How To Put On A Phone Balance Through 900

Using a Sberbank card, you can send money to another phone number. Many bank customers already know how to put money on their phone through the number 900. But there are other convenient options and ways to quickly top up any subscriber’s account.

How to put money on someone else’s phone number via SMS 900

If you don’t have access to the Internet or a plastic card at hand, send money to the subscriber via 900 short number. A connected Mobile Bank is required to complete the operation. A subscriber who receives money may or may not be connected to a mobile service, it does not matter. The only difference is that for subscribers who are not registered in the mobile banking system, the maximum transaction amount is limited to an amount of 1,500 rubles (and up to 10 operations per day) for security purposes.


  1. Form a message of the following form: TEL ХХХХХХХХХХХ SUM YYYY, where
    • TEL is a team. Alternative options: PAYMENT, PAYMENT, UPDATE, etc., typed both by the symbols of the Russian alphabet, and Latin;
    • ХХХХХХХХХХХ. phone number of the subscriber whose account is replenished;
    • SUM is indicated in numbers, for example, 250;
    • YYYY. the last 4 digits of the card from which funds are debited. The parameter can be omitted if you have only one Sberbank plastic. If there are several cards, and the YYYY parameter is not indicated in the message, the money will be debited from one of them, where there is a sufficient balance of the account.

    How To Put On A Phone Balance Through 900

    The text will look like this: TEL 9173546373 250 3463.

  2. Send a message to the short number 900.
  3. A confirmation code will be returned. Send it unaltered back to 900. After that, you will receive a notification about the payment result (successful or rejected due to lack of funds in the account or incorrect data).
  4. IMPORTANT: replenishment of your own balance via SMS by 900 differs in that in the SMS message it is enough to indicate just the amount and there are no more parameters.

    The operation takes place without a commission and money is transferred in a matter of seconds.

    How to top up another person’s phone number via a short USSD command

    Few people know that you can replenish the balance through short USSD commands. The service is available only for Beeline, Megafon and Tele2 operators. The operation will be free if Mobile Bank is connected at a standard rate. For users of an economical package, the service will be paid.


    1. On a mobile device, type the command of the following form: 900XXXXXXXXXXSUMMA #, where
      • ХХХХХХХХХХХ. the number of the subscriber whose account is replenished. It must be entered in a 10-digit format;
      • AMOUNT is indicated by numbers, for example 150

      The team will look like this: 9009273352378150 #.

    2. Press the call button.
    3. In response, you will receive a notification about debiting funds and replenishing the balance of the phone.
    4. IMPORTANT: be careful. To avoid fraudulent schemes, send money only to people you know, after contacting and coordinating the operation with them. Do not respond to such requests from strangers and do not agree to transfer money if the subscriber does not want to get in touch.

      You can top up your phone balance from a Sberbank card to another number easily and quickly. The choice of method depends on whether there is a plastic card at hand to insert into an ATM, or a terminal in sight, or access to the Internet and a password to enter your personal account. But in all cases of payment, access to a mobile phone will be required. All operations are carried out without commission.