How to put lock on applications on iphone

How to put lock on applications on iphone

Together with iOS 7, iPhone owners have the opportunity to create black lists with the built-in tools of their “apple” gadgets. The article will tell you about different ways to add a number to the black list, as well as why third-party applications do this task better.

Previously, an iPhone user who wanted to add a bothering number to the blacklist had to download and install paid applications. However since iOS 7 such a need disappeared. all modern versions of the “OS” Apple have contact lock function, which allows you to do without downloading third-party software.

There are several ways to block a contact on an iPhone — they are all equally simple.

How to block a subscriber from the iPhone contact list?

Blacklist one of the numbers contained in the phone book as follows:

Step 1. Open the embedded application “Telephone”And proceed to the section”Contacts”.

Step 2. Find the contact you want to block and click on it.

Step 3. Scroll the subscriber’s card down. you will see the “Block subscriber”. Click her.

Step 4. Confirm the intention to send the contact to the black list. in the menu that appears, select the option “Block caller”.

From a person whose number is in “Black List », You will not receive any phone calls or SMS messages. Even through the app Face time he cannot reach you.

Going into the phone book should be through “Telephone”, But not through the application”Contacts”. IN “Contacts”Option”Block caller” is absent.

How to blacklist an unknown number on the iPhone?

Bank employees and collectors sometimes infuriate with annoying calls. especially when they go to the wrong address. They always call from different numbers. if all these numbers are added to contacts for the purpose of subsequent blocking, the phone book will “swell” to such an extent that it will be completely inconvenient to use it.

Fortunately, an unfamiliar number can also be blacklisted on an iPhone. How it’s done?

Step 1. In the application “Telephone”Proceed to the section”Recent”.

Step 2. Find the number from which you are annoyed by regular calls, and click on the icon with the letter “I” opposite this number.

Step 3. On the next screen, find and press the “Block caller”(Already familiar to you). Next confirm the lock.

The number will appear on the black list, but this most likely will not solve the problem with calls from the bank. You simply begin to annoy calls from other numbers, of which the collectors are above the roof.

How to add a number from the “Messages” to the black list?

You can block the number from which tons of spam and advertising offers are sent by SMS directly in the application “Messages”. Here’s how this procedure is performed:

Step 1. Go to the application “Messages”And open the correspondence with the number that sends spam.

Step 2. Press the buttonContact», Which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

A panel with additional buttons will appear. among them there will be a round icon with a letter “I”. You need it too. click on it.

Next. according to the standard scheme: look for the buttonBlock caller”And send the number to”Black List ».

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone?

If one of your friends asks why is your cell phone unavailable all the time (and you are not a fan of long telephone conversations at the same time), it’s worth checking to see if you mistakenly sent this person’s number to the black list. You can view the contents of the blacklist like this:

Step 1. Go to “Settings”And find the section”Telephone”. Follow into it.

Step 2. In the block “Challenges”Section”Telephone”Select the subsection”Blocked”.

Step 3. IN “Blocked»And contains a list of all the numbers that you found undesirable.

Through the button “Add new.»You can add to the list, but only those numbers that are in the phone book. If, on the contrary, you want to remove a number from the black list, click on the “Edit»In the upper right corner, then on the red circle with a minus opposite the contact.

Do not forget to confirm your desire to withdraw the number from the number of unwanted ones. click “Unlock”.

After that, you can please a friend by letting you know that you are in touch again.

How to set Do Not Disturb on iPhone?

“Do not disturb”- a useful feature of the iPhone that does not miss no calls to the device at user-set hours. Typically, iPhone owners set up “Do not disturb”In such a way that no one could reach them at night or while the working day lasts. However, the option is permissible to use otherwise. as White list, miss calls only from selected subscribers.

Parameters of the mode “Do not disturb”Are installed in the same section in”Settings”.

On older versions of iOS, the function settings block is located in “Notifications”.

In addition to the main toggle switch. “Manually”. In chapter “Do not disturb»You will find a ton of other settings:

“Planned.” This setting allows you to adjust the time during which the “Do not disturb”Will act.

Call Admission. Here you can determine which subscribers will be able to reach you when the “Do not disturb”. If you set the option “From all of us”Will be blocked completely all Challenges if you check the box opposite “From the Chosen”, The most important people for you will be able to contact you at any time of the day.

The main thing is not to forget the contacts of important people to assign the status of “Favorites”.

“Repeat calls”. If this toggle switch is activated, the call of the subscriber who showed persistence and called the second time within 3 minutes from the moment of the first call will not be muted.

“Silence”. In the block “Silence”There are two options.”Is always”And”Only while iPhone is locked”. If you install a daw opposite the second, unlocked iPhone will miss calls. Choose option “Is always”And stop worrying about whether the device is locked at night or not.

How to turn the option “Do not disturbWhitelisted?

Step 1. Set the round-the-clock operating time of this option and deactivate the slider “Repeat calls”.

Step 2. Go to the application “Contacts”And open the card of the person whom you would be glad to hear. Find in the card the item “Add to favorites”And click on it.

Step 3. In the block “Call tolerance”Option settings”Do not disturb”Check the box next to”From the Chosen”.

With this iPhone setup, no one can reach you except the person whose call you are waiting for. From selected contacts and is formed White list.

What applications allow you to create a blacklist?

An iPhone user may have a logical question: why do you need applications for creating blacklists if you can get rid of unwanted calls using the built-in iPhone functions? The fact is that third-party software offers gadget owners incomparably greater opportunities than Apple’s integrated tool.

The application has a 10-day free period, which the user will have enough to get acquainted with the features, advantages and disadvantages of this utility.

Creating black and white lists is just one of the functions of the program iBlackList. The gadget owner is also capable of:

  • View the history of blocked calls and messages (if necessary, this list can be quickly exported).
  • Create multiple profiles with various blacklist settings.
  • Activate the parental control function, which involves locking outgoing calls to unfamiliar numbers.
  • Set a password to run the application so that another person cannot change the settings.

Creators iBlackList put a lot of effort so that the user of the application had the opportunity to reliably hide the fact of adding the number of the obsessive subscriber to the black list. For example, in addition to the real password, the owner of the gadget is able to put on the launch and “fake”. If the annoying interlocutor suspects that his number is blocked and asks to show the blacklist settings, the user should enter a false password and demonstrate an empty one Black list (which is actually fake).

The owner of the iPhone has the ability to generally hide the application icon iBlackList. In this case, you have to call the black list through the buttons of the dialer.

There are other applications that block calls. for example, Black phone, Call control, Calls Blacklist. however, the functionality of each of them is disproportionately poorer than that of iBlackList.


No matter how hard the iPhone user tries to protect himself from annoying callers using the blacklist, he cannot be 100% sure that he will succeed. It is enough for the caller to activate the AntiAON service (Anti-Caller Identification Number), and he will not be afraid of any blacklist.

You can completely rid yourself of annoying attention only by creating White list, which blocks incoming from unknown and hidden numbers. However, when using such a filter, the gadget owner risks missing an important call.