of the templates and click on it.
  1. Basically, everything is ready! Using the arrows, you can choose which will be first and which second. To save, press the floppy disk.
  1. Decide on the quality, and click on the selected line.
  1. The merger process will begin.
  1. When the is ready, it can be shared on the social network.

In order not to search for a folder on the phone for a long time where it was saved, open the first application window and click the “Saveds” button.

You can use these methods to combine two or mores. You can use a computer or phone for this, but from the applications it is worth trying several options, and stop your choice on what suits you more.