How to Put Password on a Folder in iPhone

In order not to fill the phone’s desktop with many icons, users combine applications into thematic folders. Using special tools, you can block access to the contents of folders and the applications themselves. No one except you will be able to open the created section and see your personal data. Let’s figure out how to put the password on the folder in the iPhone.

IOS Standard Tools

Such functionality is partially available in the standard settings of the operating system. However, you cannot block access to the entire folder, but only set a password for individual applications. Settings allow you to select a group of programs and games that are in the same folder, and apply a protective combination to them. This procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Go to the settings using the appropriate shortcut on the iPhone desktop.
  2. Click the “Screen Time” tab, which contains the necessary section with setting restrictions.
  3. Select the option “Use passcode” and enter the 4-digit combination that will have to be entered when gaining access to applications.
  4. Now return to the previous screen and click on “Program Limits”.
  5. Specify the applications in the folder to block. Save the list with the “Add” button.
  6. Now select the application limit. For iOS to regularly require a password when trying to run utilities or games, select 1 minute.
  7. Turn on the lock feature at the end of the limit.

How to Put Password on a Folder in iPhone

The described instructions are relevant for iOS 12. In subsequent updates, the interface and menu structure may change. And in younger versions of the OS (11 and earlier) you need to open the “Limitations” section, select applications and set a 4-digit password. The procedure does without setting limits.

But what if you want to password protect neither the program, nor the folders on the desktop, but directories with files (photos,s, documents, etc.)? There is a third-party utility for this, which we will talk about later.

Folder lock

  1. After installation and first launch, Folder Lock will prompt you to select the type of protection. A password (numbers, letters, different case), PIN-code, pattern or Touch ID are available. Choose one of the options and save the protective combination.
  2. Now the application will ask for your email address.
  1. From the list, select the section whose data you want to protect.
  2. You can place files in pre-created template folders or create your own with the “” button.
  3. Open an empty folder and click the add files button. Select content from your iPhone’s internal storage. Now the file folder is protected.

It remains to delete the files from the original directories and applications. This is necessary to ensure that access to secret content remains only in the Folder Lock application.

Folder Lock is not able to block access to folders on the desktop. There is no such functionality either in the standard OS settings or in any third-party applications.

If you accidentally forgot the folder password in the Folder Lock application, then do not worry. if you have access to the specified email address, you can easily recover all the data. But when you lose the password from blocking applications using iOS tools, only iPhone recovery with data deletion will save. If you saved files in the “cloud” and made a backup copy of the OS, then the rollback procedure to the factory settings will not affect the use of the device.


In conclusion, we remind you that it is not recommended to write passwords from folders and personal data in notes or text documents. So it will be easier for outsiders to access the phone. If you cannot remember the protective combination, then use the lock using Touch ID.