How To Put Money On Classmates Via Phone

you have some left terminals! in the search, enter VK, VKontakte is displayed, go there, enter your @mail, then your data, name and id appear there, click on next, deposit money and pick up the check!

people have nothing to do

people have nothing to do

People like to put it through e-mails I have such a garbage: By entering code 1 in the reply SMS you accept the offer and confirm the payment:

Payment of services id63939844, 94.40 rubles.

How To Put Money On Classmates Via Phone

Amount with commission: 94.40 rub.

Time: 09/18/2011 17:28:34

Your text, you moron.

Lay, idiots! And not “lay down”. That’s why it doesn’t come out that you don’t even know your own language normally, agree with Slava! And in general, why spend money on such nonsense?

This is a movie for you and all that, but people need to master the network. and before you. look at yourself

there is nothing to enter there! I have the same! where to check the data the email should appear that you entered before that! and there it’s empty! I don’t know what to do! (

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There, only the page number is needed and that’s it.

No, enter a username or email then confirm the data last name first name and in brackets on the terminal there will be an id you need to enter and enter the money into the account as you need.

and how much does one vote put

Sasha, the money will not come, I also put it down about 2-3 weeks ago, still have not come

I laid everything down fine, it depends on which

1 vote costs 6.7 rubles

I put 50rub in Contact, missed one digit in the id number

and how much does it cost to put one vote?))

When written, check the data click FORWARD lower left

I have never made a deposit, but I have long wanted to. How many votes are cast, if we put 100 rubles?

and yet, even if someone really puts money on toys, it’s still better than spending that money on cigarettes.

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depending on what commission

I have to write id!

so ask a friend how he lays down

Need to enter id.

EPT people how many votes will be for 120 rubles eh?

and I don’t know what ID ((((

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